Frank Tomas (Wallaringa Orienteering Club) 0
Points Date Event Class
13745/4/2010Australian 3-Days Day 3 - Collector hill pointsM65A
13693/4/2010Australian 3-Days Day 2 (Others) - Kowen Forest pointsM65A
136122/3/2009SILVA NOL Round 1 - Long and Badge Event - SA pointsM65A
135916/5/2010Mount Pleasant pointsCourse 3 Male
13534/7/2010Gumeracha Gold Fields points2M
13532/4/2010Australian 3-Days - All stages pointsM65A
135329/3/2009Belair National Park pointsCourse 3 Male
135313/9/2009SA Long Championships, Paradise pointsM65A
135321/3/2008Australian 3 Days pointsM65A
135221/3/2009SILVA NOL Round 1 Middle Para Wirra SA pointsM65A
133920/6/2010Keynes Gap pointsCourse 3 Male
133828/3/2010Ngaralta OY pointsM45+AS M55A M65
133813/6/2010Wilpena Spurs Badge Event, SA pointsM65A
133812/6/2011SA Long Championships Casuarina Ridge pointsM65A
13381/5/2011Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsM70A
13388/10/2011Australian Long Distance pointsM70A
133721/8/2011Mount Pleasant pointsCourse 3 Male
133725/9/2011Lady Alice Goldfield pointsM45+AS M55A M65
133721/6/2009Worlds End South Long Distance Badge pointsM65A
133717/4/2011Narrinyeri Hills pointsCourse 4 Male
13339/8/2009Kersbrook Glades pointsCourse 3 Male
133210/4/2011Mack Creek Badge Event pointsM65A
133230/4/2011Australian Sprint Championships pointsM70A
133126/6/2011Kersbrook Glades pointsCourse 3 Male
133122/4/2011Australian 3 Days: Public Prologue pointsMedium-Senior
133126/9/2010South Australian Long Distance Championships: Mack Creek NOL Race 14 pointsM65A
133120/6/2009Tothill Middle Distance pointsM65A
132619/8/2012Rock Oyster OY pointsM45+AS M55A M65
13212/10/2011Oceania Middle Championships pointsM70A
13211/10/2011Oceania Long Championships pointsM70A
132115/5/2011Kuitpo points3 Male
132123/5/2010Twigham OY pointsM65A
13213/4/2010Australian 3-Days Day-1 - Gudgenby Homestead, ACT pointsM65A
13192/10/2010Australian Long Distance Championships: Tanunda Creek NOL Race 16 pointsM65A
131912/9/2010Pewsey Vale OY pointsM45+AS M55A M65
13185/8/2012Marne Rocks pointsCourse 4 Male
13183/4/2010SILVA NOL Race 5 - Gudgenby Homestead, ACT pointsM65A
130930/8/2009SA Middle Distance Championships pointsM65A
13099/6/2008SA Middle Distance Championships, Mannawarra pointsM65
130629/5/2011SA Sprint Championships Keithcot Farm pointsM65
130523/7/2011Tothill Range pointsCourse 3 Male
13055/6/2011Pewsey Vale pointsCourse 3 Male
129717/3/2013Shepherds Hill pointsCourse 1 Male
12977/10/20112011 Oceania Sprint Distance Championships pointsM70A
129724/3/2013Lady Alice OY points4M. M45AS M55A
129722/2/2012Waite Sprint Event pointsMVS
129725/9/2010Australian Middle Distance Championships: Lady Alice Goldfield NOL Race 13 pointsM65A
12934/9/2011Barossa Range pointsM65A
129115/2/2012Adelaide University - SNAP Sprint Series 1 pointsCourse 2 MVS
129122/9/2013SA Middle Distance Champs - Moon Rocks pointsM65A
129123/4/2011Australian 3 Days pointsM70A
129114/3/2012Belair NP Sprint pointsMVS
129122/5/2010Meridee OY pointsM65A
129114/6/2010SA Middle Distance Championships, Rawnsley pointsM65A
12898/9/2013Barossa Range OY Event points4M. M45AS M55A
128918/8/2013Athelstone North pointsModerate course
128910/3/2013NOL Event 2 - Long Race Belair points5M
12897/3/2012Locheil Park Sprint pointsMVS
