Ian Rathbone (Wellington Ranges Orienteering Club) 6560
Points Date Event Class
133110/4/2009Australian Easter 3 Day Championships pointsM55-
13249/3/2009East Coast 3 Day - Day 2 Littlechild Ck pointsCourse 4
131928/9/2012Australian Sprint Championships pointsM60, km, 21 co
130929/9/2012Australian Long Distance Championships pointsM60
129124/8/2014Stephensdale West Tamar - Northern Classic points4
128321/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 3, Clandulla pointsM60A
12824/5/2014Bluff River near Buckland TOS 4 pointsCourse 4
127819/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 1, Clandulla pointsM60A
127027/9/2014WA Long Distance Championships pointsM60A
125911/1/2015Oceania Long Distance Championships pointsM60A
12481/10/2014Kocky's Overture pointsM-H5
124628/9/20132013 Australian Sprint Distance Championships pointsM60A
124625/5/2014Windfalls Avoca TOS 5 pointsCourse 4
124520/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 2, Clandulla pointsM60A
12436/1/2015Oceania Middle Distance Championships pointsM60A
124129/9/20132013 Australian Long Distance Championships pointsM60A
122716/5/2015Risdon Brook Reserve pointsLong
122123/9/2012Tasmanian Long Distance Championships pointsM60
121929/9/2014Australian Sprint Championships (WRE) pointsM60A
12195/7/2015Peter Murrell Reserve Kingston - Southern Sunday Local pointsMedium
121922/9/2012Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsM60
121928/6/2015Royal George - OST 7 pointsM60
121415/11/2015Coningham - Southern Sunday local pointsModerate
12142/8/2015Waterworks Reserve - Southern Sunday Local pointsMedium
121419/4/2015Stags Head Jericho - OST 4 pointsM60
121429/5/2016Transit Flat, St Helens - Long Distance - OST6 pointsM60
121222/3/2015Sandstone Valleys - Melton Mowbray - OST 3 pointsM60
120730/5/2015Hobart College, Mt Nelson - Southern Saturday Afternoon 4 pointsMedium
12063/7/2016Risdon Brook - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
12061/11/2015Geilston Bay - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
120126/7/2015Glen Stuart Evandale - Northern Classic - Badge & OST 8 pointsCourse 4
120128/3/2016Easter Day 3 - Foxlow Flats pointsM60A
11993/10/20152015 Australian Long Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 15 - Creswick pointsM60A
119714/5/2016Waverley Park - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 4 pointsMedium
11979/5/2015University of Tasmania - Southern Saturday Afternoon 1 pointsMedium
119715/1/2017EVOC Summer Cup - Stephensdale - Long pointsSD
11955/10/20132013 Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsM60A
119527/3/2016Easter Day 2 - Murdering Shed pointsM60A
11931/5/2016Springvale, Campania - OST 4 pointsM60
11932/4/2017Clarence Marshes - OST 3 pointsM65
119223/5/2015Bellerive Waterfront - Southern Saturday Afternoon 3 pointsMedium
118527/9/20152015 Australian Middle Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 13 - Creswick pointsM60A
118312/3/2016East Coast 3 Days pointsM60
118313/3/2016East Coast 3 Days - Day 2 Littlechild Creek - Results pointsM60
118312/3/2016East Coast 3 Days - Day 1 Bicheno - Results pointsM60
118320/6/2015Natone Hill, Geilston Bay - Southern Saturday Afternoon 6 pointsMedium
118321/5/2016Montagu Bay - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 5 pointsMedium
