Wim de Jong (Range Runners Orienteering Club) 6340
Points Date Event Class
13388/9/2012Wilmot's Warm-up pointsLong
132919/9/2010Cottons Paddock pointsRed 5
13247/12/2013Anzac Park pointsLong
131921/3/2010Myers Lookout pointsRed 4
131918/9/2011Bluestone Creek pointsRed 4
130923/6/2013Charlies Paddock pointsHard 1, km, c
130911/7/2010Kholo Hills pointsRed 4
130929/6/2014Waterhole Gully Long Courses Long O pointsHard 3
130631/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days - day 2 pointsM45A
130611/8/2013Queensland Long Distance Championships pointsM45A
13056/4/2012Australian 3 Day Championships pointsM45-54AS
130416/3/2013Toowoomba OY1 pointsHard 1
13029/9/2012Wilmot's Waterholes (OY9) pointsHard 3
130217/6/2012Woodlands points'Red 3, 120 cli
130212/9/2010Cotswold North pointsRed 4
13023/8/2014Queensland Schools Championships Long pointsHard 3
12978/9/2012Wilmot's Warm-up pointsRock
12978/8/2010Collins Creek pointsM35-44AS
12937/8/2011Cottons Paddock pointsRed 4
129126/5/2013Camel Farm pointsHard 3
129114/9/2014Teelah OY11 pointsM45A
128913/9/2014Queensland Middle Distance Championships pointsM45A
12891/2/2015Queen's Park pointsMedium
128926/7/2015Logans Inlet pointsHard 4
128930/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Day 1 pointsM45A, Course
128917/3/2013Dalmoak OY2 pointsHard 3
127415/2/2014Cyclones Summer Series Event 3 - Univeristy of Southern Queensland pointsLong
127417/3/2012Queensland Sprint Championships pointsM45A
127021/6/2015Brooklands Long-O pointsHard 4
127017/5/2015Queensland Middle Distance Championships pointsM45A
127019/4/2015Platypus Cliffs pointsHard 3
12671/3/2015Queensland Sprint Championships pointsM45A
126714/9/2013Cascades pointsHard 2
122828/7/2013Toowoomba Grammar School pointsLong
118920/8/2017Bush Orienteering - OY9 - Goolman North pointsHard 2
117613/8/2017Rosenthal Creek via Dalveen pointsHard 1- 5.2 km
115517/3/2019OY2 - Leyburn State Forest pointsHa rd 2 - 6.2km
11304/3/2018OY1 - Sprint USQ Toowoomba & OQ AGM pointsHard 2-3.1km
112429/7/2018Public bush event - Priestdale pointsHard 2
111127/7/2019Public Sprint - Redbank Plains SHS pointsHard 1
110614/7/2018Bush - Wivenhoe Common pointsHard Long
110311/2/2018Newtown Park, Toowoomba pointsLong
109928/7/2018Public Sprint - Alexandra Hills pointsHard 2
10923/3/2019OY1 - Sprint pointsHard 1-3.5km
107914/7/2019Amiens, west of Stanthorpe pointsHard 1 - 5.9km
107726/5/2019OY4 QLD Sprint Champs Gatton pointsM45A
10674/11/2018St Mary's, Toowoomba pointsHard 3.1km
106610/2/2019Picnic Point pointsLong 4.2km
10476/10/2019Oceania Middle Champs - Beechworth Gorge pointsMen 50A
10379/2/2020USQ, Toowoomba pointsLong 2.6km
102515/3/2020OY2 - The Glen Mine, SW of Warwick pointsHard 2 - 5.1km
100128/7/2019Public bush event - Kholo pointsHard 2
9701/3/2020OY1 Sprint & OQ AGM - UQ Gatton pointsHard 1
9348/3/2020Toowoomba SHS pointsLong 2.5km
77711/11/2018Brooklands Paddock, Dalveen pointsHard 1- 5.5km
73727/10/2019Toowoomba Anglican School, club breakup pointsLong