Daniel Gray (Ugly Gully Orienteers) 7614
Points Date Event Class
139125/8/2011Bank St Reserve pointsLong
138122/2/2014Queensland Sprint Championships Day 1 pointsM-14A
133926/6/20162016 Qld Sprint Champs (OY2) pointsM16A
133527/2/2016Cyclones Sprint #4 Ferny Grove State School pointsLong
132520/3/2016Cyclones Sprint #5 and OQ AGM - West Moreton Anglican College pointsLong
13189/5/2012Edenbrooke pointsShort
130911/11/2018Brooklands Paddock, Dalveen pointsHard 1- 5.5km
130618/2/2012Cyclones Summer Series Event 4 - Anzac Park pointsShort
130626/10/2014Wivenhoe Lake pointsHard 2
130523/9/2017Australian Sprint Champs 2017 - CSU pointsMen 20 Elite
13047/8/2016Queensland Championships - Logan's Inlet pointsM16A
13042/9/2018Bush - Chermside pointsModerate Long
130229/9/2018Australian Middle Champs - Crooked Straight pointsM20E
130224/11/2012Rainbow Forest pointsShort
130117/3/2019OY2 - Leyburn State Forest pointsHard 1 - 8.6km
12976/11/2010Limestone Park pointsShort
12964/6/2017BRISBANE KOALA BUSHLAND pointsHard Long
129318/2/2017Cyclones Sprint #1 - Centenary High pointsLong
129319/11/2016ParkO #3 - Anzac Park - BCC Event pointsLong
12916/12/2014UQ St Lucia Park-O pointsLong
129117/8/2013Bardon Forest Park pointsModerate Short
12915/4/2013Mini Cyclones Camp Champs German Church pointsModerate
129111/11/2014New Farm Park pointsMedium
129130/9/2017Australian Champs 2017 pointsMen 20 Elite
12898/5/2016OY4 - Kholo Hills pointsHard 3
128915/8/2012Rocks Riverside pointsShort     
128912/6/2016QB3 Day 2 - Bom Bom State Forest pointsM16A
128928/3/2016Easter Day 3 - Foxlow Flats pointsM16A
128930/11/2013Mandalay pointsModerate Short
128810/2/2018Cyclones Sprint #1 Centenary High pointsLong
128813/3/2016Stockyard South pointsHard Long
12882/4/2018NOL Easter 2018 Day 3 pointsM20E
12881/11/2008City Botanic Gardens pointsShort
128821/4/2013Mundoolun OY3 pointsModerate2 Cours
128713/8/2009Mandalay pointsShort
128713/10/2016Stockyard Creek pointsLong
128717/4/2016Queensland Middle Distance Champs - Quinzeh Rocks pointsM16A
128617/11/2018Park-O #4 Newcombe Park (Sumners Rd) pointsLong
128627/12/2017Xmas Day 1 - Chevalier College Sprint pointsMen B
128329/11/2014New Farm ParkO pointsLong
12831/4/2018NOL Easter 2018 Day 2 - Lovelybanks E pointsM20E
128324/9/2017Australian Middle Champs 2017 - Hill End pointsMen 20 Elite
128328/12/20132013 Xmas 5 Days - Day 2 pointsMen F
128319/3/2017OQ AGM | Cyclones Sprint #5 | OY2 USQ Ipswich pointsHard 1
128328/2/2009Griffith University (Nathan Campus) Park-O pointsUltra Mini Cycl
12837/10/2018AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsM20E
128221/9/2014Mundoolun pointsHard 4
128214/4/2019OY3 - Bush - Paperbark Flats pointsHard 1
128227/11/2010Rainbow Forest pointsShort
12823/11/2012Queens Park Ipswich pointsShort
127916/2/2019Cyclones Sprint #2 The Gap SHS pointsLong
127815/11/2008St Peter's Lutheran College Park-O points'Short'
127610/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 pointsM20E
12747/6/2009SEQ 3 Day 2 Old Hidden Vale South pointsBlue
127424/7/2016Mt Crosby pointsHard 3
12745/4/2018Bay of Fires day 1 - Golden Fleece pointsM20A
127427/3/2016Easter Day 2 - Murdering Shed pointsM16A
127429/3/2012Stockyard Creek pointsShort
127410/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 pointsM20E
127415/6/2017Bardon Forest Park, Bush Event pointsLong
127428/12/2017Xmas Day 2 - Canyonleigh pointsMen B
12739/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Chiron pointsM17-20E
127111/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 pointsM20E
12712/4/2016State League #2: NSW Middle Distance Championships pointsM16A
12719/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 5 pointsM20E
127117/7/2016Fiona Calabro Memorial - Stockyard Creek pointsHard Long
12719/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Chiron pointsM17-20E
12712/4/2017OY3 pointsM17-20A
12711/10/2018Australian Sprint Champs - Renmark Schools pointsM20E
127127/9/20152015 Australian Middle Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 13 - Creswick pointsM16A
12706/2/2016Cyclones Sprint #1 UQ St Lucia pointsLong
12702/7/2009Rainbow Forest pointsShort
127017/5/2015Queensland Middle Distance Championships pointsM16A
127015/12/2011Bunyaville East pointsRed, 20 climb
12708/3/2014Cyclones Summer Series Event 5 - St Paul's pointsLong
126831/3/2019NSW State League 2 - Hill End pointsM20E
12687/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 pointsM20E
126724/4/2016Leyburn State Forest pointsHard 2 5.4km
12673/9/2016Sprint Training Saturday on the Gold Coast pointsLong
126710/7/2016Brightview pointsHard 2
126726/7/2015Queensland Schools Championships pointsJunior Boys A
12679/4/2015Misty Morn South pointsMedium
12674/11/2018Park-O #2 Robelle Domain (Springfield) pointsLong
12673/4/2016State League #3: NSW Long Distance Championships pointsM16A
126731/3/2018NOL Easter 2018 Day 1 - Lovelybanks E pointsM20E
12671/2/2014Cyclones Summer Series Event 1 - University of Queensland - Ipswich Campus pointsShort
12646/10/2018Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsM20E
126423/7/2017OY7 - Moioo Bay - Bush - Wivenhoe Area pointsHard 2
12649/6/2019QB 3 - Mt Pleasant pointsMen 20A
12637/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 + WRE pointsM20E
126222/7/2017Middle Distance Champs pointsM17-20A
126211/6/2016QBIII Day 1 - Boambee Beach pointsM16A
126211/9/2016Parkinson Reserve - OY8 pointsHard 2
126113/6/2019Rocks Riverside Park pointsLong
126118/8/20182018 QLD Long Champs - Tingalpa Creek pointsM20A
12601/11/2014Roma St Park-O #1 pointsLong
126026/5/2019OY4 QLD Sprint Champs Gatton pointsM17-20A
126030/12/20154th Day of Xmas, Kooringle pointsMen E
126031/5/2009Qld O Day and Sprint Championships pointsMens Open
125922/7/2018Fiona Calabro Memorial Event pointsHard Long
12598/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4 pointsM20E
125922/4/2019Australian 3 Days - Day 3 pointsM20E
125930/7/2016Qld Schools Championships - Sprint pointsSenior Boys
125723/2/2020Adelaide Sprint Camp- Knockout Sprint pointsElites
12576/4/2018Bay of Fires day 2 - Golden Fleece pointsM20A
125619/5/2019NSW Long Championships - Rosedale SF pointsM17-20E
125622/2/2020Adelaide Sprint Camp (saturday race only) pointsElites
125626/4/2019Australian Sprint Champs pointsM20E
12539/8/2015Samford pointsHard 4
125320/4/2019Australian 3 Days - Day 1 pointsM20E
125322/5/2016Bluestone Creek - OY 5 pointsHard 3
125318/5/2019NSW Middle Championships - Wyangala pointsM17-20E
12533/3/2019OY1 - Sprint pointsHard 1-3.5km
12523/5/2015Bluestone Creek Head-to-Head pointsMedium
125121/4/2019Australian 3 Days - Day 2 pointsM20E
125115/9/2016Hardings Paddock pointsMedium
