Niko Stoner (Australopers Orienteering Club) 7621
Points Date Event Class
12802/4/20212021 Easter 3 Days + NOL pointsMen 18 Elite
12743/4/2021Easter Day 1 - Noahs Ark Ridge pointsMen 18 Elite
12733/11/2021Kingston HS pointsBoys LONG
127025/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsMLong
126723/1/2021EVOC Summer Cup pointsLong
126220/10/2021Kangaroo Bay pointsBoys LONG
126213/6/2021Grindelwald Sprint pointsM21
12621/8/2021Waverley Park - Southern Local #7 pointsLong
126023/1/2021EVOC Summer Cup pointsLong
126021/1/2022Evandale EVOC Summer Cup Event 1 pointsLong
12596/3/2021St Helens pointsLong
125917/11/2021Cornelian Bay pointsBoys LONG
12568/8/2021Russell Plains pointsCourse 1 M
125628/3/2021Stonehenge pointsBoys Open A
12544/4/2021Easter Day 2 - Gumble pointsMen 18 Elite
125311/9/2021Kelvedon pointsM21
125212/6/2021Evandale Sprint pointsLong Men
125221/11/2021Kingston High - Southern Local #13 pointsLong
125224/11/2021Botanic Gardens pointsBoys LONG
125226/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsM21A
125228/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsMA
125025/7/2021Pittwater pointsCourse 1 M
124827/10/2021Upper Domain pointsBoys LONG
12455/2/2021Australopers Summer Fiesta pointsLong
12455/2/2021Australopers Summer Fiesta pointsLong
124510/4/2021NSW Middle - Eugowra pointsM16A
124523/5/2021Royal George pointsCourse 3 M
124424/4/2021Mt Nelson - Southern Saturday Series #1 pointsLong
124431/10/2021Spooky Bark Gully - Southern Local #14 pointsLong
12412/5/2021Stag's Head pointsCourse 3 M
12418/3/2021St Helens pointsCourse 2 M
124010/11/2021Knocklofty pointsBoys LONG
12405/12/2021Kingston - Southern Local - Xmas event pointsLong
123723/10/2021Springvale (Campania) - OST 5 pointsCourse 1 M
123621/3/2021Randall's Bay - Southern Local #2 pointsLong
12358/4/20212021 Ophir Reserve pointsMen A
123327/6/2021Trevallyn - North Local #2 pointsLong
12337/11/2021Gorringes Beach - Southern Local #12 pointsLong
123124/10/2021Lieemunetta - Southern Local #11 pointsLong
12297/3/2021St Helens pointsCourse 2 M
122922/1/2022West Launceston/Sacred Heart sprint event pointsLong
122821/8/2021Knocklofty North - Southern Local #8 pointsLong
122629/8/2021Calverts Beach - Southern Local #9 pointsLong
122514/3/2021NOL - Creswick pointsM20E
122013/6/2021Trevallyn Bush Sprint pointsLong Men
12185/4/2021Easter Day 3 - Gumble pointsMen 18 Elite
120813/3/2021NOL - Mt Alexander pointsM20E
116821/2/2021Coningham - Southern Local #1 pointsLong
114011/4/2021NSW Long - Eugowra pointsM16A