Hayden Dent (Red Roos) 7346
Points Date Event Class
12607/11/2021ACT Sprint Series #1: Haig Park pointsMen: Junior
125417/11/2021ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #3: Oakey Hill pointsMod1: MJunr
124812/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 - WRE pointsJunior Boys
122730/6/2021ACT Midweek Series: Gossan Hill pointsMod1: MJunior
122213/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 pointsJunior Boys
121919/12/2021ACT Sprint Series #7: Kingston Foreshore pointsMen: Junior
120512/12/2021ACT Sprint Series #6: Radford College pointsMen: Junior
11988/12/2021ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #6: Mt Taylor pointsMod2: MJunr
119412/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 pointsJunior Boys
11937/7/2021ACT Midweek Series: Bruce Ridge pointsMod1: MJunior
119325/6/2022ACT Metro Series: Junior League #8 pointsMod1: MJunr
119121/5/2022ACT Metro Series: Junior League #4 & Map Mates #2 pointsMod1: MJunr
118918/6/2022ACT Metro Series: Junior League #7 pointsMod1: MJunr
117627/12/20212021 Xmas 5 Days Day 1 pointsMen F
117116/2/2022ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #11: Aranda Bushlands pointsMod2: MJunr
116523/2/2022ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #12: Bruce Ridge pointsMod2: MJunr
11642/3/2022ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #13: Narrabundah Hill pointsMod2: MJunr
116210/11/2021ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #2: Stromlo West pointsMod2: MJunr
115915/4/2022Easter NOL Prologue and Public Bush Sprint pointsJnr Challenge B
114424/7/2021ACT Metro Series: Junior League #9 & Map Mates #2 pointsMod2: MJunr
11449/2/2022ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #10: Fadden Pines pointsMod2: MJunr
114331/12/20212021 Xmas 5 Days Day 5 pointsMen F
114315/12/2021ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #7: Red Hill pointsMod2: MJunr
11422/2/2022ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #9: Campbell Parklands pointsMod2: MJunr
114126/6/2022ACT Sprint Distance Championships: ACT League #7 pointsM14A
113921/4/2022Gold Coast - The Spit Sand Dunes pointsModerate
11383/11/2021ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #1: Mt Majura West pointsMod2: MJunr
11164/6/2022ACT Metro Series: Junior League #6 & Map Mates #4 pointsMod2: MJunr
11127/5/2022ACT Metro Series: Junior League #2 pointsMod2: MJunr
111014/11/2021ACT Sprint Series #2: Stringybark Hill pointsMen: Junior
110511/6/20222022 QBIII pointsM14A
10922/4/20222022 Wildfire Autumn Classics; NOL 4 pointsM16A
103314/5/20222022 NSW State League #5 pointsM14A