Mikaela Gray (Ugly Gully Orienteers) 7505
Points Date Event Class
128619/2/2022Park O #6 pointsWKO F1
126131/12/20212021 Xmas 5 Days Day 5 pointsWomen B
12602/4/20222022 Wildfire Autumn Classics; NOL 4 pointsW20E
126024/4/2022NOL - GC Knockout PM Race Results pointsWEF1
125527/11/2021Cyclones Sprint pointsWF
125024/4/2022NOL - GC Knockout AM Race Results pointsWEHEAT4
124713/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 pointsW20E
123424/4/2022NOL - GC Knockout PM Race Results pointsWESF1
12333/4/20222022 Wildfire Autumn Classics; NOL 5 pointsW20E
123324/9/2022Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsWomen 20 Elite
123225/9/2022Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsWomen 20 Elite
123112/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 - WRE pointsW20E
122627/3/2022OY1 Cyclones Sprint pointsHard 1
122523/4/2022NOL WRE Sprint Final and Public Sprint (OQ pointsWomen Elite A F
122528/5/2022Victorian Middle Championships 2021 - Little Kangaroo Crossing pointsW17-20A
122528/12/20212021 Xmas 5 Days Day 2 pointsWomen B
122329/12/20212021 Xmas 5 Days Day 3 pointsWomen B
122323/4/2022NOL - Sprint Qualifier and Public Sprint pointsWomen Elite
122027/9/2022Goldfields 3-Day, Day 2 - Mt Alexander pointsWomen B Hard
121715/4/2022Easter NOL Prologue and Public Bush Sprint pointsW20E
121430/9/2022Australian Sprint Championships pointsWomen 20 Elite
120212/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 pointsW20E
12017/4/2022Redbank Rifle Range, Goodna pointsLong
119929/5/2022Victorian Long Championships 2022 - Kangaroo Crossing pointsW20A
119816/4/2022Easter 3 Days pointsW20E
11971/10/2022Australian Long Distance Championships - Nuggety Range pointsWomen 20 Elite
119724/9/2022Orienteering Grand Prix - Daylesford pointsWomen 20 Elite
119527/12/20212021 Xmas 5 Days Day 1 pointsWomen B
119414/5/2022EODS - Chermside Hills - BCC pointsHard Long - 6km
119430/12/20212021 Xmas 5 Days Day 4 pointsWomen B
119027/8/2022QLD Long Champs (OY10, 11) pointsW21A
117620/3/2022McAdam's pointsHard 2 - 4.9km
116712/6/2022OY8 Nerang National Park pointsHard 2
114727/11/2021Cyclones Sprint pointsWSF
11304/12/2021Cyclones Sprint - Mt Gravatt SHS pointsLong
113027/11/2021Cyclones Sprint pointsWQF
99919/2/2022Park O #6 pointsMKO H2
83314/3/2022Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 5 pointsW20E