Erica Diment (Tintookies Orienteers) 6381
Points Date Event Class
10817/10/2023Australian Championships Long Distance pointsW60A
107819/8/2023Tundarri points4Female
106916/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 3 pointsW Ultravet Shor
10553/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 1 pointsWomen C Hard
10525/1/2024Twilight Series Event #6 - Burnside pointsMedium
104823/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 4 - Glenelg pointsW Ultravet Shor
104617/11/2023Twilight Series Event #1 pointsMedium
10448/6/2024Port Lincoln Day 1 - Louth Bay pointsCourse 2
104319/1/2024Twilight Series Event #8 - Marino pointsMedium
10391/12/2023Twilight Series Event #3 pointsMedium
103624/3/2024Belair NP points3 Female
103223/7/2023Keithcot Farm Sprint points2Female
103115/12/2023Twilight Series Event #5 pointsMedium
102719/5/2024Seymour College (Adelaide) pointsLong
102214/4/2024Gawler pointsMedium
101712/1/2024Twilight Series Event #7 pointsMedium
101529/10/2023West Parklands points2 Female
100624/11/2023Twilight Series Event #2 pointsMedium
10009/2/2024Snap Sprint Series Race 2 - Mawson Lakes pointsW Ultravet Shor
9911/4/2024Australian 3 Days 2024 - Day 3, Narrinyeri Hills pointsW60A
98131/3/2024Australian 3 Days 2024 - Day 2, Ngaralta Country pointsW60A
97710/6/2024Port Lincoln Day 3 - gurra yarda pointsCourse 3
97129/3/2024Australian 3 Days 2024 - Sprinty prologue relay thingy pointsC2
9584/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 2 pointsWomen C Hard
9552/6/2024Woodhouse (Activity Centre) Sprint Orienteer of the Year event pointsW55A
9488/10/2023Australian Championships Sprint pointsW60A
92930/9/2023Australian Championships Middle Distance pointsW60A
8825/10/2023Kambarang Classic Day 3 pointsWomen C Hard