Samantha Howe (Newcastle Orienteering Club) 7083
Points Date Event Class
135322/7/2012Hunter Valley Champs - Mining Mystery pointsWOpenA / Hard (
135311/3/2012Newcastle OY - Event 1 pointsHard (Medium Re
135212/5/2012SILVA NOL Race 10- WOC Spr pointsW21AS
133913/5/2012SILVA NOL Race 12- WOC Trials- Long WRE pointsW21AS
13386/5/2012Central Coast Event - Yambo pointsLong Hard
13388/7/2012NOY6 - Brush Creek West pointsHard (Medium Re
133824/6/2012NOY5 - Lone Pine Road pointsHard (Medium Re
133815/5/2011NSW SL4 - Old Womens Creek pointsW21AS
133227/5/2012NOC Club Event - Freeway Underpass pointsHard (Long Red)
13313/6/2012NOY4 - Belford National Park pointsHard (Medium Re
133110/6/2012QB3/SL6 - Mount Brown pointsW21AS
132417/7/2011NSW SL9 - Wallaroo State Forest pointsW21AS
132425/8/2012SL10 - Belanglo State Forest pointsW21AS
132111/6/2012QB3/SL7 - Banalasta pointsW21AS
13199/6/2012The Pines - Sprint Distance pointsW21AS
131914/5/2011NSW SL3 - Macquarie Woods Central pointsW21AS
131731/8/2014Newcastle - NOY 7 pointsHard Medium
13096/7/2014Newcastle Minor Event pointsHard Medium
130612/5/2012SILVA NOL 11- Middle Trials pointsW21AS
130517/5/2015NSW State League #6 - NSW Championships pointsW35A
130511/5/2014Newcastle Minor Event pointsHard Long
130329/6/2014Hunter Valley Championships pointsW Open A
130223/11/2014Newcastle Club Presentation and sprint race pointsLong
13025/8/2012The Range pointsHard (Medium Re
129725/7/2010NSW State League 10 pointsW21A
129726/4/2015Newcastle NOY 2 pointsHard Medium
129325/2/2015Newcastle Park Orienteering Series - Braye Park pointsLong
12919/3/2014Newcastle Minor Event pointsHard Medium
129113/4/2014Newcastle - NOY 2 pointsHard Medium
129116/8/20142014 State League #12 - Newcastle pointsW35A
12915/3/2014Newcastle Park Series #2 pointsLong
129117/11/2013Club event - Presentation pointsLong - Women
128922/6/2014Newcastle - NOY 4 pointsHard Medium
128926/8/2012SL11 & NSW Schools Champs - Belanglo State Forest pointsW21AS (5) 13 C
128921/6/2015Newcastle NOY 4 pointsHard Medium
128818/4/2015NSW State League #3 - Pelaw Main pointsW35A
128817/8/20142014 State League #13 - Newcastle pointsW35A
128727/7/2014Newcastle - NOY 5 pointsHard Medium
128730/3/2014Newcastle - NOY 1 pointsHard Medium
128321/9/2013NSW Middle Championships - SL11 pointsW21AS
12838/3/2015NSW State League #2 - NSW Sprint Champs, National O League & World Ranking Event - NSW Uni pointsW35A
128224/7/2010NSW State League 9 pointsW21A
12826/6/2015NSW State League #7 - QB3 pointsW35A
128225/5/2014Newcastle - NOY 3 pointsHard Medium
127612/7/2015Newcastle NOY 5 pointsHard Medium
127016/5/2015NSW State League #5 - Rocky Falls pointsW35A
12707/3/2015NSW State League #1 - incl National O League - Botany pointsW35A
126715/7/2012SL9 - Mitchell Park pointsW21AS,Hard 8,11
126719/4/2015NSW State League #4 - Wallaroo - Balickera/Hamburgers Trail pointsW35A
12647/6/2015NSW State League #8 - QB3 pointsW35A
124929/11/2015Presentation Sprint pointsLong
124814/6/2015Newcastle Minor Event pointsHard Medium
124526/7/2015Newcastle NOY 6 pointsHard Medium
12458/6/2015NSW State League #9 - QB3 pointsW35A
124331/5/2015Newcastle NOY 3 pointsHard Medium
