John Cooper (Ugly Gully Orienteers) 5475
Points Date Event Class
133815/12/2011Bunyaville East pointsRed, 20 climb
13326/3/2008Kalinga Park pointsShort Red 10C
133130/4/2009Bluestone Creek South pointsShort 5C
13312/10/2008Rocks Riverside Park pointsShort Red
133116/4/2009Anzac Park BCC Gold pointsShorts
133115/5/2008Collins Creek pointsShort Red
133110/4/2008Banks St Reserve pointsShort Red
132417/4/2008Daisy Hill pointsShort Red
13246/4/2008Toohey Forest pointsRed 5
132416/10/2008Chermside Hills pointsShort Scatter
132123/10/2008Bunyaville West pointsShort Course -
132110/7/2008Mt Coot-tha pointsMedium Red
13214/6/2009Gap Creek West pointsShort 120m clim
13218/6/2009SEQ 3 Day 3 Woodlands pointsRed 3
13219/10/2008Parkinson Reserve pointsMedium Red
13214/5/2008Samford Forest pointsRed 4
132124/8/2008Parkinson Reserve pointsRed 5
131928/5/2009Begins Hill pointsShort
13198/5/2008Woogaroo Creek pointsShort Red 8C
131825/10/2008Limestone Park pointsShort
131818/5/2008Moore Park pointsShort Reds
131815/11/2008St Peter's Lutheran College Park-O points'Short'
131817/7/2008Samford Forest pointsShort Red
131810/8/2008Bunyaville West pointsRed 2
13173/8/2008Bunyaville Long-O pointsRed 4
13171/11/2008City Botanic Gardens pointsShort
13171/6/2008Whites Hill pointsShort Red
131517/9/2009Stockyard Creek Midweek Champs pointsShort Red
130918/6/2009Mt Cootha East/Botanic Gardens pointsShort
130929/3/2008Merri Merri Park pointsShort Red
130919/3/2009Gap Creek West pointsShort Very Red
130918/12/2008Anzac Park Christmas Midweek Breakup pointsShort
13093/7/2008Bellbird Grove pointsShort Red
130923/8/2009Cotswold North pointsRed 4
130919/7/2008Daisy Hill pointsShort Red 7c
130911/12/2008Moore Park pointsMedium
130921/8/2008Rainbow Forest pointsShort Red
130928/2/2009Griffith University (Nathan Campus) Park-O pointsShort Men
130614/8/2008Anzac Park pointsMedium Red
130610/12/2009Bardon Forest Park pointsShort
130628/11/2009Rainbow Forest Park-O #5 pointsShort
130615/8/2009Old Hidden Vale pointsRed 5
13064/12/2008Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens pointsMedium
130516/5/2009Kelvin Grove Urban Village pointsShort Red
130517/8/2008Mt Crosby pointsRed 4
13057/6/2009SEQ 3 Day 2 Old Hidden Vale South pointsRed 3
130526/3/20097th Brigade Park pointsShort Mens
130514/11/2009Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Park-O #3 pointsShort
13058/11/2008UQ St Lucia pointsShort
130524/4/2008Stockyard Creek pointsShort Red
130512/8/2010BCC GOLD Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens points'Medium'
130526/2/2009Srockyard Creek pointsShort
130512/9/2010Cotswold North pointsRed 5
130527/6/2010Hardings Paddock pointsRed 5
130522/11/2008Southbank Parklands pointsShort Red
130421/11/2008White's Hill pointsMen Short
13024/2/2010Slaughter Falls pointsShort
130228/8/2008Peggs Lookout pointsShort Red 9 C
130211/4/2010Roma St Parklands pointsShort
13022/8/2009Parkinson Reserve points Red 5
130227/11/2008Anzac Park pointsMedium Red
