Mitchell Stephens (Yalanga Orienteers) 7026
Points Date Event Class
121123/1/2021Adelaide Sprint Camp (Saturday race only) pointsJuniors 16 & Un
119719/2/2021Snap Sprint Series Event 4 pointsM Jun Long
119622/2/2020Adelaide Sprint Camp (saturday race only) pointsJuniors 16 & Un
118222/11/2019Twilight Series - Event 2 - Felixstowe and Torrens Linear Park pointsMedium
118212/2/2021Snap Sprint Series Event 3 pointsM Jun Long
117426/4/2021Renmark Schools Sprint Event points1Male
117228/2/2021SA Sprint Championships pointsM16A
117224/1/2021Adelaide Sprint Camp- Knockout Race Only pointsJuniors 16 & Un
117014/2/2020Snap Sprint Series Race 3 pointsM Jun Long
117011/12/2020Twilight Series Event #5 - NE Parklands pointsLong
116929/1/2021Snap Sprint Series #1 Flinders University North (Sturt campus) pointsM Jun Long
116713/12/2019Twilight Series pointsMedium
11665/10/2020FLINDERS RANGES DAY 3 pointsM16A
11638/5/2021City to Bush Event - Adelaide Parklands points1Male
116223/2/2020Adelaide Sprint Camp- Knockout Sprint pointsJuniors 16 & Un
11605/2/2021Snap Sprint Series Event 2 - Underdale pointsM Jun Long
114822/1/2021Twilight Series Event #8 - Glenelg pointsMedium
114521/2/2020Snap Sprint Series Race 4 pointsM Jun Long
114322/3/2020South Parklands pointsLong - Male
114217/1/2020Twilight Series Event 8 - Blackwood Park pointsLong
11419/8/2020Stirling points1Male
113821/3/2021Encounter Weekend: Port Elliot points1Male
11388/1/2021Twilight Series - Event 6 - Craigburn pointsLong
113615/1/2021Twilight Series Event #7 - Goodwood pointsLong
11344/10/2020FLINDERS RANGES DAY 2: Rawnsley Park (Long OY) pointsM16A
112924/1/2020Twilight Series Event pointsMedium
11296/12/2019Twilight Series pointsMedium
11231/3/2020SA Sprint Championships - Waite pointsM16A
11183/10/2020FLINDERS RANGES DAY 1 Middle Distance Warm Up Event: Wilpena Spurs pointsCourse 2 Male
111821/6/2020Craigburn Farm - Blackwood Reserve points2Male
111426/7/2020Keynes Gap pointsCourse 3 Male
108628/6/2020Mack Creek pointsCourse 4 Male
108413/9/2020SA Long Orienteering Championships pointsM16A
10834/12/2020Twilight Series Event #4 - Oaklands pointsLong
106725/4/2021NOL pointsM16A
99824/4/2021NOL and WRE Event pointsM16A