David Marshall (Australopers Orienteering Club) 7190
Points Date Event Class
122212/3/2022St Helens pointsLong
120426/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsM65A
119723/10/2021Springvale (Campania) - OST 5 pointsCourse 4 M
119316/4/2022Easter 3 Days pointsM70A
118729/5/2022Lovelybanks pointsCourse 4 M
118711/9/2021Kelvedon pointsM/W Open A
11857/8/2022Stags Head - OST 9 pointsCourse 4 M
118214/3/2022St Helens pointsCourse 4 M
117813/3/2022St Helens pointsCourse 4 M