130213/9/2009Bluestone Creek pointsRed 4
130212/11/2009Mt Cootha - Gold Mine Park pointsShort 9C
130219/4/2009Stockyard South (Brisbane Koala Bushland) pointsRed 2
129724/5/2009Flagstone Badge OY4 pointsM55+AS
129718/7/2010Mundoolun pointsRed 5
12978/4/2010Kalinga Park West pointsMedium
129722/3/2009Mt Cootha East/Botanic Gardens pointsShort Red
129314/3/2010Old Hidden Vale pointsRed 5
129321/11/2009UQ Ipswich and Ipswich Showgrounds pointsShort
129319/11/2009Downey Park pointsMen Medium 9C
129328/2/2010Parkinson Reserve pointsRed 4 60m
129322/5/2008Gap Creek East pointsShort Red
129318/2/2010Anzac Park pointsMedium 11c
129326/9/2010Stockyard Creek pointsShort Red
129311/2/2010Broadwater Park pointsShort
12935/11/2011UQ Ipswich pointsShort Orange
129310/9/2009Gap Creek East pointsMedium 12c
12938/7/2010Rocks Riverside Park pointsShort Red 10c
129315/3/2009German Church Reserve pointsRed 4
129311/6/2009Gap Creek East pointsShort
12936/9/2008Gap Creek East pointsRed 4 10C
129325/6/2009Plunkett Hills pointsShort Red
129329/5/2008Boronia Bushland Reserve pointsShort Red 9C
129116/7/2010Stockyard South points'Medium'
129111/7/2010Kholo Hills pointsRed 5
129119/8/2010Opossum Creek Mid Week Champs pointsShort Red
129111/11/2010Downey Park points'Short'
12919/12/2010Bardon Forest Park pointsShort course 10
12918/8/2010Collins Creek pointsM65A
12916/3/2011Bluestone North pointsShort Red
12912/5/2011Daisy Hill pointsShort Red 7C
129119/9/2010Cottons Paddock pointsRed 5
129113/11/2008Gap Creek East points1 John Earls 53
129130/10/2008Slaughter Falls pointsShort Men
129117/1/2009Springfield Lakes pointsMediem
129117/7/2008Samford Forest pointsShort Red
12917/5/2009Buhot North pointsShort Red
129123/7/2009Anzac Park pointsShort Course
129126/7/2009Kholo Hills pointsM65A
12913/9/2009Meadowlands BCC Gold pointsOrange
129114/9/2008Hardings Paddock pointsRed 5
129129/10/2009Rocks Riverside Park pointsShort Red
129123/4/2009Bunyaville West pointsShort 10C
128918/9/2011Bluestone Creek pointsRed 5
12897/6/20127th Brigade Park points'Mens Short, 15
128910/7/2011Stockyard Creek points'Red 5, 90m, 8
12897/8/2011Cottons Paddock pointsRed 5
128919/2/2011UQ St Lucia pointsShort
128919/4/2012Stockyard South pointsShort
12894/8/2011Scribbly Gum Forest Reserve points'Short'
128931/3/2011Whites Hill pointsShort
12897/9/2008Chermside Hills pointsMedium Orange
128927/11/2010Rainbow Forest pointsShort
128931/5/2009Qld O Day and Sprint Championships pointsMens Open
128920/11/2010Springfield South pointsShort
128914/8/2011Mt Coot-tha pointsRed 5
12894/3/2010Gap Creek East pointsMedium Red
128921/7/2013Buhot Creek pointsHard
128920/5/2010Bowman Park pointsMedium
12894/9/2010Opossum Creek pointsRed 5
128823/6/2011Mt Coot-tha Gold Mine Reserve pointsShort Red 7C
128827/10/2012Springfield Lakes Park-O #1 pointsShort
128713/11/2010Anzac Park pointsShort
12879/4/2009Wolston Creek pointsShort 45m
128717/8/2011Mandalay pointsShort
128519/11/2011Faulkner Park pointsShort Orange
128326/6/2011Springfield pointsRed 5
