Anne Arthur (Melbourne Forest Racers) 4027
Points Date Event Class
132410/10/2010Victorian Long Distance Championships pointsW35AS
131912/3/2011National League 1 Middle dist pointsW35A
131822/4/2011Australian 3 Days: Public Prologue pointsMedium-Senior
131825/9/2010Australian Middle Distance Championships: Lady Alice Goldfield NOL Race 13 pointsWOpenB
13172/10/2010Australian Long Distance Championships: Tanunda Creek NOL Race 16 pointsW35-44AS
131730/4/2011Australian Sprint Championships pointsW35A
130915/5/2011Victorian State Series #3 Glenluce pointsW35-44AS
130917/4/2011Hill Park Dale pointsH4
130923/5/2010Victorian State Series #3 The Balt Camp pointsW Over35 AS
130921/11/2009Kings Park - Metro Series 2 pointsShort
13095/4/2010Australian 3-Days Day 3 - Collector hill pointsWOpenB
130620/5/2012Victorian State Series #4 Irishtown pointsW Over35 AS
130513/6/2010Victorian Badge, State Series #4, Choke 'em Gully pointsW Over35 AS
13053/4/2010Australian 3-Days Day 2 (Others) - Kowen Forest pointsWOpenB
130529/12/20122012 Xmas 5 Days, Day 3 pointsWomen C
13039/4/2010ACT Sprint Championships 2010 pointsW35A
130229/5/2011SA Sprint Championships Keithcot Farm pointsW35
129314/5/2011Winter Class Sprint Distance pointsB
12931/5/2011Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsW35A
129311/7/2010Winter Classic, Victorian Badge & State Series #6, Jim Crow pointsW35-44AS
129311/6/2012SA Middle Distance Championships pointsW35A
129115/9/20122012 Victorian Championships Middle Distance pointsW40A
129112/6/2011Victorian State Series & Badge - Lauder Mine pointsW Over35 AS
12912/10/2011Oceania Middle Championships pointsW35AS
129120/3/2011Eureka Challenge & Vic State Series #1 pointsW Over35 AS
12891/10/2011Oceania Long Championships pointsW35AS
128928/12/20122012 Xmas 5 Days, Day 2 pointsWomen C
12897/10/20112011 Oceania Sprint Distance Championships pointsW35A
12899/3/2013NOL Event 1a Flinders Uni Sprint Qualifying points2F
12892/4/2010Aus 3-Days Public Prologue - Campbell-Russell, ACT pointsMedium Senior
128814/5/2011Winter Classic Middle Distance pointsC3
128510/3/2013NOL Event 2 - Long Race Belair points5F
128530/3/20132013 Easter 3-Days Day 1 pointsW35AS
128310/3/2012SILVA NOL Race 1 - Sprint Distance pointsW Open Elite,
128221/3/2009SILVA NOL Round 1 Sprint Keithcot Farm, SA points3F
12768/10/2011Australian Long Distance pointsW35AS
127622/2/2014Queensland Sprint Championships Day 1 pointsW35A
127123/11/2013Sprint Into Spring Race 6 LaTrobe University Bundoora pointsCourse 2
127010/3/2012SILVA NOL Race 2 - Eureka Challenge Middle Distance pointsC6
12701/7/2012Kuitpo Forest pointsCourse 4 Female
127026/9/2010South Australian Long Distance Championships: Mack Creek NOL Race 14 pointsW35-44AS
126719/10/2013Sprint Into Spring Race 2 Pipemakers Park pointsCourse 2
126730/8/2009Victorian Championships - Sprint Distance pointsW35A
12649/11/2013Sprint Into Spring Race 4 Westgate Park pointsCourse 2
12601/12/2013Victorian Sprint Championships pointsW35-44A
125930/11/2013Sprint Into Spring Double Header Races 7-8 pointsCourse 2
125918/9/2011Victorian State Series #8 - Belltopper Hill pointsW35AS
12499/3/2014Vic Bush State Series 1 - Mt Baw Baw pointsOV Course 4W
124625/4/2014NSW Sprint Championships pointsW40A
124616/9/20122012 Victorian Championships Long Distance pointsW35-44AS