124122/9/2013NSW Long Distance Championships - SL12 pointsW21AS
124011/3/2015Newcastle Park Orienteering Series - King Edward Park pointsLong
124012/3/2014Newcastle Park Series #3 pointsLong
12344/3/2015Newcastle Park Orienteering Series - Hunter River High pointsLong
123225/3/2018Newcastle Club Minor - Minmi pointsHard Long
122926/2/2014Newcastle Park Series #1 pointsLong
122719/3/2014Newcastle Park Series Final pointsLong
122217/9/2017Hunter Valley Championships pointsWOpenA
12222/7/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #6 pointsHard Medium
122124/6/2018Newcastle Orienteers Minor Event pointsHard Long
12199/8/2015Newcastle NOY 7 pointsHard Medium
121818/6/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #5 pointsHard Medium
12187/5/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #2 pointsHard Medium
12156/5/2018Newcastle Orienteers NOY #2 pointsHard Medium
12154/6/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #4 pointsHard Medium
121513/8/2017Newcastle Local Bush Event pointsHard 1
121410/6/20172017 Australian 3 Days - Day 1 pointsWomen 35A
121410/4/2016Newcastle OY #1 - Seaham pointsModerate Long
12143/9/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #7 pointsHard Medium
12123/12/2017Newcastle Presentation and Sprint pointsLong
12081/5/2016Newcastle OY #2 - Wallaro SF pointsHard Short
12063/6/2018Newcastle Orienteers NOY #3 pointsHard Medium
120523/9/20182018 State League #16 Kitchener pointsW35A
120424/3/2019Newcastle OY 1 pointsHard Medium
12047/3/2018Newcastle Urban Orienteering Series #3 pointsLong
12037/10/2018AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsW35A
120321/2/2018Newcastle UFO Qualifier 1 pointsLong
120111/6/20172017 Australian 3 Days - Day 2 - Burngoogee pointsWomen 35A
120026/8/2018Newcastle Orienteers NOY #7 Final pointsHard Medium
120015/7/2018Newcastle Shorts Weekend - SUN ONLY pointsW-BRD-WE
119929/12/2016Xmas5 Days 2016 - Kitchener pointsWomen C
11999/4/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #1 pointsHard Medium
119928/5/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #3 pointsHard Medium
119928/12/2016Xmas5 Days 2016 -- Pelaw Main pointsWomen C
119813/5/20172017 NSW Middle Championships SL3 (Badge Event) pointsW35A
119713/3/2016Newcastle Minor Event pointsHard Short
119729/7/20182018 State League #12 (NSW Sprint Champs) pointsW35A
119729/9/2018Australian Middle Champs - Crooked Straight pointsW35A
119730/12/2016Xmas DAY4 ONLY - Kitchener (Southams) pointsWomen C
11949/9/2018Newcastle Orienteers Hunter Valley Championships pointsWOpenA
119315/7/2017NSW State League #8 - Barraba Lane pointsW35A
11931/7/2018Newcastle Orienteers NOY #4 - Balikera pointsHard Medium
119212/6/20172017 Australian 3 Days - Day 3 - Charles Sturt pointsWomen 35A
118815/3/2017Newcastle Park Tour 11 - Event 4 Final pointsLong
11856/3/2019Newcastle Urban Series Qualifier #1 pointsLong
118428/2/2018Newcastle UFO Qualifier 2 pointsLong
118324/2/2016Newcastle Park Series 2016 pointsShort
11835/8/2018Newcastle Orienteers NOY #5 pointsHard Medium
118131/3/2019NSW State League 2 - Hill End pointsW40A
117818/8/2019Newcastle OY 6 - BELFORD pointsHard Medium
