Louise Hall (Bendigo Orienteers) 6581
Points Date Event Class
137411/4/2010ACT Championships Long Distance pointsW40A
137426/9/2008Australian Sprint Championships pointsW40A
13552/4/2010Aus 3-Days Public Prologue - Campbell-Russell, ACT pointsMedium Senior
13536/3/2010Chewton Diggings Public Race pointsB
13538/3/2009Victorian State League #1 pointsW35-44A
135323/9/2008Hunter's Hut Dash pointsWH2
135219/7/2009Victorian State League #5, Eppalock South pointsW35A
135210/5/2009Victorian State League #3, South German Track pointsW35-44A
133930/8/2009Victorian Championships - Sprint Distance pointsW35A
133927/4/2008Victorian State Series #3 - Mt Franklin Gorge pointsW35-44A
133827/9/2008Australian Championships pointsW40A
13373/4/2010Australian 3-Days Day 2 (Others) - Kowen Forest pointsW40A
13377/3/2010SILVA NOL Race 2 & Victorian State Series #1, Daylesford pointsW Over35 A
133215/8/2010Victorian State Series #7, Eppalock South pointsW 35-44 A
13319/4/2010ACT Sprint Championships 2010 pointsW40A
13316/6/2009Victorian Championships - Middle Distance pointsW40A
13315/4/2009Victorian State League #2, Spring Gully pointsW35A
13317/6/2009Victorian State League and National Ranking Event - Kooyoora pointsW35A
133120/9/2008Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsW40A
133118/10/2008Victorian Championships - Middle Distance pointsW40A
132410/4/2009Australian Easter 3 Day Championships pointsW40
132423/8/2009Victorian State League #7, Butterfly Jim pointsW35-44A
13248/6/2008Victorian Badge & State Series #5 - Kooyoora pointsW35-44A
132121/9/2008Queensland Championships pointsW40A
131918/4/2010Victorian State Series #2 - Porcupine Ridge pointsW 35-44 A
131910/10/2010Victorian Long Distance Championships pointsW40A
131910/3/2012SILVA NOL Race 2 - Eureka Challenge Middle Distance pointsW Over35 A
13195/4/2010Australian 3-Days Day 3 - Collector hill pointsW40A
131811/3/2012SILVA NOL Race 3- Eureka Challenge Long Distance pointsW Over35 A
13182/10/2011Oceania Middle Championships pointsW40A
131815/5/2011Victorian State Series #3 Glenluce pointsW35-44A
131717/4/2011State Series 2 Chewton pointsW Over35 A
131720/3/2011Eureka Challenge & Vic State Series #1 pointsW Over35 A
130918/9/2011Victorian State Series #8 - Belltopper Hill pointsW35A
130920/10/2007Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsW40A
13098/6/2009Kooyoora Challenge & Southern Cross Series #11 pointsB
13062/4/2010Australian 3-Days - All stages pointsW40A
130620/5/2012Victorian State Series #4 Irishtown pointsW Over35 A
130612/6/2011Victorian State Series & Badge - Lauder Mine pointsW Over35 A
13069/10/2010Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsW40A
13051/10/2011Oceania Long Championships pointsW40A
130511/7/2010Winter Classic, Victorian Badge & State Series #6, Jim Crow pointsW35-44A
129710/4/2010ACT Championships Middle Distance pointsW40A
129115/9/20122012 Victorian Championships Middle Distance pointsW35A
129123/5/2010Victorian State Series #3 The Balt Camp pointsW Over35 A
128930/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Day 1 pointsW45A
12858/9/2013Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsW45A
12839/3/2008Victorian Badge Event, Mt Beckworth, Long Distance pointsW35-44A
128313/6/2010Victorian Badge, State Series #4, Choke 'em Gully pointsW Over35 A
12836/5/20122012 Victorian Championships Sprint Distance pointsW35A
128231/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days - day 2 pointsW45A
128215/2/2014BendiGo ToDay pointsB. 2.6 & 5.9k
127821/10/2007Victorian Long Distance Championships pointsW40A
12763/4/2010Australian 3-Days Day-1 - Gudgenby Homestead, ACT pointsW40A
12673/4/2010SILVA NOL Race 5 - Gudgenby Homestead, ACT pointsW40A
12679/3/2014Vic Bush State Series 1 - Mt Baw Baw pointsOV Course 3W
126418/8/2013State Series #7 Eppalock pointsW45A
125927/7/2013Bendigo Classic 13 points2
124917/5/2014Bush Classic 6 - Kangaroo Gully points2
