Ella Rogers (Range Runners Orienteering Club) 6408
Points Date Event Class
11062018-11-04St Mary's, Toowoomba pointsHard 3.1km
10722018-12-15December Development Training Camp pointsB - Hard beginn
10692018-09-29Australian Middle Champs - Crooked Straight pointsW14A
10632018-07-29Qld Schools Orienteering Champs Individual Long pointsJun Girls Chmp
10492018-08-26Interschool Sprint Challenge pointsJunior Girls
10492018-10-06Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsW14A
10432018-03-30Easter Sandy Bay Sprint pointsW-Moderate
10422019-03-17OY2 - Leyburn State Forest pointsModerate 1 - 3.
10372019-02-17Toowoomba Grammar School pointsLong
10352018-04-02Easter 2018 Day 3 - Curryjong Rivulet pointsW14A
10342018-10-07AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsW14A
10192018-04-01Easter 2018 Day 2 - Lovelybanks W pointsW14A
10032018-04-06Bay of Fires day 2 - Golden Fleece pointsW14A
9872018-04-07Bay of Fires day 3 - Littlechild Creek pointsW14A
9752018-07-28Qld Schools Orienteering Champs Sprint pointsJunior Girls
9562018-09-08OY10 - Wilmot's Waterholes pointsW14A
9482018-04-15Sandy Creek, Leslie Dam, Warwick pointsMod 2 - 2.7 km
9452018-03-31Easter 2018 Day 1 - Lovelybanks E pointsW14A
9062018-04-05Bay of Fires day 1 - Golden Fleece pointsW14A