Wendy Read (Ugly Gully Orienteers) 7016
Points Date Event Class
155121/9/2008Queensland Championships pointsW21E
155113/7/2008Bluestone Creek South pointsRed 2
154816/5/2009ACT Middle Distance Championships 2009 pointsW21A
153827/9/2008Australian Championships pointsW21E
152916/5/2009ACT Sprint Championships 2009 pointsW21A
152017/5/2009ACT Long Championships 2009 pointsW21A
147120/9/2008Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsW21E
147121/3/2009SILVA NOL Round 1 Sprint Keithcot Farm, SA pointsW21E
14436/7/2008Bettong pointsRed 2 285c
143216/5/2010NSW State League 5 (NOL13) - Miners Despair pointsW21E
14317/7/2008Bettong pointsRed 2 285c
14307/3/2010SILVA NOL Race 2 & Victorian State Series #1, Daylesford pointsW Open Elite
14209/4/2010ACT Sprint Championships 2010 pointsW21E
142029/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 3 pointsWomen A
14204/4/2010SILVA NOL Race 6 - Kowen Forest pointsW21E
14161/10/2010Australian Sprint Championships: Trinity College NOL Race 15 pointsW21E
141621/3/2009SILVA NOL Round 1 Middle Para Wirra SA pointsW21E
14161/10/2010Australian Sprint Championships: Trinity College pointsW21E
141510/4/2010ACT Championships Middle Distance pointsW21E
141313/6/2011Harding's Paddock pointsOrange
141323/4/2011Australian 3 Days pointsW21E
14132/10/2011Oceania Middle Championships pointsW45A
141225/9/2010Australian Middle Distance Championships: Lady Alice Goldfield NOL Race 13 pointsW21E
141230/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 4 pointsWomen A
139622/3/2009SILVA NOL Round 1 - Long and Badge Event - SA pointsW21E
13926/3/2010SILVA NOL Race 1, Chewton, Victoria, Mass Start Hagaby pointsW Open Elite
139118/4/2014Easter 3 Days Public Prologue, Rylstone Common pointsMedium
139121/5/2011Tasmanian Middle Distance Championships – WOC Trial pointsW21E 135 m 19 C
139127/7/2008Cotswold North pointsW21A
139110/3/2012SILVA NOL Race 1 - Sprint Distance pointsW Open Elite,
139110/8/2012NOL Round 4 - NT Sprint pointsW21E
139129/10/2011Riverhills pointsLong Orange
139119/11/2009Downey Park pointsMen Long 8C
139128/9/2010Australian Championship Carnival Public Race: Beat the Brats pointsH2-Senior
13913/4/2010SILVA NOL Race 5 - Gudgenby Homestead, ACT pointsW21E
139131/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 5 pointsWomen A
138812/5/2012SILVA NOL 11- Middle Trials pointsW45A
138822/6/2008Rainbow Forest pointsLong Orange
138825/9/2012Right Royal Runaround pointsWHard 2
138814/4/2012SILVA NOL Race 8 pointsW45A
138813/5/2012SILVA NOL Race 12- WOC Trials- Long WRE pointsW45A
138110/4/2011Brightview pointsRed 2
137927/10/2012Springfield Lakes Park-O #1 pointsLong
13792/10/2010Australian Long Distance Championships: Tanunda Creek NOL Race 16 pointsW21E
13798/10/2011Australian Long Distance pointsW45A
137927/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 1 pointsWomen A
137910/3/2012SILVA NOL Race 2 - Eureka Challenge Middle Distance pointsW Over45 A
137929/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Prologue pointsWomens Elite
137922/4/2011Australian 3 Days: Elite Prologue pointsW21E
136911/3/2012SILVA NOL Race 3- Eureka Challenge Long Distance pointsW Over45 A
136911/8/2013Queensland Long Distance Championships pointsW21A
136910/8/2013Queensland Middle Distance Championships pointsW21A
13695/11/2011UQ Ipswich pointsLong Orange
136117/3/2013Dalmoak OY2 pointsHard 2
13606/4/2012Australian 3 Day Championships pointsW45A
135928/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 2 pointsWomen A
135912/5/2012SILVA NOL Race 10- WOC Spr pointsW45A
135610/11/2012Anzac Park pointsLong
13561/10/2013Wild Deer Chase pointsHard1-Women
135625/2/2012Moore Park pointsOrange 1
13554/5/20132013 ACT Sprint Distance Championships pointsW45A
135510/3/2013NOL Event 2 - Long Race Belair points4F
13551/10/2011Oceania Long Championships pointsW45A
13559/3/2013NOL Sprint Final and SA Sprint Championships pointsW45A
135512/8/2012NOL Round 4 - NT Long Championships pointsW45-54
135517/3/2012Queensland Sprint Championships pointsW21A
13544/5/20132013 ACT Middle Distance Championships pointsW45A
