William Cox (Range Runners Orienteering Club) 7170
Points Date Event Class
12351/10/2019Riverina 3 Days Sprint - Kildare pointsMen A
12062/10/2019Riverina 3 Days - Connorton pointsMen A
119628/10/2018Peacehaven, Highfields pointsUltrasprint A
118029/9/2019Australian Long Champs - Split Rock pointsMen 16A
118016/6/2019OY6 - Bush - Teelah pointsHard 2 - 7.8km
11793/3/2019OY1 - Sprint pointsHard 1-3.5km
117828/9/2019Oceania Sprint - CSU Campus pointsMen 16
11736/10/2019Oceania Middle Champs - Beechworth Gorge pointsMen 16A
115915/6/2019OY5 - Middle Champs - Maidenwell pointsM16A
115826/5/2019OY4 QLD Sprint Champs Gatton pointsM16A
115817/3/2019OY2 - Leyburn State Forest pointsHa rd 2 - 6.2km
114928/10/2018Peacehaven, Highfields pointsUltrasprint C
114730/6/2019OY7 - Bush - Woodlands pointsHard 2 - 7.9km
113618/8/2019Harristown SS 50 Yrs of O pointsLong
11314/11/2018St Mary's, Toowoomba pointsHard 3.1km
112414/7/2019Amiens, west of Stanthorpe pointsHard 1 - 5.9km
112025/8/2019OY9 pointsHard 1
110828/10/2018Peacehaven, Highfields pointsUltrasprint B
11055/10/2019Oceania Long Champs - Kangaroo Crossing pointsMen 16A
109410/2/2019Picnic Point pointsLong 4.2km
10697/9/2019OY10&11 QLD Long Champs pointsM16A
103314/4/2019OY3 - Bush - Paperbark Flats pointsHard 2