12831/5/2008Kholo Hills pointsMedium Red
128228/1/2012Cyclones Summer Series Event 1 - St Peter's Lutheran College pointsShort
128211/2/2012Cyclones Summer Series Event 3 - Ferny Grove Schools pointsShort
128224/3/2011Gap Creek Central pointsShort
128225/10/2012Mid Week Champs Toohey Forest pointsShort
128226/8/2012Bluestone Ck pointsHard 5
128225/11/2010Anzac Park pointsShort
127613/7/2008Bluestone Creek South pointsRed 5
12767/4/2011Cicada Park pointsShort
127431/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 5 pointsMen E
127413/5/2012Mimosa Creek pointsRed 4
127410/4/2011Brightview pointsRed 5
12749/6/2011Gap Creek East points'Short, 75 clim
127421/4/2013Mundoolun OY3 pointsHard5 Course. 9
12719/2/2012Broadwater Park pointsShort
127010/3/2013Daisy Hill pointsModerate
12702/2/2013Cyclones Summer Series - St Peters Lutheran College pointsShort
126715/7/2012OPossum Creek pointsHard 5
126710/5/2012Cicada Merri Merri Park pointsShort
126729/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 3 pointsMen E
12676/5/2012Sumners Rd Park pointsShort
12673/4/2011Scribbly Gum pointsRed 5
12626/12/2012Oxley Parks pointsShort
12621/12/2012Robelle Domain pointsShort
12603/11/2012Queens Park Ipswich pointsShort
126024/11/2012Rainbow Forest pointsShort
125913/9/2012Mandalay pointsShort
125913/12/2012Seven Hills pointsShort
12594/4/2013Windermere points'Short, 15 clim
125217/11/2012Windermere pointsModerate Short
12513/12/2011Merri Merri Park pointsShort
12512/6/2013Stockyard Creek pointsHard 4
125115/8/2012Rocks Riverside pointsShort     
124826/11/2009Toohey Forest pointsShort Red 60c
124821/9/2013German Church pointsHard
124830/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 4 pointsMen E
12457/4/2013Mt Coot-tha pointsHard Short
124327/3/2011Amiens OY1 pointsRed 5
124326/5/2013Camel Farm pointsHard 5
124318/5/2013Rocks Riverside Park pointsModerate Short
124113/6/2013Meadowlands pointsShort
12373/5/2012Gap Creek East points'Short'
12377/12/2008Stockyard Creek pointsRed
122925/4/2013Toohey Forest pointsShort
122910/4/2014Boronia Bushland Reserve pointsShort
122920/5/2012Kholo Hills OY pointsHard 5
122826/9/2013Scribbly Gums pointsShort
122114/4/2013Mountain Creek pointsHard 4
12219/11/2013Limestone Park pointsModerate
122016/11/2013Robelle Domain pointsSHORT
12201/2/2014Cyclones Summer Series Event 1 - University of Queensland - Ipswich Campus pointsShort
121911/8/2013Queensland Long Distance Championships pointsM75A
121917/8/2013Bardon Forest Park pointsModerate Short
121910/8/2013Queensland Middle Distance Championships pointsM75A
121413/6/2011Harding's Paddock pointsRed 2
11996/12/2014UQ St Lucia Park-O pointsShort
119812/6/20147th Brigade Park pointsShort
119730/11/2013Mandalay pointsModerate Short
119727/11/2014Bardon Forest Park pointsShort
11973/9/2015Pegg's Lookout pointsShort
119718/12/2014Slaughter Falls pointsShort
11953/7/2014Underwood Park pointsShort
119420/8/2015Bluestone Ck pointsShort
119411/12/2014Mandalay pointsShort
