Neil Simson (Toohey Forest Orienteers) 7240
Points Date Event Class
12432018-10-02Heaps Good Sprint pointsMC
12162018-10-07AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsM50A
12082019-06-15OY5 - Middle Champs - Maidenwell pointsM45A
12062018-09-29Australian Middle Champs - Crooked Straight pointsM50A
11882019-04-14OY3 - Bush - Paperbark Flats pointsHard 2
11782018-10-04Heaps Good - Mt Crawford pointsMC
11762018-10-01Australian Sprint Champs - Renmark Schools pointsM50A
11752019-07-14Amiens, west of Stanthorpe pointsHard 1 - 5.9km
11732018-10-06Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsM50A
11722019-06-30OY7 - Bush - Woodlands pointsHard 2 - 7.9km
11692018-10-03Heaps Good - Wirra Wirra pointsMC
11612018-09-22Cyclones Sprint #5 Samford State School pointsLong
11482019-08-15Daisy Hill, Bush Event pointsLong
11472019-03-17OY2 - Leyburn State Forest pointsHa rd 2 - 6.2km
11442019-07-18Seven Hills, Bush pointsLong
11302019-06-16OY6 - Bush - Teelah pointsHard 2 - 7.8km
11192019-07-28Public bush event - Kholo pointsHard 1
11182019-02-16Cyclones Sprint #2 The Gap SHS pointsLong
11152019-06-27Rainbow Forest Park, Fig Tree Pocket pointsLong
11122019-05-26OY4 QLD Sprint Champs Gatton pointsM45A
10892019-06-13Rocks Riverside Park pointsLong
10682019-03-03OY1 - Sprint pointsHard 1-3.5km