12456/5/20122012 Victorian Championships Sprint Distance pointsW35A
124516/11/2013Sprint Into Spring Race 5 Royal Showgrounds pointsCourse 2
124524/1/2014Sprint Canberra, Radford College pointsWomen Open
12439/3/2013NOL Sprint Final and SA Sprint Championships pointsW35A
124119/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 1, Clandulla pointsW35-44AS
124121/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 3, Clandulla pointsW35-44AS
123720/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 2, Clandulla pointsW35-44AS
123715/2/2014BendiGo ToDay pointsB. 2.6 & 5.9k
123631/7/2011Victorian State Series #6 Woodlands pointsW35AS
123422/11/2014Sprint Into Spring Race 5 Parade College pointsCourse 2 Sally
123427/1/2014Sprint Canberra, ANU pointsWomen Open
12321/10/2010Australian Sprint Championships: Trinity College NOL Race 15 pointsW35A
122912/10/2013Sprint Into Spring Race 1 VU St Albans pointsCourse 2
12298/6/2014Vic Bush State Series 7 - South German - Maldon/Newstead pointsCourse 4W
12276/4/2014Vic Bush State Series 4 - Eureka Challenge - Malmsbury - Glenluce South pointsOV Course 5W
122125/10/2014Sprint Into Spring Race 2 Ruffey Lake pointsCourse 2 Sally
122027/9/2014WA Long Distance Championships pointsW35AS
122015/11/2014Sprint Into Spring Race 4 Edgewater pointsCourse 2 Sally
122026/4/20142014 NSW Long Championships pointsW35AS
121918/10/2014Sprint Into Spring Race 1 Newport Lakes pointsCourse 2 Sally
12198/11/2014Sprint Into Spring Race 3 Latrobe University pointsCourse 2 Sally
121926/10/2013Sprint Into Spring Race 3 Darebin Parklands pointsCourse 2
121923/1/2014Sprint Canberra pointsWomen Open
12194/10/2014Australian Long Distance Championships (WRE) pointsW35AS
121429/11/2014Sprint Into Spring Race 6 Eltham Lower Park pointsCourse 2 Sally
121426/1/2014Sprint Canberra, Remembrance Park pointsWomen Open
120828/9/2014Australian Middle Distance Championships (WRE) pointsW40A
119930/11/2014Victorian Sprint Championships - Geelong pointsW35A
119717/5/20152015 Vic Bush State Series 3 - Sandon - Joyce's Creek pointsOV Course W4
119514/11/2015Sprint Into Spring Race 4 - VU Edgewater pointsCourse 2
119017/10/2015Sprint Into Sprint Race 1 - VU St Albans pointsCourse 2
11901/10/2018Australian Sprint Champs - Renmark Schools pointsW45A
118821/11/2015Sprint Into Spring Race 5 - Deakin Burwood pointsCourse 2
11837/11/2015Sprint Into Spring Race 3 - Eltham College pointsCourse 2
118312/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 1 Bundoora - NOL and General Entry pointsW40
11773/10/20152015 Australian Long Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 15 - Creswick pointsW35AS
117625/1/2014Sprint Canberra, CSIRO pointsWomen Open
117526/4/20152015 Vic Long Distance Championships - One Tree Hill pointsW21AS
11751/10/2010Australian Sprint Championships: Trinity College pointsW35A
116615/10/2016Sprint Into Spring Race 1 - Eltham College pointsSally Pearson
115828/3/2016Easter Day 3 - Foxlow Flats pointsW35AS
115713/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 4 Geelong - NOL and General Entry pointsW40
115728/11/2015Sprint Into Spring Race 6 - Brimbank Park pointsCourse 2
115627/9/20152015 Australian Middle Distance Championships - WRE & NOL 13 - Creswick pointsW40A
115414/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 5 St Albans - General Entry pointsW40