125113/8/2017Rosenthal Creek via Dalveen pointsHard 1- 5.2 km
12501/3/2020OY1 Sprint & OQ AGM - UQ Gatton pointsHard 1
12498/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 pointsM20E
12496/7/2019Bush pointsLong
124916/4/2015Toohey Forest pointsMedium
12495/11/2011UQ Ipswich pointsShort Orange
124812/8/2015Opossum Creek pointsMedium
124825/11/2017Park O #4 Bardon Forest Park pointsLong
12484/3/2018OY1 - Sprint USQ Toowoomba & OQ AGM pointsHard 1-3.9km
124829/12/2017Xmas Day 3 - Baronga Creek pointsMen B
124617/2/2018Cyclones Sprint #2 Ferny Grove SS pointsLong Part A
124519/7/2015Stockyard Creek pointsHard 4
124512/9/2015Queensland Long Distance Championships - Day 1 pointsM-16A
124527/4/2019Australian Middle Champs - Narrogin pointsM20E
124530/6/2019OY7 - Bush - Woodlands pointsHard 1 - 9.9km
124525/4/2013Toohey Forest pointsShort
124516/11/2013Robelle Domain pointsLONG
124528/1/2012Cyclones Summer Series Event 1 - St Peter's Lutheran College pointsShort
124412/4/2015Mountain Creek pointsHard 4
124326/3/2016Easter Day 1 - Isaacs Ridge pointsM16A
12434/11/2017Park O #1 City Botanic Gardens pointsLong
124128/5/2017OY 4 Quinzeh Rocks pointsHard 1
124019/4/2015Platypus Cliffs pointsHard 4
124011/7/2015Ferny Grove Parklands pointsModerate Short
12405/8/2018Bush - Platypus Rocks (Wivenhoe Dam) pointsHard 2
12391/12/2012Robelle Domain pointsShort
123931/7/2016Qld Schools Championships - Individual pointsSen Boys Ch
123724/9/2016AusChamps - Event 1 - Australian Sprint Championships pointsM16A
12378/11/2008UQ St Lucia pointsShort
123715/2/2020Cyclones Sprint Series Race #2 Samford SS pointsLong
123722/11/2008Southbank Parklands pointsShort Red
123622/9/2013NSW Long Distance Championships - SL12 pointsM-14A
123614/11/2009Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Park-O #3 pointsLong
12366/8/2017Daisy Hill Reserve - OY8 pointsHard 1
123524/11/2018Park-O #5 Queens & Limestone Park pointsLong
123515/12/2018December Development Training Camp pointsE - Hard long
123428/12/20152015 Xmas 5 Day 2 - Blue Hole pointsMen E
123224/3/2019Parkinson, Parkinson, Bush pointsHard 1
123010/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Transit Flat pointsM17-20E
12293/12/2011Merri Merri Park pointsShort
12288/6/2019QB 3 - The Piggery pointsMen 20A
122627/10/2018Park-O #1 New Farm Park pointsLong
122621/9/2013NSW Middle Championships - SL11 pointsM-14A
122131/12/20155th Day of Xmas, Mt. Brown pointsMen E
122011/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4 pointsM20E
121931/12/20132013 Xmas 5 Days - Day 5 pointsMen F
12181/10/2016AusChamps - Event 10 - Australian Long Distance Championships pointsM16A
121429/12/20152015 Xmas 5 Day 3 - Oakview pointsMen E
121421/2/2020Snap Sprint Series Race 4 pointsM Open Long
120619/2/2011UQ St Lucia pointsShort
120525/10/2008Limestone Park pointsShort
119930/12/20132013 Xmas 5 Days - Day 4 pointsMen F
119729/9/2014Australian Sprint Championships (WRE) pointsM14A
119129/12/20132013 Xmas 5 Days - Day 3 pointsMen F
118011/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Golden Fleece pointsM17-20E
11686/3/2016Dalmoak, via Stanthorpe - OY 1 pointsHard 4
115426/9/20152015 Victorian Middle Distance Championships & NOL 12 - Creswick pointsM16A
11374/10/2014Australian Long Distance Championships (WRE) pointsM14A
113627/9/2014WA Long Distance Championships pointsM14A