Marina Iskhakova (Red Roos) 7476
Points Date Event Class
127811/4/2021NSW Long - Eugowra pointsW21A
124921/3/20212021 NSW State League #2 and ACT League #1 pointsW21A
124127/6/2021ACT Classic Series: ACT League #7 pointsHard2: WMstr
123810/4/2021NSW Middle - Eugowra pointsW21A
123713/6/2021QB3 Long - Barraba Lane pointsW21A
123324/2/2021ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #14: Red Hill pointsMod1: WMaster
122911/11/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #4: The Pinnacle pointsMod1: WMaster
122914/6/2021QB3 Sprint - Avondale pointsW21A
12285/4/2021Easter Day 3 - Gumble pointsWomen 40A
12253/4/2021Easter Day 1 - Noahs Ark Ridge pointsWomen 40A
122427/3/2021ACT Sprint Distance Championships: ACT League #2 pointsW21A
122417/2/2021ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #13: Arachnicopia South pointsMod1: WMaster
122110/2/2021ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #12: Mt Taylor pointsMod1: WMaster
122012/6/2021QB3 Middle - Redgum Ridges pointsW21A
12167/2/2021ACT Sprint Series #6: Canberra Girls Grammar School pointsWomen: Masters
12132/5/2021ACT Classic Series: ACT League #3 pointsHard3: WMstr
121131/1/2021ACT Sprint Series #5: Radford College pointsWomen: Masters
120714/3/2021ACT Sprint Series #10: AIS pointsWomen: Masters
12064/4/2021Easter Day 2 - Gumble pointsWomen 40A
120516/12/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #9: Cooleman Ridge pointsMod1: WMaster
12009/12/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #8: Oakey Hill pointsMod1: WMaster
120019/6/2021ACT Metro Series: Junior League #6 pointsMod1: WMstr
11995/6/2021ACT Metro -Junior League-5 pointsMod1: WMstr
119629/11/2020ACT Sprint Series #8: Namadgi School pointsWomen: Masters
11918/4/20212021 Ophir Reserve pointsWomen A
11818/5/2021ACT Metro Series: Junior League #2 pointsMod1: WMstr
11812/12/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #7: Campbell Park pointsMod1: WMaster
118029/5/2021ACT Metro-4 Junior League The Pinnacle pointsMod1: WMstr
115026/6/2021ACT Metro Series: Junior League #7 pointsMod1: WMstr
113413/12/2020ACT Sprint Series #9: Palmerville pointsWomen: Masters
112722/5/2021ACT Metro pointsMod1: WMstr