Jill Congedi (Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club) 5768
Points Date Event Class
9746/12/2019Twilight Series pointsMedium
97310/1/2020Twilight Series Event 7 - Glenelg pointsMedium
96029/11/2019Twilight Series pointsMedium
95815/2/2019Snap Sprint Series Race 3 pointsW Vet Long
95213/12/2019Twilight Series pointsMedium
95114/2/2020Snap Sprint Series Race 3 pointsW Vet Long
94622/2/2019Snap Sprint Series Race 4 pointsW Vet Long
94122/11/2019Twilight Series - Event 2 - Felixstowe and Torrens Linear Park pointsMedium
93224/1/2020Twilight Series Event pointsMedium
92823/3/2019Encounter Weekend: The Bluff points2Female
9207/2/2020Snap Sprint Series Race 2 pointsW Vet Long
90615/11/2019Twilight Series pointsMedium
89321/2/2020Snap Sprint Series Race 4 pointsW Vet Long
88823/3/2019Encounter Weekend: Sprint at Victor Harbor High pointsW Vet Long
8873/3/2019SA Sprint Championships pointsW55A
88323/2/2020Adelaide Sprint Camp- Knockout Sprint pointsOpen
8788/2/2019Snap Sprint Series Race 2 - Lochiel Park pointsW Vet Long
86631/1/2020Snap Sprint Series Race 1 pointsW Vet Long
83017/1/2020Twilight Series Event 8 - Blackwood Park pointsMedium
76324/3/2019Encounter Weekend: Port Elliot points2Female