Jenny Casanova (Wallaringa Orienteering Club) 7228
Points Date Event Class
121021/3/20212021 NSW State League #2 and ACT League #1 pointsW40A
120724/4/2021NOL - Wiela-Bunyip Reach pointsW21E
120426/7/2020Keynes Gap pointsCourse 2 Female
12032/8/2020Moon Rocks pointsCourse 2 Female
12025/4/2021Easter Day 3 - Gumble pointsWomen 45A
12025/10/2020FLINDERS RANGES DAY 3 pointsW21A
12013/4/2021Easter Day 1 - Noahs Ark Ridge pointsWomen 45A
118929/1/2021Snap Sprint Series #1 Flinders University North (Sturt campus) pointsW Vet Long
11863/10/2020FLINDERS RANGES DAY 1 Middle Distance Warm Up Event: Wilpena Spurs pointsCourse 2 Female
118427/6/2021Immanuel College Sprint OY and SST pointsW35A
11824/4/2021Easter Day 2 - Gumble pointsWomen 45A
11688/4/20212021 Ophir Reserve pointsWomen B
11615/2/2021Snap Sprint Series Event 2 - Underdale pointsW Vet Long
116019/2/2021Snap Sprint Series Event 4 pointsW Vet Long
115612/2/2021Snap Sprint Series Event 3 pointsW Vet Long
114326/4/2021Renmark Schools Sprint Event points1Female
11142/4/20212021 - CSU - Public Sprint pointsWomen Long
108624/1/2021Adelaide Sprint Camp- Knockout Race Only pointsOpen
101720/3/20212021 NSW State League #1 (NSW Sprint Championships) pointsW40A