Andrea Eves (Bibbulmun Orienteers) 6314
Points Date Event Class
127616/3/2013Black Swan Island pointsShort
12454/8/2013Gunapin pointsActive
124310/8/2013John XXIII College pointsW35A
123718/5/2013Whiteman Park pointsLong
112429/9/2018Australian Middle Champs - Crooked Straight pointsW45A
11068/4/2017NavDash 3 - Wildflower Tavern, JFNP pointsLong
110325/6/2016Nav Dash - Garvey Park pointsMedium
110312/6/2016Foot and Trail O - John Forrest NP pointsTrail 5
110024/7/2016Foot O - Warranine Brook pointsH4
110021/8/2016Foot O - Hill Park Dale pointsH4
10996/1/2018Ranford (Metro Series 8) pointsShort
109920/8/2017FootO 9 - Yetar Springs pointsH3
109429/4/2017NavDash 4 - Murdoch University pointsLong
109018/11/2017Ashfield (Metro Series 4) pointsShort
109017/6/2017NavDash 7 - WA Sprint Championships pointsW45A
10883/10/20152015 Australian Long Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 15 - Creswick pointsW35AS
108831/5/2015Lover's Ridge - WA Classic Day 1 pointsH4
10874/6/2017FootO - Warranine WA Classic 2 day pointsH4
10877/5/2017FootO 1 - Malmalling pointsH4
108712/3/2017North Fremantle (Metro Series 15) pointsMedium
108516/4/2016Nav Dash - John XXIII pointsMedium
108510/11/2018Viveash (Metro Series 2) pointsMedium
108421/10/2017Ultra Sprint - Faulkner Park pointsShort
107930/1/2016Heirisson Island (Metro Series 2015-16) pointsMedium
10795/6/2016Foot O - Dryandra pointsH4
107425/2/2017Churchlands (Metro Series 13) pointsMedium
10741/5/2016Foot O - Peterdine pointsH4
10749/12/2017South Lake (Metro Series 7) pointsShort
107418/3/2018NavDash 1 Whiteman Park pointsLong
10729/8/2015Gunapin Ridge (West) - Long Distance (SOL) pointsH4
107110/9/2017FootO 11 - Malmalling SW pointsH4
107129/9/2015AusChamps Midweek Public Race 1 -The Case of the Missing Miner’s Right pointsWomen D Medium
107116/1/2016Dalkeith (Metro Series 2015-16) pointsShort
107120/2/2016Manning (Metro Series 2015-16) pointsShort
107031/3/2019NavDash 1 Gosnells pointsLong
106421/10/2018Ultra Sprint Leeming SHS pointsLong
106428/1/2017Coogee (Metro Series 10) pointsShort
10641/6/2015Lover's Lane - WA Classic Day 2 pointsH4
106422/4/2018NavDash 3 John Curtin School of the Arts pointsLong
106421/6/2015Calophylla - Standard Bush Event pointsH4
106327/5/2017NavDash 6 - Canning Vale College pointsLong
106310/9/2016WA Middle Distance Championship pointsW35A
106325/11/2017Cottesloe (Metro Series 5) pointsShort
106212/11/2016Koondoola Bushland (Metro Series 5) pointsMedium
106026/5/2019NavDash 4 - Garvey Park pointsHard Medium
106028/10/2017Lake Monger (Metro Series 1) pointsMedium
105614/4/2019NavDash 2 John XXIII pointsHard Long
105522/7/2018FootO 7 Trail Jorgensen Park pointsH3
10537/4/2019Bush 1 Peterdine pointsH3
105316/9/2017WA Middle Distance Championships pointsW45A
105327/1/2018Wanneroo Lakeside (Metro Series 11) pointsShort
10531/8/2015Wildflower Tavern - John Forrest National Park - NavDash pointsShort
10525/8/2018FootO 8 Little Frazzle SOL pointsH3
10513/6/2018FootO pointsH3
10509/10/2016City Beach North (Metro Series 2) pointsShort
104820/4/2019Australian 3 Days - Day 1 pointsW45AS
104710/5/2015Frazzle - Standard Bush Event pointsH4
104711/11/2017Carine (Metro Series 3) pointsShort
10474/2/2017Point Walter (Metro Series 11) pointsMedium
104724/5/2015Jumbuck Hill pointsH4
104114/3/2015Whiteman Park Village - NavDash pointsMedium
10398/7/2018FootO 6 Walyunga / Jumbuck North pointsH3
103220/9/2015Warranine Brook - WA Long Distance Championships pointsW35A
10316/10/2018Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsW45AS
10305/11/2016Lakeside Joondalup (Metro Series 4) pointsMedium
103019/9/2015Warranine Brook - WA Middle Distance Championships pointsW35A
102719/5/2019Bush 2 Warranine pointsH4
10266/9/2015Spice Brook - Standard Bush Event pointsH4
102512/2/2017Yokine Reserve (Metro Series 12) pointsMedium
102417/2/2018Mount Pleasant (Metro Series 14) pointsShort
10222/9/2018FootO 9 Gunapin Ridge East pointsH4
10225/7/2015Malmalling SW - Standard Bush Event pointsH4
101918/8/2019Bush 9 Callophylla SOL (Long Distance) OY pointsH3
101329/10/2016Leeming (Metro Series 3) pointsShort
100916/9/2018FootO 11 Lover's Lane pointsH3
100821/4/2019Australian 3 Days - Day 2 pointsW45AS
10084/3/2017Kingsley (Metro Series 14) pointsMedium
100827/5/2018NavDash 5 Swanleigh SOL pointsLong
10073/2/2018Shelley Foreshore (Metro Series 12) pointsShort
100522/9/2018FootO 12 State Middle Distance Championships Jumbuck (Bells) pointsW45A
10057/10/2018AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsW45A
100229/4/2018NavDash 4 Garvey Park pointsLong
10011/12/2018Karawara (Metro Series 5) pointsMedium
10011/9/2019Bush 10 Fred Jacoby / North Ledge Trail O pointsH3
10014/9/2016Foot O - Mt Billy pointsH4
10019/6/2019NavDash 5 Russells Gully / Brigadoon pointsHard Long
10001/10/2018Australian Sprint Champs - Renmark Schools pointsW45A
100024/6/2018FootO 5 Umuna Long SOL pointsH3
99915/9/2019Bush 12 Gunapin pointsH3
99321/9/2019WA Sprint Championships NavDash 7 Murdoch pointsW45A
98815/7/2018NavDash 7 Sprint Championships Willetton SHS pointsW45A
98522/3/2020NavDash 1 Canning Vale College pointsHard Short
98426/9/20152015 Victorian Middle Distance Championships & NOL 12 - Creswick pointsW40A
98427/2/2016Swanbourne (Metro Series 2015-16) pointsShort
97430/7/2017FootO 7 - Peterdine pointsH4
9712/7/2017FootO 5 - Spice Brook pointsH4
96613/9/2015Umuna - Standard Bush Event pointsH4
95227/4/2019Australian Middle Champs - Narrogin pointsW45AS
94916/8/2015Malmalling NE - Standard Bush Event pointsH4
94626/7/2015Marginata - Standard Bush Event pointsH4
89810/12/2016Swan View (Metro Series 8) pointsShort
88826/4/2019Australian Sprint Champs pointsW45A
88311/6/2017FootO 4 - Greenmount pointsTrail 3
8177/7/2019Bush 6 Red Hill pointsH4