Linda Burridge (Ugly Gully Orienteers) 2736
Points Date Event Class
99324/4/2022NOL - GC Knockout AM Race Results pointsWPCHEAT6
96023/4/2022NOL - Sprint Qualifier and Public Sprint pointsWomen Public Co
89624/4/2022NOL - GC Knockout PM Race Results pointsWPCCONSF4
88727/3/2022OY1 Cyclones Sprint pointsHard 1
84211/12/2021Cyclones Sprint - Forest Lake SHS pointsLong
78712/2/2022Park-O #5 pointsLong
7835/2/2022ParkO #4 - New Farm Park pointsLong
78226/11/2022Cyclones Sprint - Robelle Domain pointsShort
74119/11/2022ParkO #3 - New Farm Park pointsShort
7374/12/2021Cyclones Sprint - Mt Gravatt SHS pointsLong
71123/4/2022NOL WRE Sprint Final and Public Sprint (OQ pointsWomen Public Co
66619/2/2022Park O #6 pointsMKO H2
58019/2/2022Park O #6 pointsWKO F3