Hayden Dent (Red Roos) 6585
Points Date Event Class
116015/3/2020ACT Sprint Series #8: Ngunnawal Primary School pointsMen: Junior
11391/3/2020ACT Sprint Series #7: Aranda Primary School and Preschool pointsMen: Junior
11234/12/2019Campbell Parklands pointsMod 3: Men: Jun
111612/1/2020ACT Sprint Series #1: Kingston Foreshore pointsMen: Junior
11049/2/2020ACT Sprint Series #4: Haig Park pointsMen: Junior
108222/3/2020ACT Sprint Series #9: Harrison School pointsMen: Junior
10624/3/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #15: Oakey Hill pointsMod 2: M: Junio
10596/11/2019Remembrance Park pointsMod 2: M: Junio
105416/2/2020ACT Sprint Series #5: Deakin Offices pointsMen: Junior
10425/2/2020ACT Twilight Series #11: Black Mountain pointsMod 2: M: Junio
103713/11/2019Campbell Park pointsEasy: Men: Juni
101210/8/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #12 pointsOrange 2: M: Ju
100926/2/2020ACT Twilight Series #14: Radford College pointsMod 2: M: Junio
10004/5/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #1 pointsOrange 2: M: Ju
97311/5/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #2 pointsOrange 2: M: Ju
96522/6/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #7 pointsGreen: Men: Jun
95625/5/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #4 pointsGreen: Men: Jun
95118/8/2018SL Kahlis Rocks pointsMen 12A
94910/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 pointsM12
9496/10/2019Oceania Middle Champs - Beechworth Gorge pointsMen 10A
94829/6/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #8 pointsGreen: Men: Jun
94317/8/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #13 pointsGreen: Men: Jun
94110/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 pointsM12
9376/7/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #9 pointsGreen: Men: Jun
93626/1/2018Sprint Canberra Uni pointsShort
9291/10/2019Riverina 3 Days Sprint - Kildare pointsMen F
92226/1/2018Sprint Bruce Ridgey Didge pointsShort
92127/1/2018Sprint Orana pointsShort
91028/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Oakview pointsMen G
9093/10/2019Riverina 3 Days - Pomingalarna pointsMen F
8923/8/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #11 pointsGreen: Men: Jun
88612/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 5 pointsM12
88416/9/20182018 ACT Long Distance Championships: ACT League #12 pointsM10
8817/4/2018Bay of Fires day 3 - Littlechild Creek pointsM10A
87929/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Pine Tree North pointsMen G
8735/10/2019Oceania Long Champs - Kangaroo Crossing pointsMen 10A
87215/6/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #6 pointsGreen: Men: Jun
87011/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 pointsM12
8702/10/2018Heaps Good Sprint pointsVEasy
86829/9/2018Australian Middle Champs - Crooked Straight pointsM10A
8687/10/2018AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsM10A
86527/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Armidale Pine pointsMen G
8651/4/2018Easter 2018 Day 2 - Lovelybanks W pointsM10A
8645/4/2018Bay of Fires day 1 - Golden Fleece pointsM10A
86213/5/2018ACT Middle Distance Champs pointsM10
85427/7/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #10 pointsGreen: Men: Jun
84729/9/2019Australian Long Champs - Split Rock pointsMen 10A
84612/2/2020ACT Twilight Series #12: Red Hill pointsEasy: M: Junior
8432/10/2019Riverina 3 Days - Connorton pointsMen F
84214/11/2018ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #5 & Map Mates #4: Remembrance Park pointsGreen: Men: Jun
84130/3/2018Easter Sandy Bay Sprint pointsM-Easy
8382/4/2018Easter 2018 Day 3 - Curryjong Rivulet pointsM10A
83819/1/2020ACT Sprint Series #2: Jerrabomberra Primary School pointsMen: Junior
83431/3/2018Easter 2018 Day 1 - Lovelybanks E pointsM10A
8326/4/2018Bay of Fires day 2 - Golden Fleece pointsM10A
83127/2/2019Black Mountain Peninsula pointsGreen: Men: Jun
8311/6/2019ACT Metro Series: Junior League #5 pointsOrange 2: M: Ju
83012/12/2018ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #9: Red Hill pointsGreen: Men: Jun
8286/3/2019Radford College pointsGreen: Men: Jun
8271/10/2018Australian Sprint Champs - Renmark Schools pointsM10A
82331/12/20182018 Xmas 5days Day 5 pointsCombined
82028/9/2019Oceania Sprint - CSU Campus pointsMen 10
8204/10/2018Heaps Good - Mt Crawford pointsVEasy
8175/12/2018ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #8: Bruce Ridge pointsGreen: Men: Jun
81311/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4 pointsM12
81313/2/2019Mt Ainslie North pointsGreen: Men: Jun
8055/8/2017ACT Metro & Junior League #11 pointsBlue: Men: Juni
80220/11/2019Mt Taylor pointsEasy: Men: Juni
7983/10/2018Heaps Good - Wirra Wirra pointsVEasy
7966/10/2018Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsM10A
74730/12/20182018 Xmas 5days Day 4 pointsCombined
74128/11/2018ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #7: Gossan Hill pointsGreen: Men: Jun
73812/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 6 pointsM12
57324/8/2019ACT Metro Series: ACT Secondary School Championships pointsGreen: Men: Jun