Alvin Craig (Newcastle Orienteering Club) 7952
Points Date Event Class
13594/12/2022Newcastle Club Presentations & Park Event (Jesmond) pointsLong 2.5 km
13297/1/2023Oceania Championships Sprint pointsM20A
132611/1/2023Oceania Championships Middle pointsM20A
132131/12/20222022 Xmas 5 Days - Blue Mountains Grammar pointsMen A
131728/12/20222022 Xmas 5 Days - Mt Piper pointsMen A
131313/8/2023NOY7 - Ryhope pointsHard Long
130827/12/20222022 Xmas 5 Days - Falnash pointsMen A
13089/1/2023Oceania Championships Long pointsM20A
130430/12/20222022 Xmas 5 Days - Gardens of Stone pointsMen A
130229/7/2023Newcastle Shorts Weekend (ALL) pointsBoardies Men
130024/9/2023NOY 8 Results by Course pointsHard Long
130029/12/20222022 Xmas 5 Days - Baal Bone Junction pointsMen A
129924/9/20232023 NOY8 / Hunter Valley Champs pointsOpen-A (HL)
129610/6/20232023 KB3 and NSW State Leagues 7 pointsM20A
129520/5/20232023 NSW State League #5 - Middle distance pointsM20A
129419/8/2023ACT Middle Distance Championships: ACT League #5 pointsM20A
129310/9/2023NSW Champs Long - Breakfast Creek pointsM20A
128320/8/2023ACT Long Distance Championships 2023 pointsM20A
127419/11/2023Newcastle Bush Season Presentation points2.3 km Mass Sta