Ben Cazzolato (Tjuringa Orienteers) 7155
Points Date Event Class
12099/1/2023Oceania Championships Long pointsM50A
11957/1/2023Oceania Championships Sprint pointsM50A
11933/2/2023Snap Sprint Series Race 1 pointsM Vet Long
119127/1/2023Twilight Series pointsMedium
119110/2/2023Snap Sprint Series Race 2 pointsM Vet Long
118910/4/2023Easter 3 Days - Day 3 - Teapot Creek pointsM50A
118724/2/2023Snap Sprint Series Race 4 pointsM Vet Long
118517/2/2023Snap Sprint Series Race 3 pointsM Vet Long
118529/4/2023Port Elliot points1Male
11844/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 2 pointsMen B Hard
118219/3/2023Aberfoyle Park HS and surrounds points2Male
118226/3/2023Belair National Park points3 Male
118115/1/2023Hobart Short Series #1 - Coningham pointsCourse 3
11799/12/2022Twilight Series pointsMedium
117311/1/2023Oceania Championships Middle pointsM50A
11733/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 1 pointsMen B Hard
11713/9/2023Victorian Long Distance Championships - Mt Alexander pointsM50A
117030/9/2023Australian Championships Middle Distance pointsM50A
11708/10/2023Australian Championships Sprint pointsM50A
116820/8/2023Merridee Orienteer of the Year long OY event pointsM45A
11662/9/2023Victorian Middle Distance Championships - Mt Alexander pointsM50A
116610/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 1 - Rawnsley points2 Male
116516/1/2023Hobart Short Series #2 - Tolosa Park pointsCourse 3
116316/1/2023Hobart Short Series #3 - Geilston Gully pointsCourse 3
116213/8/2023Shepherds Hill - Foot-O points2 Male
11602/12/2022Twilight Series Event #3 - Bonython Park pointsLong
11608/4/2023Easter 3 Days - Day 1 - Highlands pointsM50A
115617/1/2023Hobart Short Series #5 - Calverts Beach pointsCourse 3
115319/8/2023Tundarri points2Male
115318/1/2023Hobart Short Series #6 - Queens Domain pointsCourse 3
115214/5/2023Carisbrooke Park pointsLong
114930/7/2023Keynes Gap Middle Distance OY pointsM45A
114929/10/2023West Parklands points1 Male
11437/10/2023Australian Championships Long Distance pointsM50A
114111/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 2- SA Long Distance Championships pointsM45A
113612/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 3 pointsM45A
113117/11/2023Twilight Series Event #1 pointsMedium
11295/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 3 pointsMen B Hard
11089/4/2023Easter 3 Days - Day 2 - Highlands pointsM50A
10761/12/2023Twilight Series Event #3 pointsMedium
92527/5/2023Cornerstone College points3Male