135416/3/2013Toowoomba OY1 pointsHard 2
135426/6/2011Springfield pointsRed 2
135428/9/20132013 Australian Sprint Distance Championships pointsW45A
135428/9/2012Australian Sprint Championships pointsW45
135426/1/2014Sprint Canberra, Remembrance Park pointsWomen Open
13545/5/20132013 ACT Long Distance Championships pointsW45A
135330/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Day 1 pointsW45A
135326/5/2013Camel Farm pointsHard 2
135315/4/2012SILVA NOL Race 9 - Collins Ck pointsW45A
133921/5/2011UTAS Newnham Sprint – WOC Trial pointsW21E 24 C
133923/3/2013Queensland Sprint Championships pointsW21A
133923/9/2012Tasmanian Long Distance Championships pointsW45
13399/2/2013Cyclones Summer Series - Kelvin Grove pointsLong
133925/8/2013Collins Creek pointsHard 2
133817/5/2008Sun Coast Classic and SILVA NOL Event 11 (Middle) pointsCourse 2 115 m
133816/3/2014Woodlands pointsHard 2
133815/6/2008Flagstone West pointsRed 2
133514/9/2013Cascades pointsHard 2
133523/3/2014NOL/WRE & Vic Bush State Series 3 - Eldorado - Kangaroo Crossing pointsOV Course 3W
133527/1/2014Sprint Canberra, ANU pointsWomen Open
13335/10/20132013 Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsW45A
133229/9/20132013 Australian Long Distance Championships pointsW45A
133122/6/2014Paperbark Flats OY6/Badge pointsW45A
133122/2/2014Queensland Sprint Championships Day 1 pointsW45A
133114/1/2009Beryl Roberts Park pointsLong Course
133114/9/2014Teelah OY11 pointsW21A
132917/8/2014Lake Samsonvale pointsHard 2
132921/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 3, Clandulla pointsW45A
132413/9/2014Queensland Middle Distance Championships pointsW21A
132417/5/2015Queensland Middle Distance Championships pointsW21A
132420/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 2, Clandulla pointsW45A
131825/1/2014Sprint Canberra, CSIRO pointsWomen Open
131719/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 1, Clandulla pointsW45A
131520/9/2015Collins Creek pointsHard 2
131527/9/2014WA Long Distance Championships pointsW45A
13097/2/2015UQ St Lucia Sprint pointsLong
130922/3/2014NOL & Vic Bush State Series 2 - Yackandandah - Rowdy Flat pointsOV Course 3W
130626/10/2014Wivenhoe Lake pointsHard 2
13068/3/2015NSW State League #2 - NSW Sprint Champs, National O League & World Ranking Event - NSW Uni pointsW45A
13066/1/2015Oceania Middle Distance Championships pointsW45A
130526/9/20152015 Victorian Middle Distance Championships & NOL 12 - Creswick pointsW45A
130519/3/2011Yeronga Park pointsW21A
130416/11/2013Robelle Domain pointsLONG
130423/1/2016Sprint Canberra - Institute of Tech. pointsWomens Open
13038/11/2014Merri Merri Park pointsLong
13037/3/2015NSW State League #1 - incl National O League - Botany pointsW45A
129727/9/20152015 Australian Middle Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 13 - Creswick pointsW45A
128911/1/2015Oceania Long Distance Championships pointsW45A
128923/8/2014Queensland Championships Day 1 pointsW21A
12834/10/2014Australian Long Distance Championships (WRE) pointsW45A
12783/4/20152015 Easter 3 Days, Public Prologue pointsLong
127817/5/2008Sun Coast Classic and SILVA NOL Event 10 (Sprint) pointsCourse 2 85 m 1
127628/9/2015Run For Hannah (Public Sprint Race Mt Helen Campus) pointsWomens Hard
127410/5/2015Kholo Hills OY4 pointsH3
127422/5/2016Bluestone Creek - OY 5 pointsHard 2
127412/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 Bundoora - NOL and General Entry pointsW50
12706/2/2016Cyclones Sprint #1 UQ St Lucia pointsLong
12706/3/2016Dalmoak, via Stanthorpe - OY 1 pointsHard 3
12672/10/20152015 Australian Sprint Championships - WRE & NOL 14 - Ballarat pointsW45A
126712/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 Parkville - WRE/NOL and General Entry pointsW50
126713/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 Geelong - NOL and General Entry pointsW50
126726/6/20162016 Qld Sprint Champs (OY2) pointsW45A
126423/5/20152015 ACT Middle Distance Championships pointsW45A
126230/7/2016Kingaroy Klash pointsHard 1
