Andrea Schiwy (Australopers Orienteering Club) 6656
Points Date Event Class
112822/11/20207 Mile Beach - Southern Local #11 pointsMedium
111113/6/2021Trevallyn Bush Sprint pointsMedium Women
110912/6/2021Evandale Sprint pointsMedium Women
11086/3/2021St Helens pointsShort
110626/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsW55A
110513/6/2021Grindelwald Sprint pointsW55
110525/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsWMed
11057/3/2021St Helens pointsCourse 5 W
110428/10/2020Cenotaph pointsWomen MEDIUM
110218/11/2020Cornelian Bay pointsWomen MEDIUM
110010/2/2021Lambert Park pointsWomen MEDIUM
109823/5/2021Royal George pointsCourse 5 W
10938/8/2021Russell Plains pointsCourse 5 W
108817/2/2021Montague Bay pointsWomen SHORT
10868/3/2021St Helens pointsCourse 5 W
108510/3/2021Taroona pointsWomen MEDIUM
10844/7/2021Lovelybanks - OST 6 pointsCourse 5 W
108428/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsWC
108411/9/2021Kelvedon pointsW55
10721/8/2021Waverley Park - Southern Local #7 pointsMedium
106730/5/2021Domain - Southern Local #3 pointsMedium
106724/10/2020Pittwater pointsW55
106623/1/2021EVOC Summer Cup pointsMedium
105824/2/2021Lower Domain pointsWomen SHORT
10505/2/2021Australopers Summer Fiesta pointsMedium
10505/2/2021Australopers Summer Fiesta pointsMedium