Ted Van Geldermalsen (Yarra Valley Orienteering Club) 7376
Points Date Event Class
200621/3/2008Australian 3 Days pointsM50A
159419/10/2008Victorian Championships - Long Distance pointsM50A
15618/3/2009Victorian State League #1 pointsM45-54A
155510/4/2009Australian Easter 3 Day Championships pointsM55-
154218/4/2010Victorian State Series #2 - Porcupine Ridge pointsM Over55 A
15389/4/2010ACT Sprint Championships 2010 pointsM55A
152029/8/2009NSW Middle Distance Championships (SL9) pointsM55A
149311/3/2012SILVA NOL Race 3- Eureka Challenge Long Distance pointsM Over55 A
149311/4/2010ACT Championships Long Distance pointsM55A
147126/9/2010South Australian Long Distance Championships: Mack Creek NOL Race 14 pointsM55A
147020/3/2011Eureka Challenge & Vic State Series #1 pointsM Over55 A
14701/10/2010Australian Sprint Championships: Trinity College NOL Race 15 pointsM55A
14701/10/2010Australian Sprint Championships: Trinity College pointsM55A
147028/9/2010Australian Championship Carnival Public Race: Beat the Brats pointsH1-Senior
147018/9/2011Victorian State Series #8 - Belltopper Hill pointsM55A
147025/9/2010Australian Middle Distance Championships: Lady Alice Goldfield NOL Race 13 pointsM55A
147011/7/2010Winter Classic, Victorian Badge & State Series #6, Jim Crow pointsM55A
14672/10/2010Australian Long Distance Championships: Tanunda Creek NOL Race 16 pointsM55A
144310/4/2010ACT Championships Middle Distance pointsM55A
14319/10/2010Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsM55A
143114/5/2011Winter Classic Middle Distance pointsC2
143013/6/2010Victorian Badge, State Series #4, Choke 'em Gully pointsM Over55 A
143010/10/2010Victorian Long Distance Championships pointsM55A
142020/5/2012Victorian State Series #4 Irishtown pointsM Over55 A
142017/4/2011State Series 2 Chewton pointsM Over55 A
142014/6/2010Victorian Championships, Sprint Distance pointsM Over55 A
142010/3/2012SILVA NOL Race 2 - Eureka Challenge Middle Distance pointsM Over55 A
14166/4/2012Australian 3 Day Championships pointsM55A
14168/10/2011Australian Long Distance pointsM55A
141616/9/20122012 Victorian Championships Long Distance pointsM55A
141531/12/20122012 Xmas 5-Days, Day 5 pointsMen C
141323/9/2012Tasmanian Long Distance Championships pointsM55
141322/9/2012Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsM55
141312/6/2011Victorian State Series & Badge - Lauder Mine pointsM Over55 A
139625/9/2012Right Royal Runaround pointsMHard 1
139629/9/2012Australian Long Distance Championships pointsM55
139115/9/20122012 Victorian Championships Middle Distance pointsM55A
139130/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Day 1 pointsM55A
139128/12/20122012 Xmas 5 Days, Day 2 pointsMen C
13917/10/20112011 Oceania Sprint Distance Championships pointsM55A
138810/5/2009Victorian State League #3, South German Track pointsM45-54A
137929/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Prologue pointsLong Open
137930/12/20122012 Xmas 5-Days, Day 4 pointsMen C
137928/9/2012Australian Sprint Championships pointsM55
137429/12/20122012 Xmas 5 Days, Day 3 pointsMen C
135431/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days - day 2 pointsM55A
127310/9/20172017 MelBushO 7 Banksia Park, Bulleen points1 - Long Hard
126720/8/20172017 MelBushO 6 Woodlands, Greenvale points1 - Long Hard
12664/3/2018Heathcote Hagaby pointsCourse 1
12669/9/2017Bendigo Bush Classic 18 points1
12663/9/20172017 Vic State Series 7 (long) pointsOV Course M2
12622/9/2017Bendigo Rocks 3 - Mt Tarrengower points2
126230/12/2017Xmas Day 4 - Snows Hill pointsMen B
126017/2/2018BendiGo ToDay pointsA 3km and 10km
125929/12/2017Xmas Day 3 - Baronga Creek pointsMen B
125928/12/2017Xmas Day 2 - Canyonleigh pointsMen B
125728/9/2017Bathurst 3 Days - Macquarie Woods pointsMen C
125331/12/2017Xmas Day 5 - Belanglo pointsMen B
125326/1/2018Sprint Canberra Uni pointsOpen
124930/9/2017Australian Champs 2017 pointsMen 60A
124823/6/2018Bendigo Rocks 2 - Kooyoora Gullies points1
12459/6/2018Victorian Autumn Series 5 - Kookaburra Rises pointsOV Course M5
124526/1/2018Sprint Bruce Ridgey Didge pointsOpen
124527/9/2017Bathurst 3 Days - All Saints pointsMen C
124527/1/2018Sprint Orana pointsOpen
124423/9/2018Eureka Winter/Spring Bush Series 5 pointsLong Hard
