Luke Overton (Wallaringa Orienteering Club) 6819
Points Date Event Class
11753/12/2021Twilight Series Event #3 pointsLong Group
115714/1/2022Twilight Series #6 pointsLong
114325/2/2022Snap Sprint Series Race 4 - Mawson Lakes pointsM Open Long
11376/3/2022SA Sprint Championships Semaphore Park OY & SST pointsM21A
113521/1/2022Twilight Series #7 pointsLong
11241/5/2022Morphett Vale points1 Male
112118/2/2022Snap Sprint Series Race 3 - Glenelg pointsM Open Long
11135/9/2021Keynes Gap pointsCourse 3 Male
109610/12/2021Twilight Series Event #4 pointsLong
106028/1/2022Twilight Series #8 - Kingston Park pointsLong
104626/11/2021Twilight Series Event #2 - Panorama pointsLong
10244/2/2022Snap Sprint Series Race 1 pointsM Open Long
99023/4/2022NOL - Sprint Qualifier and Public Sprint pointsOpen Hard Mediu
98511/6/2022Mulga Valley points1 Male
9843/7/2022Anstey Hill Foot points1 Male
91524/4/2022NOL - GC Knockout AM Race Results pointsOpen Hard Mediu
82515/4/2022Easter NOL Prologue and Public Bush Sprint pointsOpen Long
81116/4/2022Easter 3 Days pointsMW21AS - Sledge