Tom Leung (Toohey Forest Orienteers) 0
Points Date Event Class
141526/9/2008Australian Sprint Championships pointsM50A
138827/9/2008Australian Championships pointsM50A
13798/11/2008UQ St Lucia pointsLong
137921/6/2009Toohey Forest pointsRed 2
137928/6/2009Mt Crosby pointsRed 3
137924/4/2010German Church Reserve pointsRed 2
137917/4/2008Daisy Hill pointsLong Red
137416/5/2009Kelvin Grove Urban Village pointsLong Red
13746/11/2008Cicada Park pointsLong Red
136014/11/2009Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens Park-O #3 pointsLong
136028/11/2009Rainbow Forest Park-O #5 pointsLong
13596/6/2009SEQ 3 Day 1 Cotton's Paddock pointsRed 1
135923/9/2008Hunter's Hut Dash pointsMH3
135915/3/2009German Church Reserve pointsRed 4
135911/3/2010Mimosa Creek pointsLong
135519/9/2010Cottons Paddock pointsRed 3
13545/4/2009Bunyaville East pointsRed 3
135330/10/2008Slaughter Falls pointsLong Men
135313/3/2011Mt Coot-tha East pointsLong
135310/4/2011Brightview pointsRed 3
135312/11/2008Eight Mile Plains pointsMedium Course M
135331/5/2009Fairfield pointsLong
135230/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 4 pointsMen C
135227/6/2010Hardings Paddock pointsRed 3
13523/4/2011Scribbly Gum pointsRed 3
13529/5/2010Bunyaville East pointsRed 3
134227/11/2010Rainbow Forest pointsLong
13429/4/2009Wolston Creek pointsMedium 85m
13427/2/2009University of Queensland (Ipswich) Park-O pointsLong Men
133912/9/2010Cotswold North pointsRed 3
133922/3/2009Mt Cootha East/Botanic Gardens pointsLong Red
13397/4/2011Cicada Park pointsLong
133927/7/2008Cotswold North pointsM45A
133929/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 3 pointsMen C
133818/4/2010White Rock East pointsRed 2
13386/8/2009Buhot Creek pointsMedium red 11c
133831/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 5 pointsMen C
13386/11/2010Limestone Park pointsLong
13387/12/2008Stockyard Creek pointsRed
133828/5/2011White's Hill pointsLong Red
133820/4/2008Mountain Station pointsRed 3
133826/6/2008Meadowlands pointsLong Orange
133731/5/2009Qld O Day and Sprint Championships pointsMens 50 Plus
133730/8/2009Gap Creek East pointsRed 2
133713/4/2008Kholo Hills pointsRed 3
13374/9/2010Opossum Creek pointsRed 4
13372/8/2009Parkinson Reserve points Red 3
133711/7/2010Kholo Hills pointsRed 3
133715/5/2011Mundoolun pointsM55A
133728/3/2010Queensland Sprint Championships 2010 pointsM45
133726/11/2009Toohey Forest pointsLong Red 105c
13353/7/2011Buhot Creek pointsRed 4
13336/3/2010Moore Park pointsLong Red
133228/9/2010Australian Championship Carnival Public Race: Beat the Brats pointsH2-Senior
13326/3/2011Bluestone North pointsLong Red
133228/2/2010Parkinson Reserve pointsRed 3 100m
133210/8/2008Stockyard Creek pointsLong Reds
13329/12/2010Bardon Forest Park pointsLong course 12
133129/6/2008Plunkett Hills pointsRed 3
133114/3/2010Old Hidden Vale pointsRed 3
133124/4/2008Stockyard Creek pointsMedium Red
13314/2/2010Slaughter Falls pointsMedium
133111/4/2010Roma St Parklands pointsLong
133119/3/2011Yeronga Park pointsM55A
133129/3/2009Wild Boar Creek pointsRed 3
133117/9/2009Stockyard Creek Midweek Champs pointsMedium Red
133126/4/2009Hardings Paddock pointsRed 3
133125/6/2009Plunkett Hills pointsLong Red
133118/12/2008Anzac Park Christmas Midweek Breakup pointsReal Long
13313/8/2008Bunyaville Long-O pointsRed 3
13315/5/2011Stockyard South pointsLong Red
133121/10/2010White's Hill pointsLong
13312/10/2010Australian Long Distance Championships: Tanunda Creek NOL Race 16 pointsM50A
133124/2/2011Faulkner Park pointsLong
133117/4/2011Hidden Glen pointsRed 3
132931/7/2010Murrenbong pointsRed 3
132922/4/2010Anzac Park points'Long'
132928/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 2 pointsMen C
132612/5/2011Parkinson Reserve pointsLong
13268/8/2010Collins Creek pointsM45A
13241/4/2010Toohey Forest pointsMedium
132431/10/2010Rocks Riverside Park pointsLong
132410/3/2011Broadwater Park pointsLong
132412/8/2010BCC GOLD Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens points'Long'
13241/12/2012Robelle Domain pointsLong
13246/4/2008Toohey Forest pointsRed 3
132415/11/2008St Peter's Lutheran College Park-O points'Long'
13243/5/2009Brightview Middle Distance Challenge pointsM50
132428/3/2009Lee Glen pointsRed 2 9 C
132417/7/2008Samford Forest pointsMedium Red
132423/6/2011Mt Coot-tha Gold Mine Reserve pointsLong Red 14C
132415/8/2009Old Hidden Vale pointsRed 4
13241/6/2008Whites Hill pointsLong Red
132412/6/2008Toohey Forest pointsLong Red