124531/7/2011Victorian State Series #6 Woodlands pointsW Over35 A
124519/10/2008Victorian Championships - Long Distance pointsW40A
123914/2/2015Bendi-Go To-Day - Kangaroo Flat pointsB. 2.5 & 6.3k
12366/4/2014Vic Bush State Series 4 - Eureka Challenge - Malmsbury - Glenluce South pointsOV Course 3W
123529/6/2014Vic Bush State Series 8 - Fryerstown - Wattle Gully pointsOV Course 3W
123022/3/2014NOL & Vic Bush State Series 2 - Yackandandah - Rowdy Flat pointsOV Course 3W
12297/6/2014Bendigo Rocks 1 - Mt Tarrengower points2
122926/4/20082008 Victorian State Series #2 - Glenluce North pointsW35-44A
122915/3/2014Bush Classic 1 - Fiddlers Green points2
122814/6/2010Victorian Championships, Sprint Distance pointsW Over35 A
122527/7/2014Vic Bush State Series 9 - Malmsbury - Two Kangaroo Creeks pointsOV Course 3W
12234/8/2013State Series Jim Crow pointsW45A
122321/9/2013Bendigo Rocks 3 - Mt Korong points2
12212/9/2012Victorian State Series #7 Hepburn Diggings pointsW Over35 A
122123/8/2014Bush Classic 14 - Mt Ida points2
121925/5/2014Vic Bush State Series 6 - Chewton pointsOV Course 3W
121928/3/2015Bush Classic 2 - Newer St Mungo points2
12188/3/20152015 Vic Bush State Series 1 - Eureka Challenge - Canadian Forest North pointsOV Course W3
121830/8/2014Bendigo Rocks 3 - Mt Kooyoora, & Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsW45A
121417/2/2018BendiGo ToDay pointsB 2km and 6km
121416/8/2014Bush Classic 13 - Wildflower Drive points2
121420/9/2014Bendigo Bush - Apollo Hill points2
121423/3/2014NOL/WRE & Vic Bush State Series 3 - Eldorado - Kangaroo Crossing pointsOV Course 3W
12149/6/2013Queen's Birthday Weekend, Sunday, State Series #5, Captain's Gully pointsW45A
120120/2/2016Bendi-Go To-Day - Heathcote pointsB. 2.5 & 6.3k
119729/3/2014Bush Classic 2 - Diamond Hill points2
11934/5/2014Vic Bush State Series 5 - Fryerstown - Irishtown pointsOV Course 3W
118321/5/2016Bendigo Bush 8 - PtG Gully points2
118328/5/2016Bendigo Bush 9 - Mt Tarrengower points2
117918/6/2016Bendigo Bush 11 - Mandurang points2
117514/5/2016Bendigo Bush 7 - Browns Reef points2
11628/10/2016Bendigo Bush 21 - Dead Bullock Gully points2
11519/4/2016Bendigo Bush 2 - Kangaroo Gully points2
11496/8/2016Bendigo Bush - White Hill No 4 points2
113919/3/2016Bendigo Bush 1 - Mandurang points2
113922/7/2017Bendigo Bush Classic 14 points3
11385/11/2016Bendigo Bush/Park - Specimen Hill (new map) pointsMod
113725/6/2016Bendigo Bush 12 - Longlea Forest points2
11304/6/2016Bendigo Bush 10 - Mosquito Creek points2
112821/10/2017Bendigo Bush Short 4 pointsCourse 2
112415/10/2016Bendigo Bush Event - Ironstone Hill points2
112227/4/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 1 - One Tree Hill points3
11164/3/2017Bendigo Training 1 - St Just Point points2k hard
11119/9/2017Bendigo Bush Classic 18 points3
111016/2/2019BendiGo ToDay pointsB 2.4 km and 6
110326/12/2014Warm-Up for Tassie points2 Womens
110025/5/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 4 points3
10951/6/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 5 - Smiths Reef points3
109327/7/2019Bendigo Bush - Royal George Company points3
10896/7/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 9 points3
108213/7/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 10 - Kangaroo Gully points3
108224/8/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 14 - Stumpy Gully points3
107910/8/2019Ian's Birthday SprintO points1
10796/4/2019Bendigo Bush Short 1 - Prince of Wales pointsB
107320/4/2019Bendigo Bush Short 3 pointsB
106431/8/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 15 points2
106117/8/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 13 - Mosquito Creek points2
106122/6/2019Bendigo Bush Classic 7 - Mount Kooyoora points3
104613/4/2019Bendigo Bush Short 2 - Ironstone Hill pointsB
98526/4/20152015 Vic Long Distance Championships - One Tree Hill pointsW45A