12781/9/2013Pymton OY points4M.incl. M45AS
127811/9/2011Flinders University pointsCourse 2 Male
127623/2/2013SNAP Sprint Series 3 - Karinya pointsMVL       
127430/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Day 1 pointsM70A
127430/3/2014Belair National Park points'Course 3, 80m'
127010/1/2014Craigburn Parks Summer Series pointsMedium Course
12701/3/2013Snap Sprint Series 4 Mawson Lakes pointsMVL       
127021/2/2014Belair Summer Series pointsMedium Course
126711/6/2012SA Middle Distance Championships pointsM65A
12679/3/2008Victorian Badge Event, Mt Beckworth, Long Distance pointsM65A
12607/12/2013Stoneyfell pointsLong
125929/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Prologue pointsMedium Open
125112/7/2014Tothill Range pointsCourse 3 Male
124613/4/2014Narrinyerri Hills OY pointsM65A
124531/8/2014Para Wirra OY pointsM65A
124518/5/2014Lady Alice Badge Event pointsM65A
12401/10/2010Australian Sprint Championships: Trinity College NOL Race 15 pointsM65A
124014/9/2008SA Long Distance Championships pointsM65A
12371/10/2010Australian Sprint Championships: Trinity College pointsM65A
123420/5/2012Lady Alice Goldfield Badge Event pointsM65A
123327/7/2008Twigham Badge Event (SA) pointsM65A
123313/12/2013Oakden Summer Series pointsMedium Course
122927/7/2014Mack Creek OY pointsM65A
12299/3/2013NOL Sprint Final and SA Sprint Championships pointsM65A-2
122727/9/2014WA Long Distance Championships pointsM70A
12193/10/20152015 Australian Long Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 15 - Creswick pointsM70A
121810/6/2012Manawarra Badge Event pointsM65A
121829/9/2014Australian Sprint Championships (WRE) pointsM70A
121413/7/2014Worlds End OY pointsM65A
121112/12/2014Springfield Twilight Series pointsMedium Course
119815/2/2013Snap Sprint Series - Magill pointsMen Veteran Lon
119526/3/2016Easter Day 1 - Isaacs Ridge pointsM75A
119427/9/20152015 Australian Middle Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 13 - Creswick pointsM70A
11762/10/20152015 Australian Sprint Championships - WRE & NOL 14 - Ballarat pointsM70A
117526/9/20152015 Victorian Middle Distance Championships & NOL 12 - Creswick pointsM70A
113928/3/2016Easter Day 3 - Foxlow Flats pointsM75A
112428/9/2015Run For Hannah (Public Sprint Race Mt Helen Campus) pointsMens Hard
111612/6/20172017 Australian 3 Days - Day 3 - Charles Sturt pointsMen 75A
110027/3/2016Easter Day 2 - Murdering Shed pointsM75A
107011/6/20172017 Australian 3 Days - Day 2 - Burngoogee pointsMen 75A
10661/10/2018Australian Sprint Champs - Renmark Schools pointsM75A
104429/9/2018Australian Middle Champs - Crooked Straight pointsM75A
10427/10/2018AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsM75A
10396/10/2018Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsM75A
10374/10/2014Australian Long Distance Championships (WRE) pointsM70A
10367/10/2014Sprint the South West pointsShort
98614/7/2019Event 3 : Rock Oyster North Day 2 Long Distance Event & SST pointsCourse 4 Male
92830/6/2019Kuitpo - Airstrip pointsCourse 4 Male
92223/6/2019Para Wirra Conservation Park pointsCourse 4 Male
8283/3/2019SA Sprint Championships pointsM75A
81622/2/2019Snap Sprint Series Race 4 pointsM Vet Short
6491/3/2020SA Sprint Championships - Waite pointsM75A