114912/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 2 Parkville - WRE/NOL and General Entry pointsW40
114826/1/2016Sprint Canberra - ANU South pointsWomens Open
114226/9/20152015 Victorian Middle Distance Championships & NOL 12 - Creswick pointsW40A
11422/10/2016AusChamps - Event 11 - Australian Middle Distance Championships pointsW40A
114229/11/2015Victorian Sprint Distance Championships, RMIT Bundoora pointsW35A
113826/11/2016Sprint Into Spring Race 6 - Bendigo South East College pointsSally Pearson
113723/1/2016Sprint Canberra - Institute of Tech. pointsWomens Open
113619/11/2016Sprint Into Spring Race 5 - Newport Lakes pointsSally Pearson
113627/3/2016Easter Day 2 - Murdering Shed pointsW35AS
11305/11/2016Sprint Into Spring Race 3 Ruffey Lake pointsSally Pearson
112814/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 6 Bundoora - General Entry pointsW40
112026/3/2016Easter Day 1 - Isaacs Ridge pointsW35AS
112024/9/2016AusChamps - Event 1 - Australian Sprint Championships pointsW40A
111514/10/2017Sprint Into Sprint Race 1 pointsSally Pearson W
111524/9/2017Australian Middle Champs 2017 - Hill End pointsWomen 45AS
11152/10/20152015 Australian Sprint Championships - WRE & NOL 14 - Ballarat pointsW40A
111127/11/2016Victorian Sprint Championships, Camp Hill, Bendigo pointsW35A
111121/10/2017Sprint Into Sprint Race 2 pointsSally Pearson W
110726/1/2016Sprint Canberra - ANU North pointsWomens Open
110713/3/2016Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 3 Geelong - NOL and General Entry pointsW40
110311/11/2017Sprint Into Spring Race 4 pointsSally Pearson W
110327/9/2017Bathurst 3 Days - All Saints pointsWomen C
109528/10/2017Sprint Into Sprint Race 3 - VU Edgewater pointsSally Pearson W
109026/11/2017Victorian Sprint Championships pointsW45
107931/3/2018Easter 2018 Day 1 - Lovelybanks E pointsW45AS
10792/4/2018Easter 2018 Day 3 - Curryjong Rivulet pointsW45AS
107924/1/2016Sprint Canberra - Radford College pointsWomens Open
10731/4/2018Easter 2018 Day 2 - Lovelybanks W pointsW45AS
107128/9/2015Run For Hannah (Public Sprint Race Mt Helen Campus) pointsWomens Moderate
106823/9/2017Australian Sprint Champs 2017 - CSU pointsWomen 45A
105230/6/2019Indoor-Outdoor Double Sprint Monash Clayton pointsWomen 3 - Short
103912/3/2018Melbourne Sprint Weekend Race 6 pointsW40
102530/3/2018Easter Sandy Bay Sprint pointsW-Moderate
10229/11/2019Sprint Into Spring Race 5 pointsSally Women
101710/11/2019Macedon Ranges Sprint O pointsModerate
101620/4/2019Australian 3 Days - Day 1 pointsW45AS
99917/11/2019Victorian Sprint Distance Championships pointsW45A
99816/11/2019Sprint Into Spring Race 6 pointsSally Women
99419/1/2020Monash Uni Indoor / Outdoor Sprint pointsShort Hard
99426/10/2019Sprint Into Spring Race 4 pointsSally Women
99021/4/2019Australian 3 Days - Day 2 pointsW45AS
98112/10/2019Melbourne City Race Weekend and Sprint Into Spring Race 2 pointsSally Women
9666/10/2018Australian Long Championships 2018 pointsW45AS
9636/10/2019Oceania Middle Champs - Beechworth Gorge pointsWomen 45AS
9387/10/2018AOC2018 SA Middle Distance Championships NOL Event 9 pointsW45AS
93411/10/2019Melbourne City Race Weekend - Sprint Into Spring Race 1 pointsSally Women
9021/10/2019Riverina 3 Days Sprint - Kildare pointsWomen A
83229/9/2014Australian Sprint Championships (WRE) pointsW40A
75728/9/2019Oceania Sprint - CSU Campus pointsWomen 45