Rani Brennan (Range Runners Orienteering Club) 6818
Points Date Event Class
12851/2/2015Queen's Park pointsMedium
12009/2/2020USQ, Toowoomba pointsShort 1.8km
119729/9/2018Australian Middle Champs - Crooked Straight pointsW16A
118330/3/2018Easter Sandy Bay Sprint pointsW-Hard2
117721/8/2016HARLIN -OY6 pointsHard 3
11761/10/2018Australian Sprint Champs - Renmark Schools pointsW16A
11753/9/2016Sprint Training Saturday on the Gold Coast pointsLong
116423/9/2017Australian Sprint Champs 2017 - CSU pointsWomen 14A
11627/4/2018Bay of Fires day 3 - Littlechild Creek pointsW16A
11581/5/2017Perseverance Dam pointsHard 2
115611/9/2016Parkinson Reserve - OY8 pointsHard 4
115628/8/2016Interschool Sprint Challenge pointsJunior Boys/Gir
11569/4/2017Passchendale, north west of Stanthorpe pointsHard 3
11556/10/2018Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsW16A
114926/5/2019OY4 QLD Sprint Champs Gatton pointsW16A
11488/9/2018OY10 - Wilmot's Waterholes pointsW16A
113926/2/2017Concordia (Toowoomba) Ultrasprint and UMC Session 1 pointsUltrasprint 1
113830/7/2017Qld School Champs pointsJun Girls Chmp
113631/3/2019Toowoomba East State School and UMC coaching pointsLong
113510/7/2016Brightview pointsHard 4
11316/4/2018Bay of Fires day 2 - Golden Fleece pointsW16A
11261/4/2018Easter 2018 Day 2 - Lovelybanks W pointsW16A
112630/7/2016Qld Schools Championships - Sprint pointsJunior Girls
11236/10/2019Oceania Middle Champs - Beechworth Gorge pointsWomen 16A
112029/7/2017Qld School Champs - Sprint - Petrie pointsJunior Girls
11134/3/2018OY1 - Sprint USQ Toowoomba & OQ AGM pointsHard 2-3.1km
111126/8/2018Interschool Sprint Challenge pointsJunior Girls
111028/9/2019Oceania Sprint - CSU Campus pointsWomen 16
11057/10/2018AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsW16A
110514/7/2019Amiens, west of Stanthorpe pointsHard 2 - 4.7km
11055/10/2019Oceania Long Champs - Kangaroo Crossing pointsWomen 16A
110529/7/2018Qld Schools Orienteering Champs Individual Long pointsJun Girls Chmp
11034/11/2018St Mary's, Toowoomba pointsHard 3.1km
11031/10/2016AusChamps - Event 10 - Australian Long Distance Championships pointsW14A
110217/2/2019Toowoomba Grammar School pointsLong
11019/7/2017Bluestone South pointsModerate
110027/10/2019Toowoomba Anglican School, club breakup pointsLong
11002/10/2016AusChamps - Event 11 - Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsW14A
10998/5/2016OY4 - Kholo Hills pointsModerate 2
109928/7/2018Qld Schools Orienteering Champs Sprint pointsJunior Girls
10949/9/2017Queensland Championships pointsW14A
109326/6/20162016 Qld Sprint Champs (OY2) pointsW14A
109324/9/2016AusChamps - Event 1 - Australian Sprint Championships pointsW14A
10928/3/2020Toowoomba SHS pointsLong 2.5km
10925/4/2018Bay of Fires day 1 - Golden Fleece pointsW16A
10925/8/2018Bush - Platypus Rocks (Wivenhoe Dam) pointsHard 3
109031/3/2018Easter 2018 Day 1 - Lovelybanks E pointsW16A
109029/9/2019Australian Long Champs - Split Rock pointsWomen 16A
108925/8/2019OY9 pointsHard 3
10798/9/2013Picnic Point Change Project pointsmedium-scatter
107810/2/2019Picnic Point pointsLong 4.2km
107118/8/2019Harristown SS 50 Yrs of O pointsLong
106430/9/2017Australian Champs 2017 pointsWomen 14A
106224/9/2017Australian Middle Champs 2017 - Hill End pointsWomen 14A
10477/4/2017Warwick West State School pointsMini
94328/3/2016Easter Day 3 - Foxlow Flats pointsW14A
86527/3/2016Easter Day 2 - Murdering Shed pointsW14A