132114/9/2008Hardings Paddock pointsRed 4
132131/3/2011Whites Hill pointsLong
13217/4/2013Mt Coot-tha pointsHard Medium
13212/7/2009Rainbow Forest pointsLong
13212/10/2008Rocks Riverside Park pointsLong Red
132126/7/2009Kholo Hills pointsM45A
13214/11/2010Meadowlands Park pointsLong
132120/6/2010North of Aramara pointsRed 3
13215/2/2009Bunyaville East pointsMedium
13217/5/2009Buhot North pointsLong Red
131922/11/2008Southbank Parklands pointsLong Red
131929/4/2010Pegg's Lookout points'Long'
131928/8/2008Peggs Lookout pointsLong Red 13 C
13188/6/2009SEQ 3 Day 3 Woodlands pointsRed 1
131811/2/2010Broadwater Park pointsLong
131815/6/2008Flagstone West pointsRed 3
131826/9/2010South Australian Long Distance Championships: Mack Creek NOL Race 14 pointsM50A
131724/5/2009Flagstone Badge OY4 pointsM45-54A
131712/3/2011Banks St Reserve pointsLong Orange
13174/12/2008Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens pointsLong
131727/12/20102010 Xmas 5 Days - Day 1 pointsMen C
13154/5/2008Samford Forest pointsRed 3
130910/2/2011Anzac Park pointsMedium, 70 clim
13097/7/2013Waterhole Gully Long Courses Long O pointsHard 2
130916/9/2012Peaks to Point Buhot Creek points'Red 4, 150m cl
130923/7/2009Anzac Park points Long Course
13096/9/2008Gap Creek East pointsRed 4 10C
130925/11/2010Anzac Park pointsLong
130916/4/2011Aramara pointsRed 2 8c
130913/11/2010Anzac Park pointsLong
130625/8/2013Collins Creek pointsHard 3
130626/2/2009Srockyard Creek pointsLong
130623/8/2009Cotswold North pointsRed 3
130630/4/2009Bluestone Creek South pointsLong 11C
130621/3/2009Seven Hills points'Long Red'
130621/3/2008Australian 3 Days pointsM50A
130619/6/2010Wild Boar Creek pointsRed 2
130625/9/2010Australian Middle Distance Championships: Lady Alice Goldfield NOL Race 13 pointsM50A
130521/2/2013Slaughter Falls pointsMedium, 70 clim
130514/10/2012Boronia Bushland Reserve points'Hard Long'
130512/7/2009Mundoolun pointsRed 2 15 C
13046/3/2008Kalinga Park pointsLong Red 13C
130214/4/2013Mountain Creek pointsHard 3
129710/12/2009Bardon Forest Park pointsLong
129321/9/2008Queensland Championships pointsM50A
129326/5/2013Camel Farm pointsHard 3
129315/5/2008Collins Creek pointsLong Red
12913/4/2008Bunyaville West pointsLong Red
129116/6/2013Cotswold Bluff pointsM55A
129122/6/2008Rainbow Forest pointsLong Orange
129112/11/2009Mt Cootha - Gold Mine Park pointsLong 14C
129125/5/2014Hardings Paddock pointsHard 3
129113/4/2014Stockyard South pointsHard 3
128911/8/2013Queensland Long Distance Championships pointsM55A
12898/5/2008Woogaroo Creek pointsLong Red 14C
128914/7/2013Beerburrum Creek West pointsHard 3
12891/10/2010Australian Sprint Championships: Trinity College NOL Race 15 pointsM50A
128918/4/2014Easter 3 Days Public Prologue, Rylstone Common pointsLong
128813/6/2011Harding's Paddock pointsRed 2
128816/3/2014Woodlands pointsHard 2
128718/4/2013Gap Creek East pointsHard Medium 11
128710/7/2008Mt Coot-tha pointsLong Red
128327/11/2008Anzac Park pointsLong Red
128213/9/2014Queensland Middle Distance Championships pointsM55A
128220/11/2010Springfield South pointsLong
127825/10/2012Mid Week Champs Toohey Forest pointsMedium
127625/4/2014NSW Sprint Championships pointsM55A
127618/5/2014OY3 Bluestone Creek pointsHard 3
127414/9/2014Teelah OY11 pointsM55A
127431/8/2013Kholo Hills pointsMediumlms km
127427/3/2008Toohey Forest pointsLong Red
127416/4/2015Toohey Forest pointsMedium
127410/8/2013Queensland Middle Distance Championships pointsM55A
127113/7/2014Mt Coot-tha pointsHard 3
126023/8/2014Queensland Championships Day 1 pointsM55A
124526/6/2014Mt Gravatt pointsMedium
12331/10/2010Australian Sprint Championships: Trinity College pointsM50A
123310/5/2015Kholo Hills OY4 pointsH3
122926/4/20142014 NSW Long Championships pointsM55A
122926/5/2016Pegg's Lookout pointsMedium
122912/2/2015Bunyaville East pointsLong
122823/4/2014Dungeree Challenge pointsMedium
122713/7/2008Bluestone Creek South pointsRed 2
122721/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 3, Clandulla pointsM55A
12203/5/2015Bluestone Creek Head-to-Head pointsLong
12207/2/2015UQ St Lucia Sprint pointsLong
122011/10/2015Goolman OY10 pointsHard 3
12207/2/2008Broadwater Park pointsLong Red
121420/9/2015Collins Creek pointsHard 2
119919/7/2015Stockyard Creek pointsHard 3
119819/4/2015Platypus Cliffs pointsHard 3
119022/2/2014Queensland Sprint Championships Day 1 pointsM55A
118328/2/2015Cyclones Summer Series - Griffith University Nathan Campus pointsLong
118220/4/2014Easter 3 Days - Day 2, Clandulla pointsM55A