11837/1/2015Oceania Carnival Public Race 3 pointsM60A
118315/3/2017Waterworks pointsCC MEN MEDIUM
118212/3/2017Pittwater pointsM65
117728/8/2016Pittwater - Southern Regional Championships - badge event - OST 12 pointsM60
117623/8/2015Wild Dog Creek Buckland - OST10 pointsM60
117626/4/2015Stringy Bark Gully Cambridge pointsMedium
117529/3/2017Mt Nelson pointsMen M
117522/2/2017Taroona pointsCC MEN MEDIUM
117326/2/2017String Bark Gully pointsMedium
11734/6/2016Natone Hill - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 6 pointsMedium
11738/3/2017The Domain pointsCC MEN MEDIUM
116922/11/2015Santa's Sensational Sand, Sun and Surf Soiree pointsStar
11691/2/2017Knocklofty Reserve, West Hobart - Southern Summer Series #4 pointsMedium
11679/4/2017Seven Mile Beach pointsMen Medium
11661/3/2017Wentworth Park pointsCC MEN MEDIUM
116415/2/2017Lambert Gully & Hutchins pointsCC MEN MEDIUM
116430/10/2016Geilston Bay - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
116416/10/2016Five Mile Beach Southern Sunday Local pointsMedium Course
116419/7/2015Risdon Brook Reserve - Southern Sunday Local pointsLong
115812/6/2016Romaine Park, Burnie - Sprint 2 pointsMedium
11588/2/2017Waverley Park pointsMedium
115611/9/2016Coles Bay - Tasmanian Long Championship - Badge Event OST 13 pointsM60
11544/9/2016Redbanks - Nugent - Southern Sunday Local pointsMedium
115311/1/2017Peter Murrell Reserve, Kingston - Southern Summer Series #1 pointsMedium
115313/6/2016Stephensdale, Riverside - Long Distance - OST 8 pointsM60
115216/4/2016Battery Point - Southern Saturday Afternoon Series 1 pointsMedium
115112/8/2017Shorewell Park pointsM65
115121/10/2018Lieemunetta - Southern Sunday Local #11 pointsHard Middle
114926/9/20152015 Victorian Middle Distance Championships & NOL 12 - Creswick pointsM60A
114613/8/2017Glen Stuart pointsM65
11462/10/20152015 Australian Sprint Championships - WRE & NOL 14 - Ballarat pointsM60A
114327/5/2017Ridgeway pointsMedium
11426/8/2017Calverts Beach - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
113928/9/2014Australian Middle Distance Championships (WRE) pointsM60A
113911/3/2017Pittwater pointsM65
113820/8/2017Waterworks - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
113812/6/2016Shorewell Park, Burnie - Sprint 1 pointsMedium Course
113811/6/2016Don Reserve, Devonport - Long Distance - OST 7 pointsM60
113814/1/2017EVOC Summer Cup - Rajah Rock, Avoca - Middle pointsSD
113722/11/2017Bellerive Fort pointsCC MEN MEDIUM
113725/1/2017Stringy Bark Gully - Southern Summer Series #3 pointsMedium
11353/5/2015Springvale Campania - OST 5 pointsM60
113424/6/2018Tolosa Park pointsMedium
113413/5/2017Knocklofty North pointsMedium
11329/3/2015East Coast 3 Day - Day 3 - OST 2 - Transit Flat pointsM60
113213/3/2017Pittwater Bush Sprint pointsM65
11309/9/2018Geilston Gully pointsMedium
112815/11/2017Lambert Gully pointsCC MEN MEDIUM
11289/6/2018Calverts Beach pointsM65
112820/5/2018Bluff River pointsM65
11268/7/2017Edward St Glebe pointsMedium
112615/7/2018Risdon Brook Dam - Southern Sunday #4 pointsMedium
112431/10/2018Peter Murrell Reserve pointsMen MEDIUM
11238/7/2018Ridgeway - Southern Sunday #3 pointsMedium
112310/4/2016Rokeby Hills - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
112317/9/2017Coningham - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
