Blake Gordon (Eureka Orienteers) 6536
Points Date Event Class
141626/4/20082008 Victorian State Series #2 - Glenluce North pointsM65A
141521/10/2007Victorian Long Distance Championships pointsM60A
139120/10/2007Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsM60A
139111/7/2010Winter Classic, Victorian Badge & State Series #6, Jim Crow pointsM65A
13915/4/2009Victorian State League #2, Spring Gully pointsM65A
136010/4/2009Australian Easter 3 Day Championships pointsM65-
135523/8/2009Victorian State League #7, Butterfly Jim pointsM65A
135419/7/2009Victorian State League #5, Eppalock South pointsM65A
135414/6/2010Victorian Championships, Sprint Distance pointsM Over65 A
135317/4/2011State Series 2 Chewton pointsM Over65 A
135312/6/2011Victorian State Series & Badge - Lauder Mine pointsM Over65 A
133923/4/2011Australian 3 Days pointsM65A
133910/10/2010Victorian Long Distance Championships pointsM65A
133811/3/2012SILVA NOL Race 3- Eureka Challenge Long Distance pointsM Over65 A
13371/5/2011Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsM65A
133218/4/2010Victorian State Series #2 - Porcupine Ridge pointsM Over65 A
13312/10/2011Oceania Middle Championships pointsM65A
13312/9/2012Victorian State Series #7 Hepburn Diggings pointsM Over65 A
133110/5/2009Victorian State League #3, South German Track pointsM65A
132918/9/2011Victorian State Series #8 - Belltopper Hill pointsM65A
132423/9/2012Tasmanian Long Distance Championships pointsM65
132415/9/20122012 Victorian Championships Middle Distance pointsM65A
13219/10/2010Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsM65A
131922/9/2012Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsM65
131916/10/20112011 Oceania and Aust Long Distance Championships pointsM60
131823/5/2010Victorian State Series #3 The Balt Camp pointsM Over65 A
131715/5/2011Victorian State Series #3 Glenluce pointsM65A
13178/6/2008Victorian Badge & State Series #5 - Kooyoora pointsM65A
130916/9/20122012 Victorian Championships Long Distance pointsM65A
13069/6/2013Queen's Birthday Weekend, Sunday, State Series #5, Captain's Gully pointsM70A
130531/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days - day 2 pointsM70A
130513/6/2010Victorian Badge, State Series #4, Choke 'em Gully pointsM Over65 A
130528/9/2012Australian Sprint Championships pointsM65, km, 21 co
130530/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Day 1 pointsM70A
130231/7/2011Victorian State Series #6 Woodlands pointsM Over65 A
130226/10/2012Australian Sprint Championship - Kiwarrak State Forest pointsMen 60
12934/8/2013State Series Jim Crow pointsM70A
12911/10/2011Oceania Long Championships pointsM65A
12893/7/2011Victorian State Series #5 Kimbolton North pointsM Over65 A
128818/8/2013State Series #7 Eppalock pointsM70A
12838/9/2013Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsM70A
12701/9/2013Victorian Championships, Long Distance pointsM70A
12486/4/2014Vic Bush State Series 4 - Eureka Challenge - Malmsbury - Glenluce South pointsOV Course 4M
124525/5/2014Vic Bush State Series 6 - Chewton pointsOV Course 4M
124029/6/2014Vic Bush State Series 8 - Fryerstown - Wattle Gully pointsOV Course 4M
124029/9/2012Australian Long Distance Championships pointsM65
123727/7/2014Vic Bush State Series 9 - Malmsbury - Two Kangaroo Creeks pointsOV Course 4M
12346/4/20152015 Easter 3 Days, Day 3 pointsM70A
12344/5/2014Vic Bush State Series 5 - Fryerstown - Irishtown pointsOV Course 4M
123431/8/2014Wildfire Sports Australian Ultra Long & Wildfire Sports Victorian Long Distance Championships pointsM70A
122322/3/20152015 Vic Bush State Series 2 - Little Forest pointsOV Course M4
122028/6/20152015 Vic Bush State Series 5 - Mount Alexander pointsOV Course M4
122028/10/2012Australian Middle Championships - Kiwarrak State Forest pointsMen 60
121927/9/2014WA Long Distance Championships pointsM70A
121930/11/2013Sprint Into Spring Double Header Races 7-8 pointsCourse 2
12194/4/20152015 Easter 3 Days, Day 1 pointsM70A
121927/9/20152015 Australian Middle Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 13 - Creswick pointsM70A
121829/8/2015NOL 10 - Sprint Double HEAT - Ballarat City pointsCourse 2 men
121826/4/20152015 Vic Long Distance Championships - One Tree Hill pointsM70A
121415/8/20152015 Vic Bush State Series 6/Space Race 3 - Kangaroo Flat pointsOV Course M4
