Cathy Hogg (Parawanga Orienteers) 6903
Points Date Event Class
118616/8/2020ACT Classic Series: ACT League #3 pointsHard 3: Womens:
116213/11/2019Campbell Park pointsMod 1: W: Maste
11511/3/2020ACT Sprint Series #7: Aranda Primary School and Preschool pointsWomen: Masters
11472/2/2020ACT Sprint Series #3: Orana School pointsWomen: Masters
11423/1/2021ACT Sprint Series #1: Palmerston Primary School pointsWomen: Masters
114122/3/2020ACT Sprint Series #9: Harrison School pointsWomen: Masters
114031/1/2021ACT Sprint Series #5: Radford College pointsWomen: Masters
113923/8/2020ACT Sprint Series #3: Gossan Hill pointsWomen: Masters
11389/2/2020ACT Sprint Series #4: Haig Park pointsMen: Masters
113413/12/2020ACT Sprint Series #9: Palmerville pointsWomen: Masters
11302/8/2020ACT Classic Series: ACT League #2 pointsHard 2: Womens:
11276/11/2019Remembrance Park pointsMod 2: W: Maste
112727/9/2020ACT Classic Series: ACT League #6 pointsHard 2: Womens:
112115/3/2020ACT Sprint Series #8: Ngunnawal Primary School pointsWomen: Masters
112030/8/2020ACT Classic Series: ACT League #4 pointsHard 3: Womens:
110417/1/2021ACT Sprint Series #3: Deakin Offices pointsWomen: Masters
110329/11/2020ACT Sprint Series #8: Namadgi School pointsWomen: Masters
109319/9/2020ACT Metro Series: Junior League #9 pointsMod 1: Womens:
109023/2/2020ACT Sprint Series #6: Chapman Primary School pointsWomen: Masters
10737/2/2021ACT Sprint Series #6: Canberra Girls Grammar School pointsWomen: Masters
106927/3/2021ACT Sprint Distance Championships: ACT League #2 pointsW45A
106621/2/2021ACT Sprint Series #8: University of Canberra pointsWomen: Masters
58630/10/2019Ginninderra Creek pointsMod 2: W: Maste