Greg Bacon (Newcastle Orienteering Club) 6700
Points Date Event Class
13532/6/2013NOY5 pointsHard - Medium
135229/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 3 pointsMen D
133924/6/2012NOY5 - Lone Pine Road pointsHard (Medium Re
133728/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 2 pointsMen D
133527/5/2012NOC Club Event - Freeway Underpass pointsHard (Short Red
133113/5/2012SILVA NOL Race 12- WOC Trials- Long WRE pointsEOD Hard
132417/7/2011NSW SL9 - Wallaroo State Forest pointsM55A
130922/7/2012Hunter Valley Champs - Mining Mystery pointsM60+A / Hard (S
130612/5/2012SILVA NOL 11- Middle Trials pointsEOD Hard
130516/10/20112011 Oceania and Aust Long Distance Championships pointsM50
130526/10/2012Australian Sprint Championship - Kiwarrak State Forest pointsMen 60
130530/3/2014Newcastle - NOY 1 pointsHard Medium
130226/5/2013NOY4 pointsHard - Medium
130224/7/2010NSW State League 9 pointsM55A
130215/4/2012Jigadee Jog pointsHard (Short Red
129311/3/2012Newcastle OY - Event 1 pointsHard (Medium Re
129330/6/2013NOY6 pointsHard - Medium
12891/9/2013Club event pointsHard - Medium
128915/10/20112011 Oceania and Aust Sprint Distance Championships pointsM50
12839/3/2014Newcastle Minor Event pointsHard Medium
12823/6/2012NOY4 - Belford National Park pointsHard (Medium Re
126626/2/2014Newcastle Park Series #1 pointsLong
126212/3/2014Newcastle Park Series #3 pointsLong
126222/9/2013NSW Long Distance Championships - SL12 pointsEOD-H7
126213/4/2014Newcastle - NOY 2 pointsHard Medium
126031/8/2014Newcastle - NOY 7 pointsHard Medium
124029/3/2015Newcastle NOY 1 pointsHard Medium
124026/4/2015Newcastle NOY 2 pointsHard Medium
124012/7/2015Newcastle NOY 5 pointsHard Medium
12349/8/2015Newcastle NOY 7 pointsHard Medium
123321/6/2015Newcastle NOY 4 pointsHard Medium
12327/8/2016Newcastle OY #7 - Congewai pointsHard Medium
12274/9/2016Newcastle Minor - Fairley Dams, O'Donnelltown pointsHard Long
122726/6/2016Newcastle OY #4 - Kitchener pointsHard Medium
12205/3/2014Newcastle Park Series #2 pointsLong
12185/8/2012The Range pointsHard (Medium Re
121828/10/2012Australian Middle Championships - Kiwarrak State Forest pointsMen 60
12186/3/2016Newcastle Park Series 2016 Final pointsLong
12189/10/2016Newcastle - Fantastic New Map - "Something Different" - Once Only Use pointsHard Medium
121424/2/2016Newcastle Park Series 2016 pointsLong
121414/6/2015Newcastle Minor Event pointsHard Long
121415/3/2015Newcastle Park Orienteering Series Final - Tighes Hill TAFE pointsLong
121229/11/2015Presentation Sprint pointsLong
120817/2/2016Newcastle Park Series 2016 pointsLong
120813/3/2016Newcastle Minor Event pointsHard Medium
12081/5/2016Newcastle OY #2 - Wallaro SF pointsHard Medium
12072/3/2016Newcastle Park Series 2016 pointsLong
11993/7/2016Newcastle OY #5 - Pelton pointsHard Medium
11984/3/2015Newcastle Park Orienteering Series - Hunter River High pointsLong
119719/4/2015NSW State League #4 - Wallaroo - Balickera/Hamburgers Trail pointsM60A
119322/2/2017Newcastle Park Tour 11 - Event 1 pointsLong
11914/6/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #4 pointsHard Short
118618/9/2016Hunter Valley Championships - Wallaroo - New Map pointsM50+A
118628/5/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #3 pointsHard Short
118513/9/2015Hunter Valley Champs pointsM50+A
11857/3/2018Newcastle Urban Orienteering Series #3 pointsLong
118316/7/2017NSW 2017 State League #9 - Long pointsM65A
118314/7/2013NOY7 pointsHard - Medium
11697/5/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #2 pointsHard Short
11679/4/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #1 pointsHard Medium
11672/12/2018Newcastle Bush Season Presentation pointsShort
116613/8/2017Newcastle Local Bush Event pointsHard 2
11644/8/2019NSW State League #11 - Stockrington pointsEOD H6
116418/6/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #5 pointsHard Short
116221/2/2018Newcastle UFO Qualifier 1 pointsLong
115625/3/2018Newcastle Club Minor - Minmi pointsHard Short
115326/8/2018Newcastle Orienteers NOY #7 Final pointsHard Short
115229/4/2018Newcastle Orienteers Minor Event pointsHard Medium
114224/7/2016Newcastle OY #6 - Pothana pointsHard Medium
11362/7/2017Newcastle Bush Series (NOY) #6 pointsHard Short
11345/8/2018Newcastle Orienteers NOY #5 pointsHard Short
11276/3/2019Newcastle Urban Series Qualifier #1 pointsLong
112628/2/2018Newcastle UFO Qualifier 2 pointsLong
11252/6/2019Newcastle OY 3 - FENNELL BAY pointsHard Short
112417/9/2017Hunter Valley Championships pointsM60+A
111828/12/2016Xmas5 Days 2016 -- Pelaw Main pointsMen E
11189/9/2018Newcastle Orienteers Hunter Valley Championships pointsM60A
111110/6/20172017 Australian 3 Days - Day 1 pointsMen 65A
111016/6/2019Newcastle OY 4 - RYHOPE pointsHard Short
110225/8/2019Hunter Valley Champs pointsM60A
110015/9/2019Newcastle OY 7 - WALLAROO pointsHard Short
109928/4/2019Newcastle Minor - Freemans Waterhole pointsHard Short
109321/7/2019Newcastle OY 5 - RICHMOND VALE (New Map) pointsHard Short
107924/12/2014Big Foot Sprints XVII pointsMen
105011/6/20172017 Australian 3 Days - Day 2 - Burngoogee pointsMen 65A
102212/5/2019Newcastle OY 2 - WALLAROO pointsHard Short