11782/6/2019Newcastle OY 3 - FENNELL BAY pointsHard Medium
117729/5/2016Newcastle OY #3 - Minmi pointsHard Short
117614/5/20172017 NSW Long Championships pointsWomen 35A
117521/8/2016Newcastle OY #8 - Barnsley pointsHard Short
117522/9/20182018 State League #15 Mt Sugarloaf pointsW35A
117521/7/2019Newcastle OY 5 - RICHMOND VALE (New Map) pointsHard Medium
11742/3/2016Newcastle Park Series 2016 pointsShort
116917/2/2016Newcastle Park Series 2016 pointsShort
116715/9/2019Newcastle OY 7 - WALLAROO pointsHard Medium
11673/8/2019NSW State League #10 pointsW40A
116519/5/2019NSW Long Championships - Rosedale SF pointsW40A
11647/7/20182018 State League #10 (Middle Distance) Tallowa Gully pointsW35A
116422/4/2018NSW Long Distance Champs SL #4 pointsW35A
116314/7/2018Newcastle Shorts Weekend - SAT ONLY pointsW-BRD-WE
116330/6/2019Shorts Weekend Day 2 - Race 4 pointsW-BRD-WE
115821/4/2018NSW Middle Distance Champs SL #3 pointsW35A
115829/4/2018Newcastle Orienteers Minor Event pointsHard Short
115725/8/2019Hunter Valley Champs pointsWOpenA
115627/12/2016Xmas5 Days 2016 - Islington pointsWomen C
115622/7/2018Newcastle Orienteers Minor Event pointsHard Long
115618/5/2019NSW Middle Championships - Wyangala pointsW40A
115528/4/2019Newcastle Minor - Freemans Waterhole pointsHard Medium
115514/3/2018Newcastle Urban Orienteering Series #4 pointsLong B Grade
115430/3/2019NSW State League 1 - Hill End pointsW40A
11538/5/2016Newcastle Minor Event pointsHard Short
11527/8/2016Newcastle OY #7 - Congewai pointsHard Short
115229/6/2019Shorts Weekend Day 1 - Race 1 pointsW-BRD-WE
11516/3/2016Newcastle Park Series 2016 Final pointsShort
115013/7/2019NSW State League #8 (Sprint) Frenchs Forest pointsW40A
114929/9/2019Australian Long Champs - Split Rock pointsWomen 40A
114916/7/2017NSW 2017 State League #9 - Long pointsW35A
114828/9/2019Oceania Sprint - CSU Campus pointsWomen 40
11485/10/2019Oceania Long Champs - Kangaroo Crossing pointsWomen 40A
114829/6/2019Shorts Weekend Day 1 - Race 2 pointsW-BRD-WE
114712/5/2019Newcastle OY 2 - WALLAROO pointsHard Medium
11466/10/2018Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsW35A
11461/10/2018Australian Sprint Champs - Renmark Schools pointsW35A
11433/7/2016Newcastle OY #5 - Pelton pointsHard Short
11391/3/2017Newcastle Park Tour 11 - Event 2 pointsLong
11399/10/2016Newcastle - Fantastic New Map - "Something Different" - Once Only Use pointsHard Short
11396/10/2019Oceania Middle Champs - Beechworth Gorge pointsWomen 40A
113722/2/2017Newcastle Park Tour 11 - Event 1 pointsLong
113615/5/2019NEWCASTLE pointsLong
113618/8/2018SL Kahlis Rocks pointsWomen 35A
113113/5/2018ACT Middle Distance Champs pointsW35A
113019/8/2018SL Ophir Diggings pointsWomen 35A
112812/5/2018ACT Sprint Distance Champs pointsW35A
112721/3/2020NSW Sprint Championships pointsWomen 40A
112231/12/2016Xmas DAY5 ONLY - Minmi (Tank Paddock) pointsWomen C
112026/6/2016Newcastle OY #4 - Kitchener pointsHard Short
11171/12/2019Bush Presentation + Event - MARTINSVILLE pointsHard Long
11084/8/2019NSW State League #11 - Stockrington pointsW40A
110024/7/2016Newcastle OY #6 - Pothana pointsHard Short