Anna Dowling (Wellington Ranges Orienteering Club) 0
Points Date Event Class
154225/9/2010Australian Middle Distance Championships: Lady Alice Goldfield NOL Race 13 pointsW-14A
139622/2/2015Seven Mile Beach Local Event (Pittwater) pointsLong
139122/3/2014NOL & Vic Bush State Series 2 - Yackandandah - Rowdy Flat pointsW17-20E
137925/9/2012Australian Schools Individual Championships pointsSenior Girls
13791/10/2014Australian Schools Individual Championships pointsSeniorGirls
13794/5/20132013 ACT Sprint Distance Championships pointsW20E
13741/10/2011Oceania Long Championships pointsW16A
13745/4/2010Australian 3-Days Day 3 - Collector hill pointsW14A
13743/4/2010Australian 3-Days Day 2 (Others) - Kowen Forest pointsW14A
136918/4/2014Easter 3 Days Elite Prologue, Rylstone Common pointsW17-20E
136910/3/2013NOL Event 2 - Long Race Belair pointsW17-20E
136929/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Prologue pointsJnr Womens Elit
136923/9/2012Tasmanian Long Distance Championships pointsW16
136926/9/20152015 Victorian Middle Distance Championships & NOL 12 - Creswick pointsW17-20E
136123/3/2014NOL/WRE & Vic Bush State Series 3 - Eldorado - Kangaroo Crossing pointsW17-20E
136128/9/20132013 Australian Sprint Distance Championships pointsW20E
136129/9/20132013 Australian Long Distance Championships pointsW20E
13599/3/2013NOL Event 1a Flinders Uni Sprint Qualifying pointsW17-20E
135928/9/2010Australian Schools Orienteering Championships: Vixen Gully pointsJunior girls
135930/8/2014Bendigo Rocks 3 - Mt Kooyoora, & Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsW17-20E
135626/9/2010South Australian Long Distance Championships: Mack Creek NOL Race 14 pointsW-14A
13552/10/2010Australian Long Distance Championships: Tanunda Creek NOL Race 16 pointsW-14A
13558/10/2011Australian Long Distance pointsW16A
135519/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 1, Clandulla pointsW17-20E
13552/10/2011Oceania Middle Championships pointsW16A
135229/9/2012Australian Long Distance Championships pointsW16
133927/9/20152015 Australian Middle Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 13 - Creswick pointsW17-20E
133920/5/2012Tasmanian Orienteering Series 6, Sandstone Valleys pointsCOURSE 4 Women
133923/4/2014Dungeree Challenge pointsShort
13395/5/20132013 ACT Long Distance Championships pointsW20E
133826/4/20142014 NSW Long Championships pointsW17-20E
133829/9/2015AusChamps Midweek Public Race 1 -The Case of the Missing Miner’s Right pointsWomen B Long
133820/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 2, Clandulla pointsW17-20E
133831/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days - day 2 pointsW17-20E
133811/4/2012Cascades pointsRed 5
13387/10/20112011 Oceania Sprint Distance Championships pointsW16A
133830/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Day 1 pointsW17-20E
13357/3/2015East Coast 3 Day - Day 1 - Jason's Task pointsW17-20
133527/9/2014WA Long Distance Championships pointsW20A
133521/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 3, Clandulla pointsW17-20E
13334/10/2014Australian Long Distance Championships (WRE) pointsW20E
13327/6/2014St Marys Sprint pointsCourse 1A
13319/3/2015East Coast 3 Day - Day 3 - OST 2 - Transit Flat pointsW17-20
13244/5/20132013 ACT Middle Distance Championships pointsW20E
13245/10/20132013 Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsW20E
132128/9/2012Australian Sprint Championships pointsW16, km, 17 co
13216/1/2015Oceania Middle Distance Championships pointsW20A
131924/5/20152015 ACT Long Distance Champs pointsW20E
13158/3/2015East Coast 3 Day - Day 2 - OST 1 - Transit Flat pointsW17-20
13094/4/20152015 Easter 3 Days, Day 1 pointsW17-20E
13096/4/20152015 Easter 3 Days, Day 3 pointsW17-20E
130622/9/2012Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsW16
130511/1/2015Oceania Long Distance Championships pointsW20A
130529/9/2014Australian Sprint Championships (WRE) pointsW20E
13026/6/2015Coles Bay Township - Sprint pointsLong
12979/3/2013NOL Sprint Final and SA Sprint Championships pointsW17-20A
129327/3/2016Easter Day 2 - Murdering Shed pointsW20E
129313/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4 Geelong - NOL and General Entry pointsW20E
12917/10/2014Sprint the South West pointsLong
128920/3/20162016 Vic Bush State Series 1 - Nerrina South pointsOV Course 1
128926/1/2016Sprint Canberra - ANU South pointsWomens Elite
128725/3/20162016 Australian 3-Days - Prologue pointsW20E
