Bill Monaghan (Parawanga Orienteers) 5666
Points Date Event Class
99816/9/2020ACT Midweek Series: Mt Painter pointsMod 2: M: Maste
95713/6/2021QB3 Long - Barraba Lane pointsM65AS
93719/8/2020ACT Midweek Series: Ginninderra Creek pointsMod 2: M: Maste
9352/9/2020ACT Midweek Series: Mulligans Flat pointsMod 2: M: Maste
92726/8/2020ACT Midweek Series: The Pinnacle pointsMod 2: M: Maste
91230/6/2021ACT Midweek Series: Gossan Hill pointsMod2: MMaster
90723/9/2020ACT Midweek Series: Bruce Ridge pointsMod 2: M: Maste
9062/6/2021ACT Midweek Series: Cooleman Ridge pointsMod2: MMstr
9065/8/2020ACT Midweek Series: Red Hill pointsMod 2: M: Maste
90329/7/2020ACT Midweek Series: Mt Ainslie North pointsMod 2: M: Maste
90127/3/2021ACT Sprint Distance Championships: ACT League #2 pointsM75A
90012/8/2020ACT Midweek Series: 6: Black Mountain pointsMod 2: M: Maste
88325/11/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #6: Stromlo Forest Park pointsMod2: MMaster
87727/1/2021ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #10: Bruce Ridge pointsMod2: MMaster
87721/10/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #1: Stirling Park pointsMod2 MMaster
8639/12/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #8: Oakey Hill pointsMod2: MMaster
8577/7/2021ACT Midweek Series: Bruce Ridge pointsMod2: MMaster
85216/5/2021NOL - Broulee Dunes #2 pointsM65AS
85118/11/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #5: Mt Majura West pointsMod2: MMaster
84823/6/2021ACT Midweek Series: Red Hill pointsMod2: MMstr
84712/6/2021QB3 Middle - Redgum Ridges pointsM65AS
83822/5/2021ACT Metro pointsMod2: MMstr
83222/8/2020ACT Metro Series: Junior League #5 pointsMod 2: Mens: Ma
82517/2/2021ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #13: Arachnicopia South pointsMod2: MMaster
82516/6/2021ACT Midweek Series: Campbell Park pointsMod2: MMstr
8172/12/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #7: Campbell Park pointsMod2: MMaster
8171/5/2021ACT Metro Series Junior League-1 Weston Park pointsMod2: MMstr
81228/10/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #2: Stromlo West pointsMod2: MMaster
80612/9/2020ACT Metro Series: Junior League #8 pointsMod 2: Mens: Ma
80219/9/2020ACT Metro Series: Junior League #9 pointsMod 2: Mens: Ma
80116/12/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #9: Cooleman Ridge pointsMod2: MMaster
80025/7/2020ACT Metro Series Junior League 1 Weston Park pointsMod 2 M Masters
79311/11/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #4: The Pinnacle pointsMod2: MMaster
79326/5/2021ACT Midweek Series: Majura West pointsMod2: MMstr
7794/11/2020ACT Runners Shop Twilight Series #3A: Mt Ainslie North pointsMod2: MMaster
76629/5/2021ACT Metro-4 Junior League The Pinnacle pointsMod2: MMstr
76215/5/2021NOL - Broulee Dunes #1 pointsM65AS
7271/8/2020ACT Metro Series: Junior League #2 pointsMod 2: M: Maste
2488/5/2021ACT Metro Series: Junior League #2 pointsMod2: MMstr
18529/8/2020ACT Metro Series: Junior League #6 pointsMod 2: Mens: Ma