125929/9/2015AusChamps Midweek Public Race 1 -The Case of the Missing Miner’s Right pointsWomen B Long
125926/1/2016Sprint Canberra - ANU South pointsWomens Open
125126/1/2016Sprint Canberra - ANU North pointsWomens Open
124812/9/2015Queensland Long Distance Championships - Day 1 pointsW45A
124517/4/2016Queensland Middle Distance Champs - Quinzeh Rocks pointsW45A
124513/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4 Geelong - NOL and General Entry pointsW50
12453/4/2016State League #3: NSW Long Distance Championships pointsW50A
123728/3/2016Easter Day 3 - Foxlow Flats pointsW50A
123613/2/2016Cyclones Sprint #2 QUT Kelvin Grove pointsLong
123426/3/2016Easter Day 1 - Isaacs Ridge pointsW50A
12332/10/2016AusChamps - Event 11 - Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsW50A
122924/9/2016AusChamps - Event 1 - Australian Sprint Championships pointsW50A
122523/9/2017Australian Sprint Champs 2017 - CSU pointsWomen 50A
122517/7/2016Fiona Calabro Memorial - Stockyard Creek pointsHard Long
122227/9/2017Bathurst 3 Days - All Saints pointsWomen B
122027/3/2016Easter Day 2 - Murdering Shed pointsW50A
122025/1/2016Sprint Canberra - Mt. Stromlo pointsWomens Open
121928/9/2017Bathurst 3 Days - Macquarie Woods pointsWomen B
121824/1/2016Sprint Canberra - Radford College pointsWomens Open
12185/3/2017Sheepstation Creek OY 1 pointsHard 3
121219/3/2017OQ AGM | Cyclones Sprint #5 | OY2 USQ Ipswich pointsHard 1
121224/9/2017Australian Middle Champs 2017 - Hill End pointsWomen 50A
121130/9/2017Australian Champs 2017 pointsWomen 50A
12056/10/2018Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsW50A
120122/7/2017Middle Distance Champs pointsW45A
120129/9/2018Australian Middle Champs - Crooked Straight pointsW50A
12011/10/2016AusChamps - Event 10 - Australian Long Distance Championships pointsW50A
11942/4/2017OY3 pointsW45A
119428/5/2017OY 4 Quinzeh Rocks pointsHard 3
119329/4/2018OY4 - Bush - Slickers pointsHard 3
119128/9/2014Australian Middle Distance Championships (WRE) pointsW45A
11841/10/2018Australian Sprint Champs - Renmark Schools pointsW50A
11839/9/2017Queensland Championships pointsW45A
118323/7/2017OY7 - Moioo Bay - Bush - Wivenhoe Area pointsHard 3
118028/9/2019Oceania Sprint - CSU Campus pointsWomen 50
117728/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Oakview pointsWomen B
11757/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 + WRE pointsW50
117326/3/20172017 ACT Middle Distance Championships 2017 National League 4 2017 ACT League 2 pointsW50A
116729/9/2014Australian Sprint Championships (WRE) pointsW45A
116331/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Kooringle pointsWomen B
11635/10/2019Oceania Long Champs - Kangaroo Crossing pointsWomen 50A
115827/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Armidale Pine pointsWomen B
11581/10/2019Riverina 3 Days Sprint - Kildare pointsWomen B
115330/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Pine Tree South pointsWomen B
115329/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Pine Tree North pointsWomen B
11531/3/2020OY1 Sprint & OQ AGM - UQ Gatton pointsHard 1
11527/10/2018AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsW50A
114926/5/2019OY4 QLD Sprint Champs Gatton pointsW45A
11493/3/2019OY1 - Sprint pointsHard 1-3.5km
11448/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 pointsW50
113929/9/2019Australian Long Champs - Split Rock pointsWomen 50A
113931/8/2019ACT Middle Distance Championships: ACT League #10 pointsW50A
11387/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 pointsW50
11358/3/2020Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4 pointsW21E
11346/10/2019Oceania Middle Champs - Beechworth Gorge pointsWomen 50A
11302/10/2019Riverina 3 Days - Connorton pointsWomen B
11119/2/2020Cyclones Sprint Series Race #1 Marist Ashgrove pointsLong
11107/12/2019Park-O #5 - BCC event, New Farm Park pointsLong
11053/10/2019Riverina 3 Days - Pomingalarna pointsWomen B
109515/2/2020Cyclones Sprint Series Race #2 Samford SS pointsLong
102825/3/20172017 ACT Sprint Distance Champs National League 3 Aust University Championships ACT League 1 pointsW50A