Thomas Garde (Australopers Orienteering Club) 7354
Points Date Event Class
123328/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsMA
12288/5/2021Kangaroo Bay pointsLong
122623/5/2021Royal George pointsCourse 3 M
122621/3/2021Randall's Bay - Southern Local #2 pointsLong
12211/8/2021Waverley Park - Southern Local #7 pointsLong
122029/8/2021Calverts Beach - Southern Local #9 pointsLong
12194/7/2021Lovelybanks - OST 6 pointsCourse 3 M
12192/5/2021Stag's Head pointsCourse 3 M
121825/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsMLong
12175/2/2021Australopers Summer Fiesta pointsLong
12165/2/2021Australopers Summer Fiesta pointsLong
121412/6/2021Evandale Sprint pointsLong Men
121215/5/2021UTAS Sandy Bay pointsLong
121027/10/2021Upper Domain pointsMen LONG
120723/1/2021EVOC Summer Cup pointsLong
120323/1/2021EVOC Summer Cup pointsLong
120225/7/2021Pittwater pointsCourse 3 M
120127/6/2021Trevallyn - North Local #2 pointsLong
119713/6/2021Grindelwald Sprint pointsM16
118326/9/2021Carnival That Never Will Be pointsM16A
11757/11/2021Gorringes Beach - Southern Local #12 pointsLong