Chris Brown (Esk Valley Orienteering Club) 7042
Points Date Event Class
118523/1/2022Weymouth pointsLong
118423/10/2021Springvale (Campania) - OST 5 pointsCourse 4 W
117325/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsWMed
117212/3/2022St Helens pointsMedium
116727/10/2021Scotch Oakburn pointsLong
11617/8/2022Stags Head - OST 9 pointsCourse 4 W
116129/5/2022Lovelybanks pointsCourse 4 W
115923/3/2022Windsor Park pointsLong
115928/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsWB
115822/1/2022West Launceston/Sacred Heart sprint event pointsLong
114623/2/2022Summerdale Western Suburbs pointsLong
114324/7/2022Johnny Macs - Southern Classic OST 8 pointsCourse 4 W
114311/9/2021Kelvedon pointsW60
11421/5/2022Bluff River pointsCourse 4 W
114216/2/2022Royal Park pointsLong
114211/6/2022Kingston High / Kingborough Sports Centre pointsWomens Medium
114113/3/2022St Helens pointsCourse 4 W
114126/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsW60A
114113/6/2022St Virgils - Southern Shenanigans #6 pointsWomens Medium
113821/1/2022Evandale EVOC Summer Cup Event 1 pointsLong
113620/10/2021Royal Park pointsLong
11322/3/2022Heritage Forest pointsLong
112711/6/2022Fahan School - Southern Shenanigans #1 pointsWomens Medium
112711/6/2022Kingston Playground pointsWomens Medium
112612/6/2022St Aloysius & Tarremah pointsWomens Medium
112512/6/2022Calvin & Kingston Primary Schools pointsW60
11242/4/2022UTAS Sandy Bay pointsLong
112313/6/2022Botanical Gardens pointsWomens Medium
111421/4/2022Gold Coast - The Spit Sand Dunes pointsHard Medium
11073/11/2021Trevallyn Primary School pointsLong
110015/4/2022Easter NOL Prologue and Public Bush Sprint pointsOpen Medium
109716/4/2022Easter 3 Days pointsW60A
107123/4/2022NOL - Sprint Qualifier and Public Sprint pointsWomen Public Co
107024/4/2022NOL - GC Knockout PM Race Results pointsWPCSF2
102624/4/2022NOL - GC Knockout AM Race Results pointsWPCHEAT3
85723/4/2022NOL WRE Sprint Final and Public Sprint (OQ pointsWomen Public Co