Lucy Hawthorne (Australopers Orienteering Club) 6404
Points Date Event Class
115315/11/2015Coningham - Southern Sunday local pointsModerate
11312/4/2018Easter 2018 Day 3 - Curryjong Rivulet pointsW35A
112329/7/2018Stringy Bark Gully pointsMedium
112221/5/2016Montagu Bay - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 5 pointsCryptic Medium
11181/4/2018Easter 2018 Day 2 - Lovelybanks W pointsW35A
111721/3/2018Lambert Gully pointsCC WOMEN MEDIUM
11161/11/2015Geilston Bay - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
111526/6/2016Lieemunetta - Dysart - OST 9 pointsW35-50AS
110614/3/2018Botanic Gardens pointsCC WOMEN MEDIUM
110313/12/2017Natone Hill pointsCC WOMEN MEDIUM
110315/10/2017Kellevie - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
110323/8/2015Wild Dog Creek Buckland - OST10 pointsW35-50AS
109617/7/2016Peter Murrell Reserve - Southern Sunday Local pointsMedium
109228/2/2018Taroona - Southern Twilight Series #3 pointsCC WOMEN MEDIUM
109226/8/2018Knocklofty - - Southern Sunday Local #8 pointsMedium
109213/3/2017Pittwater Bush Sprint pointsW35-50AS
109218/1/2017Tolosa Park, Glenorchy - Southern Summer Series #2 pointsMedium
10923/7/2016Risdon Brook - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
108630/10/2016Geilston Bay - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
108124/11/2019Knocklofty North - Hobart Local #12 pointsMedium
107923/9/2018Springvale pointsMedium
10797/3/2018Montagu Bay pointsCC WOMEN MEDIUM
107812/1/2018Bellerive Fort pointsWomen Long
107528/7/2019Royal George - OST 10 pointsW35
10748/3/2015East Coast 3 Day - Day 2 - OST 1 - Transit Flat pointsW35-50AS
107231/3/2018Easter 2018 Day 1 - Lovelybanks E pointsW35A
107214/5/2016Waverley Park - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 4 pointsMedium
10729/6/2018Calverts Beach pointsW35
107217/9/2017Coningham - Southern Sunday local pointsShort
107130/3/2018Easter Sandy Bay Sprint pointsEOD-M
106721/11/2018Risdon Brook Dam pointsWomen MEDIUM
106618/8/2019Pilchers Hill Reserve pointsMedium
10662/9/2018Pittwater Dunes pointsW35
10663/4/2019Knocklofty pointsWomen MEDIUM
10655/4/2018Bay of Fires day 1 - Golden Fleece pointsW35A
106412/11/2017Geilston Gully - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
10637/11/2018Queens Domain pointsWomen LONG
106313/1/2018Springvale pointsWomen Long
106311/1/2018Tolosa Park pointsWomen Long
106125/1/2017Stringy Bark Gully - Southern Summer Series #3 pointsMedium
106127/11/2019Tolosa Park pointsWomen MEDIUM
106026/2/2017String Bark Gully pointsMedium
10552/2/20182km Orienteering Event pointsButterfly 4
10553/11/2019Gorringe's Beach pointsMedium
105322/6/2019The Domain - Hobart Saturday Series #5 pointsMedium
105219/1/2019St Pauls pointsMiddle
104631/10/2018Peter Murrell Reserve pointsWomen MEDIUM
104111/12/2019Cornelian Bay pointsWomen MEDIUM
104111/8/2019Pittwater - OST 11 pointsW35
103925/11/2018Taroona pointsXmas Tree
103820/11/2019Natone Hill pointsWomen MEDIUM
103730/10/2019Hobart College pointsWomen MEDIUM
10372/6/2018Peter Murrell Reserve from Huntingfield Pony Club pointsMedium
103611/3/2017Pittwater pointsW35-50AS
103522/3/2020Coningham - Southern Local #2 pointsMedium
10358/3/2020East Coast 3 Days pointsW35-50AS
103414/7/2019Wild Dog Creek pointsW35
103127/10/2019Waterworks - Hobart Local #10 pointsMedium
10299/3/2020East Coast 3 Days pointsW40
102424/7/2016St Johns Park - Tasmanian Sprint Championships - OST 10 pointsW35
102314/9/2019Springvale Campania pointsW35
101727/2/2019Kangaroo Bay pointsWomen MEDIUM
101228/11/2018Hobart College pointsWomen MEDIUM
100911/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Golden Fleece pointsW35
100120/1/2019Rajah Rock pointsLong
98420/3/2019Cornelian Bay pointsWomen MEDIUM
9716/4/2018Bay of Fires day 2 - Golden Fleece pointsW35A
9477/3/2015East Coast 3 Day - Day 1 - Jason's Task pointsW35
92230/6/2019Stonehenge - OST 8 pointsW35-50AS