Kenneth McLean (Esk Valley Orienteering Club) 7395
Points Date Event Class
12432018-10-04Heaps Good - Mt Crawford pointsMA
12342018-10-03Heaps Good - Wirra Wirra pointsMA
12332018-10-31Heritage Forest points1
12312018-03-31Easter 2018 Day 1 - Lovelybanks E pointsM55A
12292018-10-06Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsM50A
12252018-08-19Reatta Rd (near archery) points1 Long
12232019-01-19St Pauls pointsLong
12222018-04-07Bay of Fires day 3 - Littlechild Creek pointsM35A
12162019-01-12Tiagarra South pointsLong
12042018-03-30Easter Sandy Bay Sprint pointsM-Hard1
12002019-02-09Pittwater am - Christoph Farewell Fiesta pointsM1
12002019-03-10East Coast 3 Days - Transit Flat pointsM21E
12002018-04-05Bay of Fires day 1 - Golden Fleece pointsM35A
11942018-04-01Easter 2018 Day 2 - Lovelybanks W pointsM55A
11932018-08-05Aquatic Point pointsCourse 1
11912019-01-20Rajah Rock pointsLong
11882018-04-06Bay of Fires day 2 - Golden Fleece pointsM35A
11882018-10-02Heaps Good Sprint pointsMA
11852019-02-09Pittwater am - Christoph Farewell Fiesta pointsM2
11812018-10-24'Roundhouse' pointsCourse 1
11802019-02-09Pittwater am - Christoph Farewell Fiesta pointsS1
11802018-10-07AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsM50A
11772019-01-13Weymouth - EVOC Summer Cup #3 - Sprint pointsLong
11692019-01-12Tiagarra East pointsLong
11632018-04-02Easter 2018 Day 3 - Curryjong Rivulet pointsM55A
11602019-02-27Prospect points1
11602019-01-17Brooks High School pointsLong
11582019-03-11East Coast 3 Days - Golden Fleece pointsM21E
11452018-10-17Kate Reed at Prospect High pointsCourse 1
11352018-09-29Australian Middle Champs - Crooked Straight pointsM50A
10552019-01-15Cataract Gorge Launceston pointsLong
10302019-01-16Scotch Oakburn College pointsLong
10182019-02-13Heritage Forest pointsCourse 1