Hilary Wood (Central Coast Orienteers) 6615
Points Date Event Class
112716/4/2022Easter 3 Days pointsW65A
112120/3/20222022 NSW State League #2 pointsW65A
110422/5/2022MetrO League 2022 #1 pointsDivision 3
109213/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 pointsW60
108718/9/2022NOY 8 Results Only pointsHard Short
108427/9/2022Goldfields 3-Day, Day 2 - Mt Alexander pointsWomen C Hard
108418/9/2022NOY8 incorporating Hunter Valley Championships pointsW60A(HS)
107625/9/2022Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsWomen 65A
107310/4/20222022 NSW State League #4 pointsW65A
107312/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 pointsW60
107312/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 - WRE pointsW60
10732/4/20222022 Wildfire Autumn Classics; NOL 4 pointsW65A
107324/9/2022Orienteering Grand Prix - Daylesford pointsWomen 65A
107014/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 5 pointsW60
106614/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 6 pointsW60
106628/9/2022Goldfields 3-Day, Day 3 - Chewton pointsWomen C Hard
106111/6/20222022 QBIII pointsW65A
10593/4/20222022 Wildfire Autumn Classics; NOL 5 pointsW65A
105923/4/2022NOL - Sprint Qualifier and Public Sprint pointsWomen Public Co
105714/5/20222022 NSW State League #5 pointsW65A
105226/9/2022Goldfields 3-Day, Day 1 - Kyneton pointsWomen C Hard
104915/5/20222022 NSW State League #6 - Long Distance pointsW65A
104930/9/2022Australian Sprint Championships pointsWomen 65A
10464/9/20222022 NSW State League #15 and NSW Schools Champs pointsW65A
103621/4/2022Gold Coast - The Spit Sand Dunes pointsHard Medium
102324/4/2022NOL - GC Knockout AM Race Results pointsWPCHEAT6
10113/9/20222022 NSW State League #14 and NSW School Championships pointsW65A
98912/12/2021ACT Sprint Series #6: Radford College pointsWomen: Masters
91723/4/2022NOL WRE Sprint Final and Public Sprint (OQ pointsWomen Public Co