12833/4/20152015 Easter 3 Days, Elite Prologue pointsW17-20E
128326/3/2016Easter Day 1 - Isaacs Ridge pointsW20E
128323/5/20152015 ACT Middle Distance Championships pointsW20E
128328/3/2016Easter Day 3 - Foxlow Flats pointsW20E
128212/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 Bundoora - NOL and General Entry pointsW20E
127626/1/2016Sprint Canberra - ANU North pointsWomens Elite
127612/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 Parkville - WRE/NOL and General Entry pointsW20E
127624/1/2016Sprint Canberra - Radford College pointsWomens Elite
12703/1/2015Oceania Sprint Championships pointsW20A
126713/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 Geelong - NOL and General Entry pointsW20E
12672/10/2016AusChamps - Event 11 - Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsW-20E
12663/10/20152015 Australian Long Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 15 - Creswick pointsW17-20E
12621/10/2016AusChamps - Event 10 - Australian Long Distance Championships pointsW-20E
126023/1/2016Sprint Canberra - Institute of Tech. pointsWomens Elite
12595/4/2018Bay of Fires day 1 - Golden Fleece pointsW21A
125114/1/2017EVOC Summer Cup - Rajah Rock, Avoca - Middle pointsLD
125128/5/2016NOL Round 4, Race 11, St Helens, Tasmania pointsW20E
12511/11/2015Geilston Bay - Southern Sunday local pointsLong
12487/4/2018Bay of Fires day 3 - Littlechild Creek pointsW21A
12466/4/2018Bay of Fires day 2 - Golden Fleece pointsW21A
123510/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 pointsW21E
123510/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Transit Flat pointsM Open AS
122925/1/2018AIS Sprint pointsOpen
122811/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4 pointsW21E
122831/3/2018NOL Easter 2018 Day 1 - Lovelybanks E pointsW21E
122827/1/2018Sprint Orana pointsOpen
122615/1/2017EVOC Summer Cup - Stephensdale - Long pointsSD
122211/1/2017Peter Murrell Reserve, Kingston - Southern Summer Series #1 pointsLong
122110/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 pointsW21E
12212/4/2018NOL Easter 2018 Day 3 pointsW21E
121411/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 pointsW21E
121415/11/2015Coningham - Southern Sunday local pointsHard
121428/9/2015Run For Hannah (Public Sprint Race Mt Helen Campus) pointsWomens Hard
121413/1/2018Springvale pointsWomen Long
121111/1/2018Tolosa Park pointsWomen Long
120830/9/2017Australian Champs 2017 pointsWomen 21 Elite
120619/5/2018NOL 9 & Vic Middle Champs - Yorkshire Hill pointsW21E
12061/4/2018NOL Easter 2018 Day 2 - Lovelybanks E pointsW21E
12049/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Chiron pointsM Open AS
12039/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Chiron pointsM Open AS
120126/1/2018Sprint Canberra Uni pointsOpen
119912/1/2018Bellerive Fort pointsWomen Long
119714/11/2018Waterworks pointsWomen LONG
11927/11/2018Queens Domain pointsWomen LONG
119021/10/2018Lieemunetta - Southern Sunday Local #11 pointsHard Long
119031/10/2018Peter Murrell Reserve pointsWomen LONG
118926/4/2015Stringy Bark Gully Cambridge pointsLong
118811/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Golden Fleece pointsM Open AS
118314/1/2015Hobart Shorts - Event 3 - Seven Mile Beach pointsW17-20
118320/5/2018NOL 10 & Victorian Autumn Series 4 - Tipperary pointsW21E
117921/11/2018Risdon Brook Dam pointsWomen LONG
117728/11/2018Hobart College pointsWomen LONG
117422/6/2019The Domain - Hobart Saturday Series #5 pointsLong
117328/1/2018Sprint ANU pointsOpen
117225/11/2018Taroona pointsXmas Tree
11538/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 pointsW21E
115222/11/2017Bellerive Fort pointsCC WOMEN LONG
115126/1/2018Sprint Bruce Ridgey Didge pointsOpen
113921/1/2018Weymouth pointsLong
113615/1/2015Hobart Shorts - Event 5 - Risdon Brook Dam Reserve pointsW17-20
11207/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 + WRE pointsW21E
11187/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 pointsW21E
111618/10/2015Redbanks - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
11128/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4 pointsW21E
105414/1/2015Hobart Shorts - Event 2 - Hobart College, Mt Nelson pointsW17-20
10231/2/2017Knocklofty Reserve, West Hobart - Southern Summer Series #4 pointsMedium
9569/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 5 pointsW21E
95526/9/2016AusChamps - Event 4 - Public Sprint pointsSnr Grls(Hard)
88415/1/2015Hobart Shorts - Event 4 - Salamanca Place, Hobart pointsW17-20