11225/8/2018Coningham - - Southern Sunday Local #6 pointsMedium
112226/3/2016Easter Day 1 - Isaacs Ridge pointsM60A
111827/2/2019Kangaroo Bay pointsMen MEDIUM
11171/4/2018Easter 2018 Day 2 - Lovelybanks W pointsM65A
111728/2/2018Taroona - Southern Twilight Series #3 pointsCC MEN MEDIUM
111612/8/2018Uplands pointsM65
111512/11/2017Geilston Gully - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
111514/11/2018Waterworks pointsMen MEDIUM
11142/6/2018Peter Murrell Reserve from Huntingfield Pony Club pointsMedium
111028/11/2018Hobart College pointsMen MEDIUM
111024/10/2018Sandown Park pointsMEN MEDIUM
110923/9/2018Springvale pointsMedium
11089/3/2020East Coast 3 Days pointsM65
110620/2/2019Taroona pointsMen MEDIUM
110629/7/2018Stringy Bark Gully pointsMedium
110324/2/2019Sandridge Pines pointsMedium
110131/3/2019Calverts Beach - Hobart Local Series #2 pointsMedium
110010/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Transit Flat pointsM65
110011/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Golden Fleece pointsM65
11003/4/2019Knocklofty pointsMen MEDIUM
110021/11/2018Risdon Brook Dam pointsMen MEDIUM
110011/6/2018St Virgils College pointsMedium
109913/2/2019Lambert Park pointsMen MEDIUM
10972/4/2018Easter 2018 Day 3 - Curryjong Rivulet pointsM65A
10966/4/2018Bay of Fires day 2 - Golden Fleece pointsM65A
109430/7/2017Mt Nelson pointsMedium Leg 2
10926/3/2019Goulburn St PS pointsMen MEDIUM
108714/4/2019Waverley Park - Hobart Local Series #3 pointsMedium
10868/3/2020East Coast 3 Days pointsM65
10861/7/2018Johnny Macs - Buckland - OST 10 pointsM65
108519/1/2019St Pauls pointsMiddle
108013/3/2019Mt Nelson pointsMen MEDIUM
107824/11/2019Knocklofty North - Hobart Local #12 pointsMedium
107115/10/2017Kellevie - Southern Sunday local pointsMedium
106822/3/2020Coningham - Southern Local #2 pointsMedium
106421/7/2019Stringy Bark pointsMedium
10646/11/2019Waterworks Reserve pointsMen MEDIUM
106425/11/2018Taroona pointsXmas Tree
10649/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Chiron pointsM65
10649/3/2019East Coast 3 Days - Chiron pointsM65
10647/7/2019Peter Murrell Nature Reserve pointsMedium
106130/3/2018Easter Sandy Bay Sprint pointsM-Moderate
10617/11/2018Queens Domain pointsMen MEDIUM
106020/11/2019Natone Hill pointsMen MEDIUM
106018/8/2019Pilchers Hill Reserve pointsMedium
105727/4/2019Australian Middle Champs - Narrogin pointsM65A
10568/9/2019Curryjong Rivulet pointsMedium
105520/1/2019Rajah Rock pointsLong
105426/2/2020Waterworks pointsMen MEDIUM
105223/7/2017Johnny Mac - OST 8 pointsM65
105012/2/2020Lambert Park pointsMen MEDIUM
105014/9/2019Springvale Campania pointsM65
104923/2/2020Gorringes Beach (Mortimer Bay) pointsMedium
104127/3/2019Botanic Gardens pointsMen MEDIUM
103612/5/2019Lovelybanks East - OST 5 pointsM65
103619/2/2020Cenotaph pointsMen MEDIUM
102931/3/2018Easter 2018 Day 1 - Lovelybanks E pointsM65A
10273/11/2019Gorringe's Beach pointsMedium
102527/11/2019Tolosa Park pointsMen MEDIUM
10244/3/2020Knocklofty pointsMen MEDIUM
101430/10/2019Hobart College pointsMen MEDIUM
101227/10/2019Waterworks - Hobart Local #10 pointsMedium
101220/4/2019Australian 3 Days - Day 1 pointsM65A
10044/8/2019Rokeby Hills - Hobart Local Series #6 pointsMedium
9687/4/2018Bay of Fires day 3 - Littlechild Creek pointsM65A
96114/7/2019Wild Dog Creek pointsM65