Leila Henderson (Yalanga Orienteers) 6529
Points Date Event Class
109616/5/2021Shepherds Hill pointsModerate 2 Fema
10958/5/2021City to Bush Event - Adelaide Parklands points2Female
109326/4/2021Renmark Schools Sprint Event points2Female
109316/8/2020OY Event Mulga Valley pointsW65A
108819/2/2021Snap Sprint Series Event 4 pointsW Vet Long
108612/2/2021Snap Sprint Series Event 3 pointsW Vet Long
10849/8/2020Stirling points1Female
10772/8/2020Moon Rocks pointsCourse 4 Female
107729/1/2021Snap Sprint Series #1 Flinders University North (Sturt campus) pointsW Vet Long
107627/6/2021Immanuel College Sprint OY and SST pointsW65A
107513/11/2020Twilight Series Event #1 pointsMedium Group
107222/1/2021Twilight Series Event #8 - Glenelg pointsMedium
106415/1/2021Twilight Series Event #7 - Goodwood pointsMedium
10544/12/2020Twilight Series Event #4 - Oaklands pointsMedium
105311/12/2020Twilight Series Event #5 - NE Parklands pointsMedium
10515/2/2021Snap Sprint Series Event 2 - Underdale pointsW Vet Long
10478/1/2021Twilight Series - Event 6 - Craigburn pointsMedium
104323/1/2021Adelaide Sprint Camp (Saturday race only) pointsOpen
103728/2/2021SA Sprint Championships pointsW65A
103229/1/2021Snap Sprint Series #1 Flinders University North (Sturt campus) pointsW Vet Short
10272/4/20212021 - CSU - Public Sprint pointsWomen Middle
102524/1/2021Adelaide Sprint Camp- Knockout Race Only pointsOpen
101214/6/2021Flinders Day 3 - Rawnsley pointsCourse 4 Female
10044/4/2021Easter Day 2 - Gumble pointsWomen 65A
99618/7/2021Day 2 Rock Oyster OY & SST pointsW65A
99412/6/2021Flinders Day 1 - Manawarra points3Female
9775/10/2020FLINDERS RANGES DAY 3 pointsW65A
9673/4/2021Easter Day 1 - Noahs Ark Ridge pointsWomen 65A
95526/7/2020Keynes Gap pointsCourse 4 Female
95224/4/2021NOL - Wiela-Bunyip Reach pointsW65A
94613/9/2020SA Long Orienteering Championships pointsW65A
9324/10/2020FLINDERS RANGES DAY 2: Rawnsley Park (Long OY) pointsW65A
9265/4/2021Easter Day 3 - Gumble pointsWomen 65A
75125/4/2021NOL - Crooked Straight pointsW65A
7353/10/2020FLINDERS RANGES DAY 1 Middle Distance Warm Up Event: Wilpena Spurs pointsCourse 3 Female