Ben Cazzolato (Tjuringa Orienteers) 7186
Points Date Event Class
123012/1/2024Twilight Series Event #7 pointsMedium
12024/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 2 pointsMen B Hard
11903/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 1 pointsMen B Hard
11883/9/2023Victorian Long Distance Championships - Mt Alexander pointsM50A
118830/9/2023Australian Championships Middle Distance pointsM50A
11888/10/2023Australian Championships Sprint pointsM50A
118620/8/2023Merridee Orienteer of the Year long OY event pointsM45A
118410/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 1 - Rawnsley points2 Male
11842/9/2023Victorian Middle Distance Championships - Mt Alexander pointsM50A
118323/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 4 - Glenelg pointsM Vet Short
118013/8/2023Shepherds Hill - Foot-O points2 Male
117416/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 3 pointsM Vet Short
11699/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 2 - Mawson Lakes pointsM Vet Short
116919/8/2023Tundarri points2Male
11673/3/2024SA Sprint Distance Championships pointsM55A
116630/7/2023Keynes Gap Middle Distance OY pointsM45A
116630/3/2024Australian 3 Days 2024 - Day 1, Pymton pointsM55A
116629/10/2023West Parklands points1 Male
116529/3/2024Australian 3 Days 2024 - Sprinty prologue relay thingy pointsC1
116319/5/2024Seymour College (Adelaide) pointsLong
11607/10/2023Australian Championships Long Distance pointsM50A
115811/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 2- SA Long Distance Championships pointsM45A
115312/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 3 pointsM45A
115327/4/2024NOL3a pointsM55A
114817/11/2023Twilight Series Event #1 pointsMedium
114724/3/2024Belair NP points2 Male
11465/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 3 pointsMen B Hard
11451/4/2024Australian 3 Days 2024 - Day 3, Narrinyeri Hills pointsM55A
11302/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 1 pointsM Vet Short
112831/3/2024Australian 3 Days 2024 - Day 2, Ngaralta Country pointsM55A
10961/12/2023Twilight Series Event #3 pointsMedium
94127/5/2023Cornerstone College points3Male