Charles Dragar (Australopers Orienteering Club) 7016
Points Date Event Class
119110/7/2022Calverts Beach - Southern Local #5 pointsLong
118424/10/2021Lieemunetta - Southern Local #11 pointsLong
116416/3/2022Waterworks pointsMen LONG
11607/11/2021Gorringes Beach - Southern Local #12 pointsLong
115920/2/2022Knocklofty - Southern Local #1 pointsLong
11586/3/2022Coningham - Southern Local #2 pointsLong
115626/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsM60A
115327/10/2021Upper Domain pointsMen LONG
11471/5/2022Bluff River pointsCourse 3 M
114623/3/2022Mt Nelson pointsMen LONG
114221/8/2021Knocklofty North - Southern Local #8 pointsLong
113811/9/2021Kelvedon pointsM60
113810/4/2022Glen Stuart pointsMen Long
113410/11/2021Knocklofty pointsMen LONG
113124/7/2022Johnny Macs - Southern Classic OST 8 pointsCourse 3 M
11305/12/2021Kingston - Southern Local - Xmas event pointsLong
113027/3/2022Risdon Brook Dam pointsMen LONG
112329/5/2022Lovelybanks pointsCourse 3 M
111830/4/2022Queens Domain pointsLong
111724/11/2021Botanic Gardens pointsMen LONG
111519/6/20227 Mile Beach - Southern Local #4 pointsLong
111420/10/2021Kangaroo Bay pointsMen LONG
11149/3/2022Taroona pointsMen LONG
110516/2/2022Lambert Park / Hutchins pointsMen LONG
110414/5/2022Tolosa Reserve pointsLong
109628/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsMA
109217/11/2021Cornelian Bay pointsMen LONG
106326/6/2022Campania - OST 6 pointsCourse 3 M
102413/6/2022St Virgils - Southern Shenanigans #6 pointsMens Long
100825/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsMLong
100117/7/2022Geilston Gully - Southern Local #6 pointsLong
96512/3/2022St Helens pointsLong
88412/6/2022Calvin & Kingston Primary Schools pointsM60