12419/9/2018Eureka Winter Bush Series 4 - Enfield pointsLong Hard
12416/10/2018Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsM60A
123930/6/2018Bendigo Bush Classic 8 - Lyell Forest points1
123922/7/2018Grand Tour of Bendigo Urban Mining points1
123925/1/2018AIS Sprint pointsOpen
123716/9/20172017 Vic Championships (middle) - Petticoat Gully pointsM60A
12371/6/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 5 - Smiths Reef points1
123524/9/2017Australian Middle Champs 2017 - Hill End pointsMen 60A
123426/5/2019Vic Autumn Series 5 - Irishtown, Vaughan points1 M
12331/10/2018Australian Sprint Champs - Renmark Schools pointsM60A
12338/9/2018Bendigo Rocks 3 - Mt Tarrengower points1
12339/3/2019Latrobe University Sprint pointsLong Hard
123216/2/2019BendiGo ToDay pointsA 3.2 km and 10
123125/5/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 4 points1
123010/6/2019Pure Gold! Creswick Diggings 3-Day pointsCourse 1 Long H
122924/2/2019VicAutumn 1 - Bunjil points1 M
122916/9/2018Victorian Long Championships - Evenmoore pointsM60A
12281/7/2018MelBushO 5 - Westerfolds-Candlebark Park points1 - Long Hard
122727/12/2017Xmas Day 1 - Chevalier College Sprint pointsMen B
122610/3/2019Vic Autumn Series #2 - Petticoat Gully points1 M
12252/9/2018Victorian Spring Series 3 - Boundary Creek pointsOV Course M3
122319/5/2018NOL 9 & Vic Middle Champs - Yorkshire Hill pointsM60A
12237/10/2018AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsM60A
12232/6/2019MelBushO 3 - Brimbank Park, Keilor points1 - Long Hard
12218/6/2019Pure Gold! Creswick Diggings 3-Day points1 M
121929/9/2018Australian Middle Champs - Crooked Straight pointsM60A
121926/9/2017Bathurst 3 Days - Roseburg SF pointsMen C
121915/7/2018MelBushO 6 - Woodlands Historic Park points1 - Long Hard
121826/5/2018Bendigo Bush Classic 5 points2
121826/11/2017Victorian Sprint Championships pointsM60
121824/11/2019Macedon Ranges Sprint O pointsHard
12187/7/2018Bendigo Bush Classic 9 - Upper Crusoe points1
121623/9/2017Australian Sprint Champs 2017 - CSU pointsMen 60A
121624/3/2019Vic Autumn Series 3 - Nerrina, Ballarat points1 M
12154/10/2018Heaps Good - Mt Crawford pointsMB
121428/1/2018Sprint ANU pointsOpen
121411/5/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 3 - Mt Korong points1
12099/6/2019Pure Gold! Creswick Diggings 3-Day pointsM65A
120613/10/2019Melbourne City Race 2019, Docklands pointsMen 1 - Long Ha
120614/7/2018Bendigo Bush Classic 10 - Sedgwick North points1
120522/6/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 7 - Mount Kooyoora points1
12043/10/2019Riverina 3 Days - Pomingalarna pointsMen B
120429/9/2019Australian Long Champs - Split Rock pointsMen 65A
120420/5/2018NOL 10 & Victorian Autumn Series 4 - Tipperary pointsOV Course M3
120210/11/2019Macedon Ranges Sprint O pointsHard
120131/8/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 15 points2
120018/5/2019NSW Middle Championships - Wyangala pointsM65A
120029/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Pine Tree North pointsMen B
119931/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Kooringle pointsMen B
119815/3/2020Vic Autumn 1 - Borhoney Ghurk points1 M
119727/10/2019Macedon Ranges Sprint O pointsHard
119630/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Pine Tree South pointsMen B
119427/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Armidale Pine pointsMen B
119425/11/2018Victorian Orienteering Championships pointsM60A
11943/10/2018Heaps Good - Wirra Wirra pointsMB
119421/4/2018Bendigo Rocks 1 - Korong Spur points2
11935/10/2019Oceania Long Champs - Kangaroo Crossing pointsMen 65A
119128/12/2019Xmas 5 Days - Oakview pointsMen B
118517/11/2019Victorian Sprint Distance Championships pointsM65A
118430/11/2019Ruffey Lake Park Sprint pointsLong
118425/8/2019MelBushO 7 - Cardinia Reservoir points1 - Long Hard
11802/10/2019Riverina 3 Days - Connorton pointsMen B
11732/10/2018Heaps Good Sprint pointsMB
117019/1/2020Monash Uni Indoor / Outdoor Sprint pointsLong Hard
11666/10/2019Oceania Middle Champs - Beechworth Gorge pointsMen 65A
115030/6/2019Indoor-Outdoor Double Sprint Monash Clayton pointsMen 1 - Long Ha
114228/9/2019Oceania Sprint - CSU Campus pointsMen 65
105615/4/2018Victorian Autumn Series 2 - Mt Lofty pointsOV Course M6