11901/11/2014Roma St Park-O #1 pointsShort
118716/3/2014Woodlands pointsHard 4
118610/8/2014Kholo Hills pointsHard 5
118519/2/2015Rocks Riverside pointsShort
118524/7/2014Toohey Forest pointsShort
118312/8/2015Opossum Creek pointsShort
117726/6/2014Mt Gravatt pointsShort
117726/2/2015Robelle Domain pointsShort, 50 climb
117616/4/2015Toohey Forest pointsShort
116417/12/2015Seven Hills pointsShort
11628/10/2015Whites Hill pointsShort
115328/5/2015Parkinson pointsShort
114911/10/2014Slaughter Falls pointsShort
112027/2/2016Cyclones Sprint #4 Ferny Grove State School pointsShort
111321/4/2016Bardon Forest Park BCC GOLD Event pointsShort
10991/9/2016Pine Rivers Park, Strathpine pointsShort
109626/5/2016Pegg's Lookout pointsShort
108817/1/2016Teralba Park BCC Chill Out pointsModerate Short
10792/11/2013Parko 1 Moore Park pointsModerate Short
107915/12/2016Seven Hills Novelty Event pointsShort
107211/9/2016Parkinson Reserve - OY8 pointsHard 5
107117/11/2016Rocks Riverside Park MID WEEK CHAMPS pointsShort
107113/10/2016Stockyard Creek pointsShort
10717/7/2016Seven Hills -Independence Day pointsShort
107122/5/2016Bluestone Creek - OY 5 pointsHard 5
105727/4/2017Anzac Park pointsShort
10528/12/2016Grinstead Park pointsShort
103728/7/2016Quinzeh Rocks pointsShort
10301/12/2016Bardon Forest Park pointsShort
101722/9/2016Daisy Hill pointsShort
100810/7/2016Brightview pointsHard 4
10057/9/2017Toohey Forest Bush pointsShort
100510/6/2018Parkinson Reserve - Parkinson pointsHard 4
9976/8/2017Daisy Hill Reserve - OY8 pointsHard 5
9971/7/2017Peggs Lookout - Tarragindi pointsHard Short
98413/7/2017Grinstead Forest Park, Enoggera pointsShort
97927/10/2018Park-O #1 New Farm Park pointsShort
96912/7/2018Ferny Grove Parks pointsShort
96615/4/2018Bush Orienteering - Mt Coot-tha pointsHard 3 - 2.4km
96017/5/2018Sherwood Arboretum Parks and Streets pointsShort
9594/9/2016Goolman North pointsHard 5
95810/2/2018Cyclones Sprint #1 Centenary High pointsShort
95816/7/2017Fiona Calabro Memorial Event pointsHard 5
9408/3/2018Daisy Hill Bush pointsShort
93823/3/2019Cyclones Sprint #1 City Botanic Gardens pointsShort
93422/8/2019Sumners Road, Riverhills. Bush & Park pointsShort
93418/10/2018Grange Forest Park, Alderley pointsShort
92610/3/2019Park O - Foot - BCC- Kedron pointsModerate Short
92525/10/2018Slaughter Falls pointsShort
92513/6/2019Rocks Riverside Park pointsShort
89921/11/2019Stockyard Creek South, Priestdale, Bush pointsShort
89224/10/2019Beryl Roberts Park, Coopers Plains, Park pointsShort
8878/8/2019Samford Forest, Ferny Hills, Bush Event pointsShort
88129/8/2019Kuraby Parks pointsShort
87616/5/2019Moore Park pointsShort
86021/3/2019Buhot Creek, Priestdale, Bush pointsShort
8561/12/2018Park-O #6 Rocks Riverside Park pointsShort
8495/3/2020Daisy Hill, Bush pointsShort
8437/3/2019Stockyard Creek, Burbank, Bush pointsShort
84114/11/2019Chermside Hills, Chermside West. Bush pointsShort
80515/8/2019Daisy Hill, Bush Event pointsShort
6707/4/2019Mt Coot-tha GREY GUM Picnic Area pointsModerate1 - 2.3