Nigel Dobson (Yalanga Orienteers) 6979
Points Date Event Class
118110/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 1 - Rawnsley points2 Male
117512/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 3 pointsM55A
11663/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 1 pointsMen C Hard
115614/4/2024Gawler pointsLong
115210/9/2023SA Middle Distance Championships pointsM55A
11495/1/2024Twilight Series Event #6 - Burnside pointsLong
114824/11/2023Twilight Series Event #2 pointsLong
114713/8/2023Shepherds Hill - Foot-O points2 Male
114719/8/2023Tundarri points2Male
11454/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 2 pointsMen C Hard
114520/8/2023Merridee Orienteer of the Year long OY event pointsM55A
114029/4/2023Port Elliot points1Male
11409/9/2023Paringa Paddocks, Renmark points1Male
113816/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 3 pointsM Ultravet Long
11373/3/2024SA Sprint Distance Championships pointsM55A
11365/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 3 pointsMen C Hard
11349/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 2 - Mawson Lakes pointsM Ultravet Long
11338/12/2023Twilight Series Event #4 pointsLong
113327/5/2023Cornerstone College points1Male
11311/12/2023Twilight Series Event #3 pointsLong
112923/7/2023Keithcot Farm Sprint points1Male
11238/10/2023Australian Championships Sprint pointsM60A
111729/10/2023West Parklands points1 Male
111219/1/2024Twilight Series Event #8 - Marino pointsLong
110430/7/2023Keynes Gap Middle Distance OY pointsM55A
110429/3/2024Australian 3 Days 2024 pointsC2
110123/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 4 - Glenelg pointsM Ultravet Long
110112/1/2024Twilight Series Event #7 pointsLong
108924/3/2024Belair NP points2 Male
10817/10/2023Australian Championships Long Distance pointsM60A
106530/9/2023Australian Championships Middle Distance pointsM60A