Trevor Diment (Tintookies Orienteers) 6694
Points Date Event Class
11321/10/2022Australian Long Distance Championships - Nuggety Range pointsMen 55AS
11272/4/2023Para Wirra/Lady Alice Goldfields OY pointsM55A
111628/9/2022Goldfields 3-Day, Day 3 - Chewton pointsMen D Hard
111325/9/2022Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsMen 60A
11039/12/2022Twilight Series pointsMedium
110326/3/2023Belair National Park points3 Male
109611/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 2- SA Long Distance Championships pointsM55A
109013/1/2023Twilight Series pointsMedium
10902/12/2022Twilight Series Event #3 - Bonython Park pointsMedium
108927/1/2023Twilight Series pointsMedium
108416/12/2022Twilight Series pointsMedium
107523/7/2023Keithcot Farm Sprint points2Male
106924/9/2022Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsMen 60A
106812/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 3 pointsM55A
106420/1/2023Twilight Series - Event #7 - St Clair pointsMedium
106118/11/2022Twilight Series pointsMedium
105530/9/2022Australian Sprint Championships pointsMen 60A
105110/6/2023Flinders Ranges Day 1 - Rawnsley points4 Male
105120/8/2023Merridee Orienteer of the Year long OY event pointsM55A
105125/11/2022Twilight Series pointsMedium
104213/8/2023Shepherds Hill - Foot-O points3 Male
104229/4/2023Port Elliot points2Male
10373/2/2023Snap Sprint Series Race 1 pointsM Ultravet Shor
10355/3/2023SA Sprint Championships - Reynella pointsM55A
100519/8/2023Tundarri points3Male
94224/9/2022Orienteering Grand Prix - Daylesford pointsMen 60A