12127/6/20152015 Vic Bush State Series 4 - Belltopper pointsOV Course M4
121217/5/20152015 Vic Bush State Series 3 - Sandon - Joyce's Creek pointsOV Course M4
120029/9/2015AusChamps Midweek Public Race 1 -The Case of the Missing Miner’s Right pointsMen C Medium
12001/12/2013Victorian Sprint Championships pointsM70A
119513/9/20152015 Vic Bush State Series 7 - Glenlyon pointsOV Course M4
119213/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 Geelong - NOL and General Entry pointsM70
119130/8/2014Bendigo Rocks 3 - Mt Kooyoora, & Victorian Middle Distance Championships pointsM70A
118316/9/20172017 Vic Championships (middle) - Petticoat Gully pointsM70A
118312/8/2018Eureka Winter Bush Series 2 pointsShort Hard
118318/9/20162016 Victorian Championships - Long Distance - Creswick pointsM70A
11837/8/20162016 Vic Bush State Series 6 - Dead Bullock Gully pointsOV Course M5
118315/5/20162016 Victorian Championships - Middle Distance - Borhoney Ghurk, Elaine pointsM70A
117927/11/2016Victorian Sprint Championships, Camp Hill, Bendigo pointsM70A
117926/9/20152015 Victorian Middle Distance Championships & NOL 12 - Creswick pointsM70A
117718/2/2017BendiGo ToDay - Mt Tarrengower pointsB. 2.0 & 6.0k
117612/6/20162016 Vic Bush State Series 4 - Kooyoora pointsOV Course M5
117525/6/20172017 Vic State Series 4 (long) - Spring Gully pointsOV Course M5
11754/6/20172017 Vic State Series 3 (middle) - Deadman's Flat pointsOV Course M5
11739/7/20172017 Vic State Series 5 (middle) pointsOV Course M5
116717/9/20172017 Vic Championships (long) pointsM70A
11632/4/2017State Series 1 (middle) - Little Forest pointsOV Course M5
115810/7/20162016 Vic Bush State Series 5 - Sailors Falls pointsOV Course M5
11546/8/20172017 Vic State Series 6 (long) - Lockwood Ranges pointsOV Course M5
11543/9/20172017 Vic State Series 7 (long) pointsOV Course M5
115413/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4 Geelong - NOL and General Entry pointsM70
115326/11/2016Sprint Into Spring Race 6 - Bendigo South East College pointsSally Pearson
11498/6/2014Vic Bush State Series 7 - South German - Maldon/Newstead pointsCourse 4M
114824/4/20162016 Vic Bush State Series 2 - Balt Camp, Gisborne pointsOV Course M4
11462/9/2018Victorian Spring Series 3 - Boundary Creek pointsOV Course M5
114216/9/2018Victorian Long Championships - Evenmoore pointsM75A
11265/8/2018Victorian Spring Series 1 - Wattle Gully pointsOV Course M5
112326/11/2016Sprint Into Spring Race 7 - South Star pointsSally Pearson
112326/5/2019Vic Autumn Series 5 - Irishtown, Vaughan points3 M
112124/3/2019Vic Autumn Series 3 - Nerrina, Ballarat points3 M
112029/8/2015NOL 10 - Sprint Double - Ballarat City pointsCourse 2 men
11156/5/2018Victorian Autumn Series 3 - Kimbolton pointsOV Course M5
11106/10/2018Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsM75A
11104/9/20162016 Vic Bush State Series 7 - Kimbolton pointsOV Course M5
110024/2/2019VicAutumn 1 - Bunjil points3 M
110019/8/2018Victorian Spring Series 2 pointsOV Course M5
10967/10/2018AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsM75A
109620/5/2018NOL 10 & Victorian Autumn Series 4 - Tipperary pointsOV Course M5
109519/5/2018NOL 9 & Vic Middle Champs - Yorkshire Hill pointsM75A
10925/5/2019Vic Autumn Series 4 - Eppalock South points3 M
109024/11/2018Sprint Into Spring Race 6 - Federation University Mt Helen Campus pointsSally Men
108210/3/2019Vic Autumn Series #2 - Petticoat Gully points3 M
10729/6/2018Victorian Autumn Series 5 - Kookaburra Rises pointsOV Course M5
107022/9/2019Victorian Long Distance Championships - Chinaman Flat pointsM75A
106710/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 pointsM70
10666/10/2019Oceania Middle Champs - Beechworth Gorge pointsMen 75A
106425/8/2019MelBushO 7 - Cardinia Reservoir points3 - Short Hard
10619/6/2019Pure Gold! Creswick Diggings 3-Day pointsM75A
10605/10/2019Oceania Long Champs - Kangaroo Crossing pointsMen 75A
105228/9/2019Oceania Sprint - CSU Campus pointsMen 75
104715/3/2020Vic Autumn 1 - Borhoney Ghurk points3 M
104629/9/2019Australian Long Champs - Split Rock pointsMen 75A
104517/11/2019Victorian Sprint Distance Championships pointsM75A
10258/6/2019Pure Gold! Creswick Diggings 3-Day points3 M
102425/11/2018Victorian Orienteering Championships pointsM75A
80630/6/2019Indoor-Outdoor Double Sprint Monash Clayton pointsMen 3 - Short H