Adrian Uppill (Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club) 6944
Points Date Event Class
12026/5/2023Vic Series (Bush) 1 - Wattle Gully points3 M
11647/5/2023Vic Series (Bush) 2 - Wattle Gully points2 M
115320/8/2023Merridee Orienteer of the Year long OY event pointsM65A
115012/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 3 pointsM65A
113813/8/2023Shepherds Hill - Foot-O points3 Male
113711/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 2- SA Long Distance Championships pointsM65A
112616/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 3 pointsM Ultravet Shor
112530/7/2023Keynes Gap Middle Distance OY pointsM65A
11255/1/2024Twilight Series Event #6 - Burnside pointsMedium
11229/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 2 - Mawson Lakes pointsM Ultravet Shor
111927/5/2023Cornerstone College points1Male
111627/12/2023Xmas 5 Days - Day 1 pointsMen E
111510/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 1 - Rawnsley points3 Male
11142/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 1 pointsM Ultravet Shor
11138/12/2023Twilight Series Event #4 pointsMedium
111323/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 4 - Glenelg pointsM Ultravet Shor
111210/9/2023SA Middle Distance Championships pointsM65A
109628/12/2023Xmas 5 days - Day 2 pointsMen E
109631/12/2023Xmas 5 days - Day 5 pointsMen E
109224/3/2024Belair NP points4 Male
108829/12/2023Xmas 5 days - Day 3 pointsMen E
108012/1/2024Twilight Series Event #7 pointsMedium
107615/12/2023Twilight Series Event #5 pointsMedium