Michael Dowling (Wellington Ranges Orienteering Club) 6725
Points Date Event Class
11427/3/2021St Helens pointsCourse 3 M
11272/5/2021Stag's Head pointsCourse 3 M
11266/3/2021St Helens pointsShort
111121/3/2021Randall's Bay - Southern Local #2 pointsLong
111023/5/2021Royal George pointsCourse 4 M
110929/8/2021Calverts Beach - Southern Local #9 pointsMedium
10961/8/2021Waverley Park - Southern Local #7 pointsMedium
10938/11/2020Stringy Bark Gully - Southern Local #10 pointsLong
10898/8/2021Russell Plains pointsCourse 3 M
108825/7/2021Pittwater pointsCourse 4 M
106511/9/2021Kelvedon pointsM60
105910/2/2021Lambert Park pointsMen MEDIUM
10575/9/2021Risdon Brook - Southern Local #10 pointsMedium
105526/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsM60A
10536/12/2020Howrah pointsLong
102625/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsMMed